The Golden Rules of Washing Bedding
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The Golden Rules of Washing Bedding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It is not possible to wash your mattress in a standard washing machine or even at a dry cleaning facility. In this pdf, you will know about golden rules of keeping your bedding clean. For more information visit our website

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The Golden Rules of Washing Bedding

Opinions are often divided on the issue of how often bed sheets should be washed.

Some people think that bedding should be cleaned once a week, others say you should wash them every

other week while there are some people, although they are in the minority thankfully, that believe you

should wash your bed sheets once a month.

So what is the right answer? Well, most experts say that bed sheets must be washed once a week to

keep them clean and hygienic. Yes; that means you should be washing your bed sheets every seven


Surprised? You won’t be when you read on!

1.Why does bedding need to be cleaned so often?

Your bed sheets are in close contact with your body and your skin for between 6 and 10 hours every

day. This means that they harbour a long list of germs and mites, some of which don’t even bear

thinking about!

In case you weren’t already aware, here are some things that you could find on your bed sheets if they

were microscopically examined – skin cells, hair, fungi, bacteria, sweat, saliva, and several other bodily

excretions. Gross; right?

The longer you leave your bed sheets between washing, the higher level of these nasties accumulate in

what’s meant to be your sleeping haven. Having read this, you’ll now understand why experts are

recommending a weekly wash.

2.What’s the best temperature to wash bed sheets at?

Again, there are differing opinions on this subject too. While some people prefer a quick and cool wash

cycle, others believe that you should put your bed sheets through a super hot wash.

Whatever your preference, the definitive answer of which option to go for depends on the colour of

your bed sheets.

White or light coloured bed sheets can be washed in any temperature but to ensure your sheets come

out as hygienically clean as possible, you should wash them on a hot cycle to kill all bugs and bacteria.

Darker coloured bed sheets can fade when put in hot wash cycles so it’s best to wash them at a slightly

lower temperature but still warm.

3.How often do you wash your pillow?

Your pillowcases should be washed as often as your bed sheets so once a week pop them into the

washing machine. The pillows themselves should also be washed, with most recommendations advising

that they be washed twice a year.

The majority of pillows, including down and synthetic pillows, can be washed in a regular washing

machine. Most manufacturers say that it’s best to wash pillows with liquid detergent rather than

washing powder as washing powder tends to leave a residue behind.

4.What about your mattress cover and underlay?

Most homeowners go about washing their bed sheets and pillow cases as directed, but they forget

about other parts of their bedding, namely mattress covers and underlay.

Your mattress cover and your Australian wool underlay may not be always visible but you should not

forget to include them as part of your bed-washing regime!

To ensure that your mattress cover and underlay are kept clean as possible, most experts would

recommend that you clean them every two months.

Your mattress cover and machine washable wool underlay can be easily popped into your washing

machine and dried in accordance to their care labels.

5.How do you keep your mattress clean?

Obviously, given its considerable size and bulk, it is not possible to wash your mattress in a standard

washing machine or even at a dry cleaning facility.

So to rid your mattress of any dirt and odours, an age-old method is to sprinkle its surface with baking

soda, leave for a few minutes and then vacuum away. The best way to clean stains from your mattress is

to spot clean it.

Using a solution of hot water and liquid detergent, apply with a sponge to the areas of your mattress

that require attention and then allow them to fully air dry.

The secrets to having a bug-free bed where you can relax at night in knowing that you’re not sharing

your bed with any unwanted visitors is outlined in this post for you.

It’s your job to take action and enforce a regular cleaning routine on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Missing out on just one of these points above could be the invitation that those miniscule bugs need to

re-join you in your bed.

The takeaway? Don’t slack when it comes to the golden rules of keeping your bedding clean.