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  1. SWEDEN 2011

  2. 16.03.2011: THE START Wednesday we left Casalmaggiore for go to Sweden! The flight was very long, about 9 hours, when we arrived to Bergamo we were excited and more when we arrived to Oslo! We took the bus to go to Funasdalen, during teh travel we had a lot of fun but unfortunately we didn’t sleep much because someone made noise. At about 4:15 we arrived, the families waited us in front of the school, we were very tired so we went immediately to bed.

  3. 17.03.2011: school and the top of sweden On Thursday we saw the school, it wasn’t very big but it was nice. At 1 o’clock the school finished and we went up the mountain, at the biginning it was easy because we used a chair lift but then we had to walk up and was very difficult! The view was fantastic but we were tired so we went down and we ate cake whit hot chocolate (delicious!!!). In the evening we went again up the mountaint and we slipped downk, it was amazing!

  4. 18.03.2011: the museum and the musk In the morning we visited the museum of funasdalen, we saw a video of the territory. Then we took the bus to go to see a typical animal of Sweden: the musk. This animal was very big and endagered, in that park there are only seven specimens. In the afternoon and in the evening we meet with some of our friends.

  5. 19.03.2011: ski!! We spent all the day at a ski run. The host family took us to the track and then we start skiing. Not everybody were good so a lot of us fell! At about 12 we ate and the we restart skiing until 3 o’clock. We had a lot of fun but we were also tired. In the evening we met in a play room at the school .

  6. 20.03.2011: the pic-nic On Sunday we met with a lot of our friends and their correspondents. Whit the sonwmobiles we went up a mountain where we played all the day! It was very funny!!! We slipped down and we made a ramp (on the picture). The parents made the barbecue, at 12 o’clock we ate then we played again! It was a beautiful day!

  7. 21.03.2011: cross country skiing in the morning we went to a shop fot take our equipment for go cross country skiing. It wasn’t difficul but someone also fell. The track was 6 Km and we finshed it we thirsty and tired. We ate in the forest, the teachers made a barbecue so we ate hot dogs! In the afternoon we go shopping.

  8. 22.03.2011: school and shopping! In the morning we went to school, we made some maths exercises and we made a typical swedish cake. before the school day finishes we went to the music class and there some swedish friens sing and some of us read a little discours. In the afternoon we go shopping!! We buy a lot of things! In the evening we went to the restaurant, the food was good and we laughed a lot!

  9. 23.03.2011: the departure when we arrived at the bus stop someone of us crying. When we embraced and said bye to ours swedish friends everybody cry! We were sad to left sweden but we were also happy because we spent a fantastic week we had a lot of fun and we made new friends!