ariba replacing pas what it means for outgoing subawards n.
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Ariba replacing PAS… what it means for outgoing subawards PowerPoint Presentation
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Ariba replacing PAS… what it means for outgoing subawards

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Ariba replacing PAS… what it means for outgoing subawards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ariba replacing PAS… what it means for outgoing subawards
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  1. Ariba replacing PAS…what it means for outgoing subawards MRAM - 10/9/2014 Aron Knapp Office of Sponsored Programs University of Washington

  2. Outgoing Subawards in Ariba • As part of UW Procurement’s effort to replace PAS with Ariba, they are rolling out BPO functionality for Subawards next month! (tentatively 11/3) • Ariba BPOs will replace PAS POs for requesting outgoing subawards, and will enable campus to do invoice receipt • All using Ariba’s work flow and tracking features. University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  3. Timeline for implementing BPO for Outgoing Subawards University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  4. Step 1: Train Departments and Subrecipients Subrecipient Enablement • OSP has notified subrecipients on active POs of their requirement to become enabled on the Ariba network • Just under 200 subrecipients (out of 800+) already enabled. • Procurement’s lookup tool: • Please encourage your subs to get enabled! Send them to vendor control for help, <> University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  5. Step 1: Train Subrecipients & Departments In person Outreach & Training • MRAM (10/9) • RAPN (10/21) • Tentative classroom training dates: 11/5, 11/12, & 11/19 Self-guided learning: • Video tutorials and reference guides already available University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  6. Step 2 & 3: Transitioning and working Active POs • Following go-live, and as active subrecipients get enabled: • OSP will create new BPOs in Ariba and transfer remaining balances. • Once drafted, new BPO will be sent for departmental review and approval • Once approved, OSP will close POs in PAS • Once approved, subs can begin invoicing via Ariba. • Departments begin receiving. Help on receiving: University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  7. Between Now and Go-live? Status Quo No changes to requesting new outgoing subawards or modifications to existing. No changes to receiving invoices.

  8. BPOs @ go-live! Go-live! no more requisitions for subawards will be accepted in PAS. Departments must use Ariba for requesting new and for modifying existing subawards. Note on Mods after go-live: • If the modification does not extend the end date beyond 1/1/2015, use the existing Subaward Modification Form • If the mod extends the end date beyond 1/1/2015, OSP will need to do PO transition. Contact (aribasub@ for help). University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  9. How to get help • Self learning: • Classroom training will correspond with go-live – stay tuned! • OSP regarding the transitioning of your active POs (aribasub@) • Procurement regarding enabling your sub recipients (vcontrol@) • Department contact volunteers: • Maya Beal, Global Health (mayab@) • Ted Hanson, Microbiology (tjhanson@) • Becky Rooney, Bioengineering (brooney@) University ofWashington Presenter’s Office

  10. Takeaways • Nothing changes until 11/3 • 11/3-12/31/2014 work closely with OSP and Subrecipients to ensure the transition of all active POs, and begin using Ariba to request new subs and mods. • January 2015 celebrate PAS’ retirement 