revision match the words with their definitions n.
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Revision Match the words with their definitions

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Revision Match the words with their definitions. take up not do it be into organise turn up be interested in back out arrive set up explain get across start doing.

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revision match the words with their definitions

RevisionMatch the words with their definitions

take up not do it

be into organise

turn up be interested in

back out arrive

set up explain

get across start doing

1. He was a French traveller who lived in Italy for some time.

2.He was an Italian traveller who lived in China for some time.


Marco Polo seeing Kublai


listen to the passage and answer these questions
Listen to the passage and answer these questions

1.Why did Marco and his father travel to China?

2.Why was the Emperor impressed by Marco ?

3.Why was Marco surprised to see people using paper money ?

4.What were the black stones Marco saw people burning for fuel ?

5.How long did Marco spend in China ?

6.Why was he put into prison when he went back to Italy?

7.What was the name of his book?

language points
1. in sth 做 … 生意

trade v. with sb和某人做生意

sth for sth 用 …交换…

n. do trade in sth with sb

拓展:trade on/ upon欺骗,利用by trade 职业是


1. China does trade __ America.

2.The boy used to trade food _ the answers to the homework.

3.They trade _ fruit and vegetables.

Language Points





2. in turn 依次,轮流=one by one

e.g The teacher helped all the students in turn.


Theory is based on practice and in turn serves practice.

拓展:by turns It’s one’s turn to do sth. take turns to do sth

3.Put sb into prison 把…关进监狱school ,hospital

注意: prison “监禁状态,坐牢”,为不可数名词,常不加冠词;如指监


拓展: go to prison ; be in prison ; escape from prison

cast/throw sb into prison


4.break out; take place ; happen ;come about; occur vi,无被动语 态,当”发生”讲,不能以人或地点作主语,只能以事件作主语.

break out (指战争.火灾.疾病等)突然爆发

e.g Two world wars broke out last century.

take place:发生,举行,举办,指必然的或事先安排的

e.g When will the wedding take place?

Great changes have taken place in our hometown

during the last10 years.



An accident happened at the corner yesterday.

I happened to see him on my way home.=It happened

that I saw him on my way home.

Come about发生,事情以发生,但还不知怎么回事,常用于否


How did it come about that he knew where we were?

Occur发生,出现 =happen,appear意想不到的事情发生

A good idea occurs to me.

It occurred to me that…


vt. sth =keep a promise 信守(诺言)

5.Stand by

e.g she still stands by every word she said

sb=support 支持某人

e.g I’ll stand by you what happens.

vi. 袖手旁观

e.G No matter what happens,he always stands by.

拓展:stand for 代表,支持 stand out 突出,显而易见



1.He travelled across Europe and Asia,with his father,who wanted

to do trade with the Chinese.

非限制性定语从句,对先行词补充说明,拿掉,主句照样成立,和主句间常加一逗号,不能用that 引导,翻译时另起一句,仿佛并列句.

e.g She is a woman who loves me very much.

She is my wife who loves me very much.


2.Although people enjoy reading his book….

a.Although conj.引导让步状语从句,不与 but(并列句) 连用, 但可与 yet ,still 连用

e.g Although you love her very much,you can’t force her to marry you.

Although he is very old,(yet)he is quite strong.

b.too+adj./adv.(for sb)+to +v. =so….that

He is too young to go to school.

=He is young ___he can’t go to school.

=He is not ___ ___ ___go to school.









1.A clean environment can help the city bid for the Olympics,which __will promote its economic development.(06 山东)

A in nature B in return C in turn D in fact

2 My nephew broke the law and is in _prison.i’mgoing to _ prison to see him on Sunday. (07 陕西)

3. _ you have tried it,you can’t imagine how pleasant it is.

A Unless B Because C Although D When

4 The question was so difficult that I could’t answer it.

The question was __ __ for me _ answer.

The question was __ __ ___ for me __answer.

5 It’s already 10o’clock.Iwonder how it __that he was two hours late on such a short trip.Acome out Bcome about C take place Dbreak out6. You should always _________ ( 信守诺言 ).




too difficult to

not easy enough to

stand by your promises


Find out the non-defining clauses in the text