Nsw premier s department executive development program november 2009
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Aboriginal engagement in the nsw public sector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NSW Premier’s Department | Executive Development Program | November 2009. Aboriginal engagement in the nsw public sector. Recommended Strategies for Employment and Retention. Project Team Members. Oriana Augustson Manager Corporate Strategy and Governance

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Presentation Transcript
Nsw premier s department executive development program november 2009

NSW Premier’s Department | Executive Development Program | November 2009

Aboriginal engagementin the nsw public sector

Recommended Strategies for Employment and Retention

Project team members
Project Team Members | November 2009

Oriana Augustson

Manager Corporate Strategy and Governance

TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute

Niall Macken

Heritage Architect, Planning Heritage and Urban Design

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Derrick Oliver

Manager Membership Administration

NSW Rural Fire Service

Janice Smith

Infrastructure Communications Manager

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW

Project objective
Project | November 2009Objective

  • The aim of the project is to identify strategies to engage more Aboriginal people into the NSW Public Service and to support their ongoing career development

  • Why is this question important to answer?

  • Each NSW government department has a charter to increase the number of Aboriginal people employed. Following research and an analysis of a selection of NSW Government Agencies, this project identifies strategies that can be adopted to engage and retain Aboriginal staff

  • The benefit to the NSW Government is a constructive and overarching approach of working towards this key objective

Project methodology
Project | November 2009 Methodology

  • Review of Government policy

  • Individual Agency strategies

  • TAFE Research

Coag nsw government agenda and policies
COAG & NSW Government agenda and policies | November 2009

  • COAG Framework

  • NSW State Plan

  • Making it our Business

Commonwealth Government | November 2009

NSW State Government

Coalition of Australian Governments

Overarching Agreement on Aboriginal Affairs between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of New South Wales 2005-2010

Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs Group

Two Ways Together

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Regional Coordination Management Groups

NSW State Plan

Making It Our Business

Regional Engagement Groups

NSW Public Sector

Workforce Strategy 2008-2012

Local level (Shared responsibility agreements)

Individual agencies

Aboriginal Action Plans

Aboriginal Employment Strategies

Review of agency aes
Review of Agency AES | November 2009

  • Some NSW Government agencies and departments have a specific Aboriginal Employment Strategy, others operate under a broader Human Resources Plan

  • The level of detail provided is dependent on the specific roles and responsibilities of individual organisations

  • The NSW public sector has a target to employ 2% of staff who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people – however this target is not broken down by position (e.g. cadets, trainees and apprentices vs. management or leadership positions)

Group member agency review
Group Member Agency | November 2009Review

  • NSW Department of Education and Training – TAFE NSW

  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

  • NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

  • NSW Rural Fire Service

  • NSW Department of Conservation, Climate Change and Water

  • NSW Police Force

Det tafe nsw
DET – TAFE NSW | November 2009

  • Workforce Diversity Policy, underpinned by Strategic Human Resources Plan 2009-2011 &Aboriginal Human Resources Development Plan 2009-2011

  • Key charter - “meeting the needs of Aboriginal people is core business for NSW Public Sector agencies. We have a responsibility to promote the employment of Aboriginal people and support Aboriginal staff once employed”

  • TAFE NSW has partnered with the DPC to provide sector-wide cultural education and training

  • In 2008, the Department’s number of employed Aboriginal people was 2.3%

Sydney harbour foreshore authority
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority | November 2009

  • Aboriginal employment strategy addressed as part of the overall human resources planning.

  • Initiatives include signing of a Principles of Cooperation agreement with Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

  • Contribution to help provide training, employment and life opportunities for Aboriginal people (eg. Support for the Tribal Warrior Association)

  • Proposal to employ an Aboriginal tour guide

Nsw roads traffic authority
NSW Roads & Traffic Authority | November 2009

  • Has developed successive Aboriginal Action Plans (AAP) since 2001

  • Current AAP (2009-2012) involves the implementation of an Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) 2009-2012

  • Commitment to provide employment opportunities to Aboriginal people and to retain them in a supportive and culturally sensitive workplace

  • Employ an Aboriginal Employment Coordinator to develop the AES

Nsw roads traffic authority1
NSW Roads & Traffic Authority | November 2009

  • Target identified positions in the RTA cadetship, graduate programs and apprenticeship positions

  • New Aboriginal employment advertisement templates focus on entry level employment and school-based scholarships

  • Developing a dedicated Aboriginal employment website including a database to attract potential job applicants and a dedicated Aboriginal employment hotline

Nsw rural fire service nswrfs
NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) | November 2009

  • Has recently employed an Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO)

  • Currently developing its Human Resources Strategic Plan employment strategies to increase Aboriginal employment

Nsw fire brigades nswfb
NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) | November 2009

  • No formal Aboriginal Employment Strategy

  • Salaried position of Aboriginal Liaison Officer with links to the local community

Dept of conservation climate change and water nsw
Dept of Conservation , Climate Change and Water NSW | November 2009

  • The Aboriginal Employment Strategy (2006-2008) currently being reworked

  • Key priorities in areas of recruitment, skills acquisition and career development, retention, cultural awareness, community capacity building

  • Identifies systemic barriers and behaviours that can hinder employment, retention and progression

  • Achievements include the use of Identified Positions cadetships and traineeships within the Parks and Wildlife Division

  • Identified need for an Aboriginal Employment coordinator to manage/direct, monitor and report

Strategies | November 2009

  • Partnerships

  • Industry Links

  • Career Support

  • Cadetships

  • Recruitment (targeted vs non targeted)

  • Representative Bureaucracy

  • Resourcing

  • Whole of Government Support

  • Agency Support

Rta indigenous program
RTA Indigenous Program | November 2009

Improving employment outcomes for Aboriginal people in the RTA

back row | George Shearer, Garry Ferguson, Graham Purcell, Andrew Whitton, Leanne Thompson-Gordon, Stephen Knight

middle row | Mark Hartwig, Barry Gunther, Jeff Charlton,Agnes Donovan, Greg Evans, front row | Rodney Simpson, Kylie Stewart, Yvette King, and Mary-Lou Buck

Acknowledgements and thanks
Acknowledgements and Thanks | November 2009

  • NSW Premier’s Department

  • Nous Group

  • Our Agencies

  • Our Managers

  • Our Sponsor

  • Our EDP group

  • Our Team Members