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Beneficially Guide on the Different Type on Wig PowerPoint Presentation
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Beneficially Guide on the Different Type on Wig

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Beneficially Guide on the Different Type on Wig
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Beneficially Guide on the Different Type on Wig

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  1. Major Types of Wigs

  2. Natural looking human hair wigs With human hair wigs, the hair looks more natural. You are more individualized, as the hair can be colored and styled. Human hair can give more confidence and you can have a natural and elegant look. There are Human hair wigs and synthetic fiber wigs. These can be ready made stocked items and/or Custom made to suit the individual requirements. Majority of people prefer to wear human hair wigs instead of artificial wigs because of their quality.

  3. Lace Front Wigs Lace capped wigs are designed so the scalp shows through the fine lace which disappears once it is against the skin, creating a very natural Hairline. Combined with a monofilament top and hand tied back, you have an extremely comfortable, secure, natural looking, replacement for your hair.

  4. Monofilament Wigs These are the most breathable, natural looking wigs. The sheer flesh toned top gives the appearance of scalp through the hair. These are available in both Fiber & Human Hair wigs. Monofilament wigs, unlike most wigs, are not made with cloth, but with a sheer polyester or nylon material. Monofilament wigs have a thin, breathable fabric that allows skin color to show through for a very natural-looking hairline. The monofilament wigs feature fibers that are hand-tied to the sheer fabric so they fall naturally, no matter which way you choose to part them. Monofilament wigs are ideal for women with sensitive scalps as they are less irritating than a cloth cap.

  5. Custom Made Wigs For a more individual fit-shape-density, a custom made wig/piece may be required. A mold of your head or the area that needs filling will be taken for the perfect fit, color matching and density guides will determine color and thickness required so a piece blends into your own hair naturally, the correct base will be chosen to suit your life style and attachments required so it stays in place.

  6. Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Synthetic Lace Front wigs are a perfect way to achieve the natural look of a lace wig on a budget. Our Synthetic lace front wigs feature fine fiber that looks and feels like human hair, matte finish without the fake synthetic shine and 2-3.5 inches of soft Swiss lace from hairline to crown giving you the ability to have longer partings. Our stretch cap is designed for a snug fit and comfort allowing wearing the units with or without adhesive.

  7. European Wigs Among the most desirable types of hair available for wigs and hairpieces, European hair is some of the best quality material available. This type of hair is well-known for its exceptional texture and soft feel. Those who work frequently with hairpieces and wigs, either applying them or crafting them, also laud this hair for its durability. European hair wigs tend to last longer than other types of hair due to its high quality, although wigs made out of Asian hair are also desirable and durable.

  8. by Hair and Beauty Canada If you are interested to buy best quality and best priced wigs, Contact us at: Website-