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Celebrity Endorsements

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Celebrity Endorsements
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Celebrity Endorsements

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  1. Celebrity Endorsements PR Strategies and Concerns Theresa Gould 2009

  2. The End of Advertising as We Know It Sergio Zyman The Marketer’s Guide to PR in the 21st Century Thomas L. Harris and Patricia T. Whalen Celebrity Endorsements About.com: Advertising Various Online articles and websites as linked throughout Various journal articles Sources

  3. Why use celebrities? • Take advantage of a celebrity’s “equity” • Break through media clutter • Establish instant credibility • Take advantage of a celebrity’s current media exposure

  4. …and why not to… • Because your competitors are • Because ad agency thinks it’s impressive • To rub elbows with your favorite star

  5. A celebrity can bring unprecedented value to your cause or organization, just by association. They key is knowing who to choose and how to use them to achieve your organizational goals. Reese Witherspoon became the first Global Ambassador for Avon and her support of the fight against breast cancer has been enormously successful. Value-added

  6. PR Strategies • Spokesperson vs. Endorser • Normal people vs. experts vs. animals vs. something made up • Free vs. paid deals

  7. Some successful celebrity campaigns Take note

  8. Forbes called him a “good looking, clean-cut, articulate, scandal-free golf whiz “ • Multiple deals with Nike dating back to 2001 • Piggybacking • Fit is precise Sports lend themselves to endorsement deals, as people associate the professionals and the products they use with their success. Be sure your spokesperson is someone with a clean record and, if you can tell, a clean and bright future. Brands can be trashed by the bad behavior of their big money mouthpiece. Tiger Woods and nike

  9. CKE sought Paris for their “luxury” burger • Some concern over FCC indecency scare • Paris’ was one of several racy ads featuring women and the burgers • Profits increased by $1 billion that year Sometimes drama, or controversy, is exactly what your brand is looking for. In the case of Carl’s Jr, the fast food chain didn’t have much to lose when they signed the drama queen to star in their sultry commercial. Her name alone would bring flocks of people to YouTube to watch…and they’ve got her in a bikini on all fours! Paris hilton and carl’s jr.

  10. Obama on Larry King Live • Kindle • Kentucky Grilled Chicken • Book Club • Downside: questions arise Oprah is someone who clearly doesn’t need the money that comes with endorsing new products, which likely adds to her credibility. Her viewers truly believe that if she is vouching for it, it must be top notch. While someone like this may not be interested in your paid support, feel free to send her one of each to try out! Same strategy applies to critics and media – just make sure your product doesn’t suck! Oprah and anything

  11. Some not-so-successful celebrity campaigns Take serious note

  12. Hottest new athlete of recent years • Brought fame to the normally mundane sport of swimming • Allegations of marijuana use (backed by scandalous photos) ruined his image • Kellogg’s pulled the deal Even a celebrity as “do-gooder” as Michael Phelps can spell disaster for any feel-good organization. Keep in mind that behavior that’s seemingly ok for normal people is not ok for your spokesperson. Set ground rules and detail them explicitly in your contracts (often called “moral clauses.” And always have an out! Kellogg's and Michael phelps

  13. 1991 announced he had contracted HIV during an extramarital affair • Was one of the biggest names in sports at the time • Had deals with Converse, Spalding sports goods, Pepsi, Nestlé and KFC worth nearly $12 million • Not one of the renewed their contract the next year • 2003 landed first big endorsement deal with Lincoln Mercury Even if your spokesperson hits a bump in the road, it doesn’t mean they are out for good. Many celebrities and spokesmen have rebounded from bad press and gone on to bigger and better endorsement deals. Magic johnson (circa 1991)

  14. 2005 images of the model snorting cocaine hit the press • H&M, Chanel, and Burberry all dropped her as their spokes model • One year out of rehab, Calvin Klein, Dior, David Yurman, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry all signed her for even more lucrative deals See a trend? Drug use and otherwise deviant behavior is the key cause behind most celebrity endorsement deals gone awry. Again, choose your image wisely. They represent you in everything they say, do wear, project, and stand for. Kate moss and the fashion world

  15. Implementation • Connection is crucial! • Limit overexposure if possible • Use multiple media • Build in a cancellation policy • Measure before and after

  16. Questions?