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Presentation By Dr. Bob Couch. The World Is Flat: A brief History of the Twenty First Century By Thomas L. Friedman Contributors Mr. Michael J. Petrilli Dr. Minnie Blackwell. Globalization-The Now Generation. Globalization 1.0 Globalization 2.0 Globalization 3.0. World Becomes Smaller.

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presentation by dr bob couch

PresentationByDr. Bob Couch

The World Is Flat: A brief History of the Twenty First Century

By Thomas L. Friedman


Mr. Michael J. Petrilli

Dr. Minnie Blackwell

globalization the now generation
Globalization-The Now Generation
  • Globalization 1.0
  • Globalization 2.0
  • Globalization 3.0
world becomes smaller
World Becomes Smaller
  • Where does the US fit?
  • How can the US fit?
  • Shift to a knowledge economy
globalization 2 0
Globalization 2.0
  • World shifts from medium to small
  • Emergence of multinational companies
  • Movement of goods shifts to movement of information and services
globalization 3 0
Globalization 3.0
  • World shrinking from small to flat
  • Economic playing field becomes level
  • Individuals can now compete globally
forces that flattened the world
Forces That Flattened the World
  • Fall of Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989
  • Created opportunities for economic freedom
  • The countries and individuals in the bottom 40 percent of the economy could become participants
netscape goes public
Netscape Goes Public
  • August 9, 1995
  • World access to the internet to the very poor and to the very rich
  • Selling goods and services and purchasing goods and services internationally
  • Windows 95 released the week following Netscape took its stock public
bangalore becomes suburb of north dakota
Bangalore Becomes Suburb of North Dakota
  • A flat world of technology creates neighbors
  • An interactive and virtual world is born
  • Knowledge expands and is shared
the untouchables
The Untouchables
  • Individuals who cannot be replaced by outsourcing
  • Bill Gates---Special Knowledge
  • Accountants, Lawyers—Specialized
  • Plumbers, Waiters—Anchored
  • Idea Worker—Adaptable
  • More educated—more options
the quiet crisis
The Quiet Crisis
  • Dot Com misconception—Hard work not necessary
  • China and India took advantage of the flat economy
  • Steady erosion of US engineering, math and science
  • Must be innovative and creative
dirty little secrets
Dirty Little Secrets


  • NASA—40 percent of workers (18,146) are fifty years of age or older


  • Jobs overseas save 75 percent of wages


  • Intel Science/Engineering Fair in China

65,000 American students

6 million Chinese students

ups your world synchronized
UPS –Your World Synchronized
  • Goggle and Yahoo
  • Whether in Cambodia or Boston
  • All have the same access
  • Opens world of opportunity to rural citizens any where in the world
  • Technology is the great equalizer and has flattened the world
  • China is now the new leader in holding US debt