image quilting and apples
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Image Quilting and Apples

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Image Quilting and Apples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Image Quilting and Apples. By Zach Broderick A presentation of the paper “Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer” by Alexei A. Efros and William T. Freeman. Texture Synthesis. (Images taken from paper). Infinitely Large Output. Sample of Texture. Output texture is:

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image quilting and apples

Image Quilting and Apples

By Zach Broderick

A presentation of the paper “Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer” by Alexei A. Efros and William T. Freeman

texture synthesis
Texture Synthesis

(Images taken from paper)

Infinitely Large Output

Sample of Texture

  • Output texture is:
    • Same resolution
    • Non-repeating
    • Seamless
    • Must be perceived as “same”
previous methods
Previous Methods
  • Tiling (bad seams, repetitive)
  • Stochastic (doesn’t work for structured)
  • Pixel-based (SLOW, poor for structured)
  • Random Patches/Blending (poor seams)
image quilting
Image Quilting
  • Copy patches (like the random patch method) based on neighborhood (like pixel method)
  • Faster (predetermined pixels/less search space), maintains structure of regular textures
  • Seams smoothed with graph cut through least error path

(Image from Wikipedia)

image quilting1
Image Quilting

(Diagram from paper)

an in depth look at the image quilting algorithm overview
An In-Depth Look at the Image Quilting Algorithm: Overview
  • Copy tiles from the source image to the destination image in a left to right, top to bottom fashion, with an overlap of about 1/6 the tile size on the top and left regions.
  • In selecting each of these tiles, search the source image space S for the tile with the least mean squared error in the overlap region (the first tile can be selected at random).
  • When copying each tile, calculate the minimum error path cut in each of the overlap regions, and only copy the portion of the tile within the cut.
texture transfer
Texture Transfer
  • Algorithm can be generalized to provide texture transfer capabilities (image from paper)
  • Repetition often occurs (see raspberries)
  • Occasional glaring seams (mutant tomatoes)