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Vedic Wisdom & Structural Harmony of Systems

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Vedic Wisdom & Structural Harmony of Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Denis Kleschev. Vedic Wisdom & Structural Harmony of Systems. First International Conference of ISIS 2013 o n “Ancient Indian Wisdom and Modern World”. New-Delhi, 2013. Russian Sanskritist Vladimir Toporov considered, that mythological texts have multi-dimensional

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vedic wisdom structural harmony of systems

Denis Kleschev

Vedic Wisdom &Structural Harmony of Systems

First International Conference of ISIS 2013

on “Ancient Indian Wisdom and Modern World”

New-Delhi, 2013


Russian Sanskritist

Vladimir Toporov considered, that mythological texts have


existential structure:

M  tn

M – image

of Myth

tn– mental

plane of Time

One image (M) expresses various ideas in the Time (tn)


“Six Wide” spacesin Rig-Veda

Hexagrams in Chinese

“Book of Changes"

(VI,47,3; X,14,16; X,128,5)

Six intervals for musical tones:

2 → 4 → 8; 3 → 9 → 27.

World Soul in Plato’s “Timeo”:

1+2+3+4+8+9+27 =54.

1 = Purusha(Yama + Yami)

108 = 54 x 2

(Yama + Yami)

108 is a sacral number

or Even-Odd number in

an Antiquity

Man’s-Female beginning

of Brahma, Rudra,

number of Buddha,

Kali-Ма etc

element earth in rig veda

- 8 “Mountains”

- 7 “Rivers”

(from each mountain)

Element “Earth” in Rig-Veda:

Platonic Solids:






kepler s cup the orbit of each planet is constructed by means of platonic solids
Kepler’s Cup: the orbit of each planet is constructed by means of Platonic Solids.

TheSolar Calendar

contains 365 days =12 sides

х30 edges of a dodecahedron

+ 5 edgesof a transitive side.

The trajectory of Venus

each 8 years describes

a correct Pentagram

in the sky.

the molecule of water h o h forms a sacral corner of 108 degrees
The molecule of Water (H-O-H) forms a sacral corner of 108 degrees.



= = 0.618 = φ

We constantly meet Numbers of Harmony

φ = 0.618… or Ф = 1.618…or Fibonacci Spiral

in the Nature and Human’s Art.


Prof. Aleksey Stakhovhas proved,

that Fibonacci-algorithms are

optimum system of measures. Evolution of all difficult systems

aspires to Mathematics of Harmony.

The Book of Prof. Stakhov

“The Mathematics of Harmony“, assisted by Scott Olsen: World Scientific Publishing, 2009.

He has patented theoretical base of the stable microprocessors working on a Bergman’s notation & Stakhov’s algorithms.


Prof. Sergey Petukhov has found out connection of a geneticcode

with Adamar’s matrixes, number Ф

and musical Pythagorean tones.

“Book of changes"

and 64 triplets of DNA

Prof. F. Jacob (Nobel prize winner)

believed, that structure

"Book of changes" has the direct relation to language of genetics.

Prof. Jean-Clode Perez

has found in nuclear structure

of DNA the resonances dividing


on a Fibonacci-numbers.


Prof. Sergey Jakushkohas shown, that the structure of chemical elements

in Mendeleev's table is a image

of inverse Fibonacci-numbers.

I period

II period

III period

VI period:

tg 7º07’ … = 1/8

IV period

VII period:

tg 5º … = 1/13

The inverse Fibonacci-line:

1/1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/5, 1/8, 1/13

V period


Prof. Eduard Soroko

has explained occurrence

of stable structures.

Entropyin ideal thermodynamic system does not decrease

and does not increase:

Root of this equation is φs

or a set of conditions

of thermodynamic system

with a constant-entropy.


Russian scientist

Vladimir Vernadsky studied

a phenomenon of biological time.

Biological time

is connected to the period

of population-doubling

that conducts

to Ancient triangle.

Pascal's triangle:

the sum of numbers

of each bottom lines

is more doubled.


Prof. Simon Shnol studies oscillatory processes

in biochemical reactions.

Has found out correlations

of biochemical cycles with

the rotation-periods

of the Earth and other planets.


“In each animal and plant cell, there exist geneswhich determine

the circadianperiodicity of vitalactivity. These intracellularclocks adjust

their course to the periods of the changes of night and day (the light and

dark time of the day).

Changes in temperature have littleeffect on these clocks.The main clocks are found in the Central Nervous System (CNS) andcontrol the course

of clocks in the other cells”.


The treatise Indian mathematics Pingala contains the most ancient mention of Fibonacci-numbers, binary system, binomial coefficients and the Pascal’s triangle (or sacredpyramid Mahatra-Meru).

SanskritistMichael Mikhajlov has proved, that Vedic texts can be read with the help of mathematical

and astronomical Pingala’s code.


So, Mathematical Harmony

is Vedic Dharma

keeping existence of all known structures in the Universe.

Ignoring of Dharma results to the crisis

in any thermodynamic system. A modern science it is necessary to concentrate on achievement of Harmony.

Thanks for attention!