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Proposal by Subud Britain

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Proposal by Subud Britain. Presentation for Zone 3 at Jaramuza May 2014. A Subud World Congress. “A four year catalyst for the growth of Subud” The Challenge – Organise things to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. . The recent background.

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proposal by subud britain

Proposal by Subud Britain

Presentation for Zone 3at Jaramuza May 2014

a subud world congress
A Subud World Congress

“A four year catalyst for the growth of Subud”

The Challenge – Organise things to make the most ofthis fantastic opportunity.

the recent background
The recent background
  • From 2012: Growing enthusiasm by some members of the idea and potential value of organising the next world congress.
  • Early 2013: Extremely positive testing, Decision by Subud Britain to make proposal to host the world congress in 2018.
  • March 2014: Detailed (46 page) proposal submitted to WSA Executive, as requested.
  • Simplified document to be translated. Starting with the most commonly used other Subud Languages: Indonesian, Spanish and French.
  • This presentation is a summary of the proposal including our approach, the work we have done, and some key issues to be considered.

If you don’t already know about the proposal, what is the first thing you want to know?

we found warwick university
We found Warwick University!
  • Our favoured venue as it “ticks all the boxes”
  • An outstanding campus university on a 290 hectare site.
  • Extensive modern conference facilities.
  • Enough bedroom accommodation of different types for over 3,500 of us to be on site!
  • Warwick Arts Centre the natural social hub of our Congress.
the subud britain proposal team
The Subud Britain Proposal Team
  • Marcus Hamilton (Birmingham) – Team leader/Organiser
  • Leonard Hitchcock (Devon South) Chair of Subud.
  • Peter Hull (Manchester) – Financials, Business case
  • David Rose (Barnet) – Subud Britain Treasurer
  • Raphaella Sapir (Lewes) – Creativity, culture and use of space.
  • Deb Radburn (Devon North) – Foundation venue search.
  • Mariani Coombes (Chichester) – Venue search.
  • Ridwan Treacher (Maidenhead) – Website.
  • Marcus Bolt (Bristol Group) – logo and graphics.
  • David Anderson (Lewes) –coordinating the video team which includes Harlan Cockburn (Hungary), Dahlan Lassalle (Lewes), Auguste Caffrey (London Central).
  • Hussein Dickie – Innsbruck Congress Organiser
  • Laurence Shorter (London Central) – Alternative meeting processes.
  • Michael Van der Matten (Ascot), Pollard Blakely (Exeter) and Edward Rieu (Loudwater) – other valuable contributions.
  • Howard Ray (Perth) and Melinda Heathcote (Chichester) – Kejiwaan Councillors.
  • 200 other people who also responded to the World Congress Survey giving valuable information, insight and ideas.
the proposal activity what we wanted to do
The Proposal activityWhat we wanted to do
  • Find out what members want, to make an excellent World Congress.
  • Provide the ingredients to design & develop a Congress that will involve and engage the worldwide membership.
  • Make it large and “inclusive”, attractive to members, family & friends.
  • Overcome some barriers that prevent members attending.
  • Help achieve personal enjoyment, fulfilment and the Development of Subud.
what we did
What we did
  • Appointed coordinators after testing by National Council.
  • Formed a core team and met to determine the purpose, vision and possible themes.
  • Maintained the wholehearted support of National Council.
  • Checked that our country was involved and supported us.
  • Used open communication, consultation and involvement.
  • Assessed commitment within the country & encouraged supportersto come forward.
  • Used a very successful online survey - a new way to have two-way communication with members.
    • UK Survey to raise awareness & assess attitudes towards world Congress
    • 215 responses after a few weeks…..
Survey Question 1.Which, or all, of the following express the significance or importance of a World Congress for Subud? 
Survey Question 6. If we were to hold a World Congress in Britain in 2018 would you be likely to attend?

Very LikelyUnsure UnlikelyVeryLikely Unlikely

72% 19% 5% 3% 1%

Survey Question 8. Would you like to help us between now and the presentation of our proposal in August?



No 64%

If yes, or Possibly, in what way?

Survey Question 9. If we were to win the bid to host the 2018 Congress in Britain, would you be interested in helping in some capacity?



No 21%

If yes, or Possibly, in what way?

choosing a host country criteria for the decision
Choosing a host country – Criteria for the decision
  • Fair rotation amongst countries that are able to play host.
  • Accessible to members from as many countries as possible.
  • A comfortable & safe area for Subud members, families, young & old.
  • Commitment and enthusiasm by members of the host country.
  • The necessary range of skills and experience.
  • Ability & enthusiasm to communicate & learn from past experience.
  • The necessary capacity and range of rooms and spaces.
  • A central social hub for natural mixing – “ The Heart of the Congress”.
  • Sufficient accommodation of all types close by.
  • Local Subud communities, tourist attractions & areas of interest.
  • Use of the best processes and modern technology for effectiveness, cost saving and higher quality of experience for us all.
an appropriate time for subud britain
An appropriate time for Subud Britain?
  • 57 years ago in 1957, Bapak visited Coombe Springs in England and Subud started in the west.
  • Britain hosted the 1st World Congress in 1959 and 7th in 1983. 2018 would be 35 years after the last time in the UK.
  • Active membership today of 1200 in 50 meeting places.
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience gained from big meetings and annual National Congresses
  • Great capability and enthusiasm from our members:
    • 91% of those surveyed said they would attend and
    • 79% said they would like to help in some capacity.
  • An opportunity to generate and spread enthusiasm and energy, helping to revitalise Subud.
subud britain annual uk congresses have similar effective activities
Subud Britain annual UK Congresses have similar effective activities …
  • Kejiwaan- Big Latihans, testing, personal development.
  • The Delegate Programme – the development of Subud.
  • Meeting people – old and new friends from our Subud family.
  • Walks, visits, local culture & tourism – a social time together.
  • Workshops and activities for our development and interests.
  • Families and Children’sprogramme including a Crèche.
  • Youth programme that enable teenagers and young members to feel welcome and involved.
  • Sports & outdoor activities, particularly for children & families
  • Arts & Crafts, entertainments & performances - also provide opportunities to express ourselves and work together.
  • Using volunteers and helping to make things inclusive.
  • Onsite accommodation, food, café etc.
our venue search w e looked for a venue that could
Our Venue Search.We looked for a Venue that could…
  • Accommodate 2,500 to 3,000 people, or perhaps more, that we envisage would come to Britain in 2018.
  • Have a large auditorium - 1400 for plenary sessions and up to 2,500 for opening and closing ceremonies, IbuRahayu's talks, large concerts or entertainment.
  • Have at least 40 different sized break-out spaces, suitable for our many activities within a varied programme.
  • Be able to cater for a minimum of a 1000 people a day, and ideally many more than this.
  • Have a range and variety of suitably priced accommodation from budget self catering accommodation to good quality hotels close at hand, if not on site.
the accommodation and catering on site
The Accommodation and Catering on site

The number and type of bedrooms that have been provisionally allocated for us are:

  • Catering
  • Several restaurants, cafés and bars available on site offering a wide variety of foods that we will specify.
  • All 3,500 of us could eat in the available restaurants.
  • We will consult with you so and then design the scheme to make it most suitable for everyone.
other facilities
Other facilities
  • Comprehensive simultaneous translation facilities
  • Massive AV screens for use inside and out
  • Stream live video around the world, or delayed for time zones
  • Free car parking, although the campus is walkable
  • Free WiFithroughout the entire campus
  • Extensive site includes woodland and several large lakes
  • The Arts Centre Cinema showing films every night.
  • Excellent security and naturally safe. No need for locked doors, pin codes or swipe cards during the day.
  • Sport facilities including tennis, swimming, fully equipped gymnasiums, badminton, table tennis, aerobics, numerous outdoor pitches, trampolines, impressive indoor climbing centre.
  • Abundance of areas and spaces to relax, enjoy peace & quiet, or for thoughtful / exciting conversations with new & old friends.
warwick university in the heart of england
Warwick University – in the heart of England
  • At the hub of the motorway network.
  • Close to International Airports and rails stations:
  • 55’ to London, Euston Station.
  • Close to historic castles and Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace and home of William Shakespeare.
the content of our congress
The Content of our Congress
  • Kejiwaan to be at the core of the congress.
    • Large daily Latihans
    • Dedicated quiet room for Bapak & Ibu talks.
    • Video DVDs and Audio DVDs for Bapak & IbuRayahu talks.
    • Kejiwaan workshop programme
    • Personal testing
  • The delegate programme
  • The Wings
  • Families & Children
  • Crèche
  • Youth
  • Congress TV plus
  • Other Workshops
the quality of the experience
The Quality of the experience
  • Consider the total experience of a member, e.g.:
    • first thoughts about going to a congress (perhaps for 1st time)
    • Finding out about what it involves
    • Booking, preparing, travelling, arriving,
    • Spending time there (whatever their interests)
    • Departing, returning home to groups, telling the story
    • Connecting with others after the experience
    • Continuing with the development between congresses?
    • Let’s plan and work on many ways to improve this experience
  • Use modern technology to enable an improved experience and lower costs. Eg:
    • World Congress App
    • Booking and Registration system
  • A member – friendly congress eg for UK congress:
    • Getting rid of cancellation fees, big barrier to booking.
    • Using volunteers
    • Angel thinking
travel and visas
Travel and Visas
  • Striving to make it an inclusive Congress
  • Dedicated team to assist members with Visa Applications
  • Direct contact with embassies concerned if needed.
  • Experience in previous years
    • challenging in some cases,
    • members can gain access to the UK from almost all countries. Access from Africa (e.g. Nigeria), South America (e.g. Colombia), Israel, Bangladesh and Pakistan has been easily managed.
  • Travel within Britain – excellent and easy – short distances
  • Travel to Britain
    • Deals with the airlines to reduce travel cost
    • Possibility of much larger savings by charter flights on major routes.
public relations plan
Public Relations Plan
  • Goals
    • To be defined. Might be.... “To protect the image of Subud and help to develop external perceptions so that Subud is more widely perceived as a peaceful, tolerant, multi-faith organisation that welcomes members from all faiths who wish to follow the worship of god”.
  • Strategies
    • Establish agreed policies, goals and objectives
    • Produce an appropriate plan to include the following strategies:
    • Develop prepared material suitable for proactive and reactive communications including a pre-appointed 'Crisis Management Spokesperson'.
    • Communicate the forthcoming Subud World Congress in a suitable way in local and regional media.
    • Have a small team of suitably competent people who will be able to engage with the various media in the way that is planned.
    • Provide an information / visitor centre on site where anyone wanting to know more about Subud and requiring explanations etc., can visit to satisfy their curiosity and interest.
marketing a world congress involves 4 stages
Marketing a World Congress involves 4 stages:
  • Finding out what members value and what they don’t value. - Use an extended online survey for all members.
  • Discovering the way to provide more elements that create value and less that provide negative value. - Use knowledge and experience, creative thinking and known techniques.
  • Communicating the new value package to members so that more will be likely to come and enjoy our Congress! - Use done traditional communication channels and also new ones - emails, forums, blogs, YouTube and social media.
  • Delivering the value that has been promised so that everybody is satisfied, and hopefully delighted!- Manage, organise and run the Congress with maximum involvement and participation of members all over the world.
examples of questions for everyone to be pursued worldwide using an online survey
Examples of Questions for everyone… to be pursued worldwide using an online survey
  • How long should World Congress be?
  • What are your catering preferences?
  • Shall we keep the Cinema open or not?
  • Interested in Charter flights to reduce cost?
  • Should we use Congress surpluses for future Congresses?
  • Financials including payment methods & Helping Hand funds.
  • How many would like to stay on after the congress to visit Subud communities, and see some of the sights? Subud members in Britain want to offer this.
the business plan
The business Plan
  • We are aiming to make it as low cost as possible to enable many more to come. Great opportunity as the venue is really big enough to manage over 4,000.
  • Proposal to use surplus from previous congresses to support following congresses. – Seems fair and sensible. We should check if most members what this.
  • Have established the low cost self catering accommodation.
  • Scope for more cost saving in “formal” negotiations.
  • Draft budget drawn up based on 12 days.
  • Attendance in the budget is conservative with 3100 unique visitors and average number per day of 2700.
  • Expenditure & income around $4m, much greater than normal because we would control the booking of accommodation as well as the food.
  • Needs to be tightly managed with huge savings possible with good management, negotiation, creative thinking and use of new technology.
if this proposal is chosen what then
If this proposal is chosen – what then?

We would as soon as possible:

  • Liaise with the new WSA officers to develop relationships and get their inputs.
  • Conduct an online survey to find out what all members in the world would like. Direct approach to quickly reach thousands of members to get their views concerning their needs, wishes and opinions – information to guide the congress design.
  • Start planning early and let people know how the plans are developing.
  • Set up communication channels and keep them open to help grow the awareness of the 2018 congress and encourage related activity over the 4 years before the Congress, not just in the last 2 years.
  • Negotiate with Warwick to improve the value of what is on offer and bring the cost down further for members.
how good is our proposal assessing against the decision criteria
How good is our proposal? (Assessing against the Decision Criteria)

  • Fair rotation amongst countries that are able to play host.
  • Accessible to members from as many countries as possible.
  • A comfortable & safe area for Subud members, families, young & old.
  • Commitment and enthusiasm by members of the host country.
  • The necessary range of skills and experience.
  • Ability & enthusiasm to communicate & learn from past experience.
  • The necessary capacity and range of rooms and spaces.
  • A central social hub for natural mixing – “ The Heart of the Congress”.
  • Sufficient accommodation of all types close by.
  • Local Subud communities, tourist attractions & areas of interest.
  • Use of the best processes and modern technology for effectiveness, cost saving and higher quality of experience for us all.

  • Every World Congress presents a tremendous opportunity
  • We believe this is a proposal for 2018, that:
    • Meets all the important criteria for an excellent World Congress
    • Has the full support of members in Subud Britain.
    • Is fitting for the current situation in Subud
    • Encourages all members to express their views and engage
    • Provides a way to help unite and develop Subud in the World
    • Would produce an excellent World Congress,
    • with a direct impact on as many as 4,000 attending,
    • and further benefit to members Worldwide.
  • If this proposal is chosen:
    • Members in Subud Britain, would enjoy taking on the challenge, working together, preparing for the Congress and welcoming you for your extended time in Britain.

Marcus Hamilton and the World Congress Bid Team

For Subud Britain