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Scholarship Reimbursement System

Scholarship Reimbursement System. Michael Hansen, IAR CDO and Executive Director Edward Au, IS Analyst. Oregon State University – Information & Data Security Policies. Acceptable use of University Computing Resources :

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Scholarship Reimbursement System

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  1. Scholarship Reimbursement System • Michael Hansen, IAR CDO and Executive Director • Edward Au, IS Analyst

  2. Oregon State University – Information & Data Security Policies Acceptable use of University Computing Resources : http://fa.oregonstate.edu/gen-manual/acceptable-use-university-computing-resources Acceptable use of University Information : http://fa.oregonstate.edu/gen-manual/acceptable-use-university-information Information Security Policy : http://fa.oregonstate.edu/infosec-manual

  3. Scholarship System Access https://iar.oregonstate.edu/

  4. Scholarship System Access https://core.oregonstate.edu

  5. Scholarship System - Security Roles and Access • Business Manager – Can create reimbursements and signer requests with the ability to manage access at the unit level; can assign indexes, Orgs and Scholarship Detail Codes to users. • Deputy Business Manager – Same user rights as the Business Manager. • Accountant – Can edit or create Detail Codes and request changes to the Foundation Fund (ProjectID) Authorized Signers • Scholarship Administrator – Can create, revise and submit Scholarship Plans; Administer FS Index Reimbursement Requests; Manage scholarship awards and approvals, Detail Code X-Walk; Prepare and submit new Authorized Signer requests.

  6. Four Things Required to enter a Scholarship Award • Scholarship Manager Access • Detail Code • Student ID • Award Amount

  7. How to Enter a Scholarship Follow college scholarship award process. • After students are identified and prior to the start of the term: • Login - OSU Reimbursement & Scholarship System • Side Bar Menu - Scholarship Plan/Manage Scholarship Plan • Enter - Scholarship Detail Code or Scholarship Name • Enter - Student IDs and Award Amount by term • Select - Signer / Approver • Click - Submit

  8. DEMO

  9. Scholarship Process Mid-Year Scholarship Revisions! Revises the PlanID Scholarship Manager Scholarship Plan Scholarship Committee

  10. CORE and GRS - Scholarship Reports • I need to look up a student’s account to see if their scholarship was paid. • In CORE • FIN2001 – Student Account Detail (STU3) • FIN2010 – Student Account Detail Multi-ID (STU3) • In GRS • Student Scholarship Awards • I need to look up Scholarships by Detail Code • In CORE • FIN2004 – Summary AR Charges for Detail Code by Term (all detail codes) (EM4) • FIA2004 – Scholarship Awards by Detail Code (GRS only) (EM4) • In GRS (limited to your assigned scholarships) • Authorized Scholarships

  11. CORE and GRS - Scholarship Reports • I need to verify I have not missed the awarding of a scholarship • In CORE • FIA2003 – Scholarship Award History (by Business Center) (FIN3) • FIA2002 – Scholarship - Last FY Awarded (EM4) • In GRS (limited to your assigned scholarships) • Student Scholarship Awards (by ID) • Authorized Scholarships • Listing of student awards made through GRS by Index and Detail Code • Authorized Scholarships - Student Filter • Same as Authorized Scholarship report but includes option to search by ID • Scholarship - Last FY Awarded

  12. CORE and GRS- Scholarship Reports • I need to check the status of an award • In GRS • MY Scholarship Reconciliation • Award Status by Index, Detail Code and Student • My Scholarship Variance Summary by Index • Show award variances and status – used to manage scholarship

  13. Questions & Answers - Scholarship Detail Codes • How do I add Detail Codes? • Add in GRS under Scholarship /Create Detail Code Request • How long does it take to get a new Detail Code approved? • Financial Aid office Approves and created the request one in Banner it appears next day • Can I change the Project ID associated with a Detail Code? • Once a year prior to awards being approved. • Can I use a Detail Code on more than one Scholarship Plan? • No

  14. Questions & Answers - Scholarships Awards • Can I award a student his/her total scholarship award in fall term? • Yes • Why does the system automatically redistribute the award amount by term in the scholarship worksheet when I load it? • This is a Banner process that we cannot change • Can I change a scholarship award that has already been approved and awarded? • Yes – reopen the Scholarship in GRS and change the amount of the award ($0 if removing the award). Note: You cannot delete students once added.

  15. Questions & Answers - Scholarship Budgets • The OSU Foundation disapproved my Scholarship Award Plan because the budget is less than the total scholarship award. How do I increase the budget? • Call the Foundation • The scholarship budget is $0. Can I still submit a Scholarship Plan? • Yes • How is a scholarship budget calculated? • Budgets are calculated by the Foundation by Project ID. If there are many Detail Codes per Project ID the Budded IS NOT distributed by Detail Code.

  16. Questions & Answers - Scholarships Awards • I awarded a scholarship in May to a student that did not enroll for classes. What do I do? • Change the award amount to $0 • I am trying to use an OSU Foundation account for a scholarship, but it is not showing up in the Scholarship System. How do I add it to the Scholarship System? • Call the OSU Foundation to add • The term has started and a student’s account does not show the scholarship was awarded. What do I tell a student who asks? • Have they look at their account in self-serve? If not verify that the award is not posted to the students account and go from there.

  17. Questions & Answers - Disapprovals • The OSU Foundation has contacted me about a Scholarship Reimbursement they disapproved because of insufficient funds. Is the lack of funds going to stop the student from receiving the award? • Contact the Foundation to complete a fund transfer • The Foundation approved the Scholarship in August. They put a HOLD on the Fall Term Scholarship Reimbursement because of Insufficient Funds. Why isn’t the the scholarship reimbursed based on the August approval? • Reimbursement or awards is made when the award is posted to students Banner account. If there are not sufficient funds at the Foundation at that time the reimbursement will be disapproved.

  18. Questions & Answers - Disapprovals • I missed the year-end deadline for submitting scholarship awards. Oops, I forgot to award the scholarship? • You cannot award scholarships to students that have graduated or left. Yu cannot award scholarships after the year-End deadlines – typically last week of the academic year.

  19. Report Center - Scholarship Reports

  20. Scholarship Process - Do’s and Don’ts • Deadline for Submitting Scholarships – Follow the deadlines published in the Fiscal Year-End Close. Typically 3rd week in June. • Foundation Project ID’s – You cannot change the Project ID associated with a Detail Code after a Plan ID has been submitted for that fiscal year (XX46-2013). • Detail Codes – Submit new Detail Code requests through the Scholarship System. Detail Codes must be associated with a FS Scholarship Index (82001 program code). • Scholarship Budgets – Scholarship budgets are estimated in March of the prior Fiscal Year. The Scholarship System will not prevent you from submitting a Scholarship Plan ID that exceeds the budget amount. The College is responsible for awards that exceed their available OSU Foundation funds.

  21. Scholarship Process - Do’s and Don’ts Award Term – Scholarships can be submitted for any term during the year but must be submitted and approved by the Fiscal Year-End deadline. Non-Student Awards – OSUScholarships can only be awarded to students who are enrolled (must also meet the minimum requirements of the scholarship) and during the term which the award is made. Reimbursements – OSU Scholarships can only be awarded and reimbursed through the Scholarship System. Scholarship awards cannot be processed using the Reimbursement System. Student Accounts – Scholarships are posted to the student’s account sometime during the week prior to the start of the term. SCLF_xxxx  - Scholarship Detail Codes that list the clearing account as the funding source, are not reimbursable by the OSU Foundation

  22. Scholarship System Audit Audit Process Runs on Saturday Nights • Automatic User Deactivation • A user is deactivated automatically in the system if one of the following occurs: • The user is terminated from employment at OSU • The first two digits of the user’s Home ORG changes

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