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Nelson the Newt

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Nelson the Newt
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Nelson the Newt

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  1. Nelson the Newt Written and Illustrated by Daniel Rodrigues

  2. Nelson had the best of both worlds. He could live in the water when it was too hot, or he could breathe in the air if he felt like it.

  3. When Nelson got in trouble with the air breathing creatures, he would hide deep in the lake.

  4. Whenever Nelson got in trouble with a water breathing creature, he would hide near the top of mountain?

  5. Nelson gets into trouble often, because he does and says silly things. You’re looking ugly today.

  6. Like the time he tried to invite Fred the Frog to Sandra the Snake’s house for lunch. Not realising the Fred was meant to be the lunch. Oh dear… I didn’t think of that.

  7. Or the time he accidently insulted Wendell the Whale by calling him a fish.

  8. Nelson decided to go to the wishing well to make a wish.

  9. “I wish I wouldn’t get into trouble anymore” he said after tossing a coin into the wishing well.

  10. As the coin fell in the wishing well and hit the bottom, it created a hole.

  11. Water gushed down the hole to an old mole named Noel.

  12. It flooded his home and he wasn’t insured, but he ensured that he let Nelson know what he did. Nelson helped him out and built a new house. New House

  13. As Nelson was resigned to the fact, the trouble keeps coming back. He decided to move far away so that the creatures can be safe and sound. Harmless Town > Belongings < Troubletown

  14. Nelsonwhile alone was content living in an underground lake where he could not be found. He could no longer harm anyone and he wasn’t harming himself.

  15. THE END Published 2013