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Delivering Your Promise!

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Delivering Your Promise!. Workshop. Our Adventure. Embracing the Community Action Promise Assessing your agency’s perception & image III. It’s All About You ! IV. Delivering your promise V. Collective Wisdom. I. The Community Action Promise. Our Promise :.

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our adventure
Our Adventure
  • Embracing the Community Action Promise
  • Assessing your agency’s perception &


III. It’s All About You!

IV. Delivering your promise

V. Collective Wisdom

our promise
Our Promise:

Community Action changes people’s lives,

embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities,

and makes America a better place to live.

We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.


Brand Direction

Brand Name & Representation





II. Assessing Your Agency’s

Perceptions and Image

enhancing clients customers lives
Enhancing Clients’/Customers’ Lives

You need to walk in your client’s customer’s, associate’s and influencer’s shoes to understand how your brand measures up in their minds.

partners or placeholders
Partners or Placeholders?

Associate passion and partnership are essential in delivering a Promise!

Employees disengage because they don’t buy into the organization’s priorities; they became dissatisfied and unproductive!


Are you one organization with one promise?


Many organizations with many promises?

promises promises

When you think of a Promise, who comes to mind?

everyone is a brand
Everyone is a Brand!

“Every human being is a brand, the way you socialize, who you know, what you say.”

-Jerry Seinfeld

it s up to you
It’s up to YOU!

“Basically you’re it, you are the whole thing. You are personally responsible for your own experience of the world.”

John Yokoyama, owner of Pike Place Fish in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

three perspectives for success
Three Perspectives for Success





personal perspective
Personal Perspective
  • Understand and care about how others perceive you.
  • Adopt a promise related to how you want other people to perceive you.
  • Act and behave in a manner that benefits others and affirms your promise.
how are you perceived
How are you perceived?
  • How distinct am I?
  • How outgoing am I?
  • How intelligent and I?
  • How happy am I?
  • How energetic am I?
  • How thoughtful am I?
  • How am I at what I do?
  • How charming am I?
  • How creative am I?
  • How inspiring am I?
  • How would you describe my personal style?
people deliver promises
People Deliver Promises

“We’re looking for people who take the business seriously, but not themselves. A sense of humor is a must. And we look for people who were raised on values like the golden rule….we’re a very forgiving company in terms of good honest mistakes, but we’re not at all forgiving about attitude and behavior and demeanor.”

-Colleen Barrett, President

the promise balance
The Promise Balance



How we make people feel

What we do.

Functional expertise is a requirement.

Emotional excellence makes the difference.

professional perspective
Professional Perspective
  • Provide a unique experience and enhance our client’s and customer’s lives.
  • Achieve associate partnership, passion and support for a promise.
  • Create a perception of being “valued” and offer distinctive benefits.
the value of a promise
The Value of a Promise


Perceived Value







IV. Delivering Your Promises



the trust factor
The Trust Factor

“You gain a huge advantage when people know your word is as good as gold. In today’s world, there seem to be fewer and fewer promises we can fully count on. And people really appreciate it when yours is one of them. You lose some tactical flexibility by keeping your word – but you earn a dividend as well.”─Tony Simons

rule number one
Rule Number One

Always make clients/customers, influencers and associates feel APPRECIATEDand CARED about when they have a problem or need help.

rule number two
Rule Number Two

Make your organizations’ number one goal to have the HAPPIESTclients/customers, influencers and associatesnot to be the biggest or fastest growing.

rule number three
Rule Number Three

When your organization begins to anticipate change,FOCUS ON KEEPING clients/customers, influencers and associates HAPPY FIRSTand the necessary business details second.

rule number four
Rule Number Four

MEASURE, RECOGNIZE and REWARDyour associates who actually delight your clients and customers. Focus on how your associates make people feel and not whether they just answer the phone or do their daily job.

the promiserule
The PromiseRule

Treat others BETTER than they EXPECT to be TREATED!


We have had the pleasure of advising over 300 brands worldwide including corporations, societies, professional associations, institutions, countries, world-class professionals, celebrities and successful individuals who desire to optimize their perception, image and success by applying the BrandScience™ principles.

proprietary properties
Proprietary Properties

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