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ENDORSEMENTS. G ender through advertising. Carolina Murillo, Payal Patel, Surpiya Narula. What is an endorsement ? Promoting pitch for a product/service; commonly associated with paid celebrities What is testimonial?

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Gender through advertising.

Carolina Murillo, Payal Patel, SurpiyaNarula

marketing tools

What is an endorsement?

  • Promoting pitch for a product/service; commonly associated with paid celebrities

What is testimonial?

  • Person's written or spoken statement praising a certain product; sales pitch by ordinary citizen
vintage ads a blast from the past
Vintage Adsa blast from the past…

In vintage 50s & 60s ads, women were seen as unintelligent and dependent.

Their only job was to take care of the kids, the house, and their husbands. In ads they were seen with only household appliances & Men ridiculed or exposed their flaws.

modern ads the provocative present
Modern ADS the provocative present…

Sex sells and boy does it grab people attention. Men are machos and Women are their sex muse. Women are overexposed to grab attention. Ad is usually targeted towards men through alcohol and women

female homemaker

When people think of an advertisement for a household product, what comes to mind??

A Woman

Researchers called it the “happy housewife” stereotype. This is a stereotype that has been associated with the image of women in most print and television advertisementsusually cleaning or taking care of the kids.

Female Homemaker
women in ads febreze female homemaker
Women in ads: FebrezeFemale Homemaker

Tone: rational

Message: Moms can keep their house not just clean but FRESH!

women in ads swiffer female homemaker
Women in ads: SwifferFemale Homemaker

Tone: Humor

Message: Mom can break up with her old mop because she found a new love, Mr. Swiffer

marketing the male homemaker

Men the old perception:

Professionals who expected to come home from work to a clean house, perfect kids, and a hot meal.

  • Message in ads: useless in the kitchen, incapable of washing a load of laundry right, the creators of mess not the cleaners.
  • Focus: beer, women, sports

Men the new perception

Professionals who are expected to come home from work and pitch in around the house.

  • Message in ads: they are just as capable to cook, wash, clean and take care of kids. They don’t lose their masculinity rather they gain power
  • Focus; diapers, detergent, and family
Marketing the Male Homemaker
men in ads huggies the homemaker
Men in ads: HuggiesThe Homemaker

Tone: Humor

Message: Dads may not be the experts but they certainly are up to the challenge!

men in ads tide the homemaker
Men in ads: TideThe homemaker

Tone: Emotional

Message: Men can show a softer/nurturing role in their sons lives.

the evolution of female advertising

After decades of pitching products to women in fantasies where every bathroom sparkles and every detergent cleans whiter than white, American companies are beginning to do an advertising about-face.

  • Instead of scrubbing kitchen floors on their hands and knees, women in today's print and television ads hold full-time jobs, choose day-care and, sometimes, take care of their families without any visible support from a man.
  • In addition over the past few decades women have moved from:

Homemaker Sex Object Professional

The Evolution of Female Advertising
women in ads burger king the female professional

Campaign: “Real People, Real Success”

Tone: Motivational

Message: More women & minorities can be successful employees & professionals!

Women in ads: Burger KingThe Female Professional
men in ads dkny male professional
Men In ads: DKNYMale Professional

Tone: Professional

Message: Men own the suits, the city and their professions. Always dapper inside and out of the office.

what am i endorsing2

Survey Says:

Beauty Product

Cleaning item

Clothing item


What am I endorsing???
what am i endorsing3


Survey Say:




What am I ENDORSING???
media influence on consumer perception

Marketers weave media that cloud our consciousness with stereotypical depictions and subliminal messages.

Themes in media are pervasive and powerful enough to influence how we view things

Marketing has a huge influence on consumer perception of men and women& their roles in society.

Media Influence on Consumer Perception