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A Guide On The Different Types Of Toilet Plumbing Problems

The toilet is a durable fixture but it still is prone to several plumbing issues. What matters is that you know how to identify these toilet plumbing problems so that you’ll know how to attend to them. Check out our presentation and learn tips from your trusted Miami FL plumber! Visit: http://www.OrrPlumbing.com

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A Guide On The Different Types Of Toilet Plumbing Problems

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  1. Douglas Orr Plumbing A Guide On The Different Types Of Toilet Plumbing Problems • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  2. Douglas Orr Plumbing The toilet is an essential part of your home. Just imagine living your everyday life without it. Pretty inconvenient, don’t you think? • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  3. Douglas Orr Plumbing We all know that the toilet is a durable plumbing fixture. It will last for a great number of years but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be prone to plumbing issues. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  4. Douglas Orr Plumbing The truth is, there are several types of toilet plumbing problems that you have to watch out for. They could range from the simplest to the most complex. They could be the easiest or the hardest to fix. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  5. Douglas Orr Plumbing The bottom line is that it will be very advantageous if you’ll know what these issues are and have enough skills to identify their causes. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  6. Douglas Orr Plumbing Phantom Flushing When you hear a flushing sound even when nobody’s using the toilet, there’s probably a leak coming from the tank. Confirm this by putting a few drops of food coloring into the tank. When the water in the toilet bowl turns the same color the presence of leak is verified. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  7. Douglas Orr Plumbing Weak Flushing When the flush is weak, check the siphon jet holes of the toilet. Clear it of hard mineral deposits that are possibly blocking the flow of water into the fixture. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  8. Douglas Orr Plumbing Partial Flushing If the toilet is not flushing completely, it’s possible that the flapper valve is waterlogged or it could be dropping too fast. Watch the flapper valve while you’re flushing the toilet. It should stay up and not more than 80 percent of the water in the tank should be drained. Otherwise, replace the flapper valve. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  9. Tank Won’t Fill Up Fast • There will be times when you’ll discover that the tank takes too long to get filled up. Double check the supply valve under the tank and adjust it to increase the water flow. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  10. Whistling While Refilling • If you hear some kind of whistling sound while the tank is getting filled up, you should have the toilet tank fill valve checked. As the ball floats up and the water fill valve slowly closes, vibrations are produced and therefore the whistling sound reverberates. To solve this, replace the valve. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  11. Reduced Water Level In The Bowl • When the water level in the bowl lowers down, it may due to a partial clog in the toilet colon. Some of the common culprits include toilet paper, body wipes or worse --- an old cloth or rag. In some cases, however, a toilet bowl water level that gradually decreases is caused by a crack in the toilet colon’s interior or the very drain pipe itself. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  12. Douglas Orr Plumbing We hope that you enjoyed reading our guide on toilet plumbing problems. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  13. Douglas Orr Plumbing If you need help from professionals, just call a trusted Miami FL plumber to repair your toilet. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  14. Douglas Orr Plumbing Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers top-notch toilet repair servicesin all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-DOUG-ORR! • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

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