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Glenn Reiter

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Glenn Reiter. President Glenn M. Reiter & Associates BS CE - Northwestern University Registered Civil Engineer 45 years industry experience - both public & private Co-founder of the California Special District Association First Lecturer and Co-Founder of the SDI in 1969. Experience.

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Glenn Reiter

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glenn reiter
  • President Glenn M. Reiter & Associates
  • BS CE - Northwestern University
  • Registered Civil Engineer
  • 45 years industry experience - both public & private
  • Co-founder of the California Special District Association
  • First Lecturer and Co-Founder of the SDI in 1969

Worked with Best, Best & Krieger Developing Special District Representation on LAFCO

First Chairman Special Districts Advisory Committee

General Manager Chief Engineer OTAY MWD

Past Director SDCWA

effective district leadership
Effective District Leadership

Presented by:

Glenn M. Reiter

Glenn M Reiter & Associates

March 14, 2008

Calaveras LAFCO

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leadership basics
Leadership Basics
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Directing
  • Controlling
  • Communicating
  • Time Management

Reiter – Page 3 of 42

no plan no future
No Plan No Future
  • Planning is Not an Option
  • Types of Planning
    • Operational
    • Administrative
    • Organizational
    • Emergency
    • Project

Reiter – Page 4 of 42

operating plan
Operating Plan
  • How Will You Be Operating 5 Years From Today?
    • New Services?
    • Level of Service?
    • Drop Some Service?
    • Staff and Skill Requirements?
    • Funds Required?
    • Impact of Regulations?
  • Compliance With Reporting Requirements
  • Board Support
  • Public Information
  • Overhead Costs
  • Technology Changes
  • Will the Current Organization Meet Future Needs?
  • Is There a Better Way to Organize?
  • Self Examination
    • Number of Personnel Required
    • Level of Training
  • Natural Disasters
  • Man-Made Problems
  • What is Your Plan?
    • Call 911?
    • Call FEMA?
  • How Do You Relate to Other Public Services?
future projects
Future Projects
  • Have You Developed a Master Service Plan?
  • Master Facilities Plan?
  • Long Range CIP?
  • Long Range Finance Plan?
  • Examination of Revenue Sources?
current situation
Current Situation
  • War in Iraq
  • Budget Crises
  • Scandals
  • Threat of Legislation
  • Terrorism
  • Competition For Public Funds
how did we get here
How Did We Get Here?
  • New Century?
  • Bad Karma?
  • The Devil Made us do it?
  • The Economy?
  • World Events?
  • Lack of Leadership?
lack of leadership
Lack of Leadership
  • Failure to Act in a Timely Fashion
  • Desire to Please
  • Lack of Courage
  • Self Interest
  • Power
  • Greed
what is our greatest fear
What is Our Greatest Fear?
  • Failure?
  • The Unknown?
  • Uncertainty?
  • Embarrassment?
  • Public Speaking?
board management relationship changes
Board-Management Relationship Changes
  • New Expectations Surfacing
  • Leadership Misunderstanding Their Roles
  • Political Expedience in Decision-Making vs. Making the Hard Choices
  • Less Policy-Level Decision-Making vs. Micro-Managing Staff Teams
leadership demands
Leadership Demands
  • If Not You,



why are some agencies better than others
Why Are Some Agencies Better Than Others?
  • Not One Element Makes the Entire Difference But...
    • Primary Element is:
      • Leadership
winston churchill s do s
Winston Churchill’s Do’s
  • Keep Most Important Aspect in Mind
  • Balance Both Sides of a Decision--Keep in Proportion
  • Remain Open to Change
lincoln on leadership
Lincoln on Leadership

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”

lincoln on leadership1
Lincoln on Leadership

“Don’t be terrified by an excited populace and hindered from speaking your honest sentiments.”

lincoln on leadership2
Lincoln on Leadership

“Make consistency one of the main cogs in the machinery of your organization.”

“Make no explanation to your enemies.”

lincoln on leadership3
Lincoln on Leadership

“Beware of subordinates who keep piling up information without ever really accomplishing anything.”

lincoln on leadership4
Lincoln on Leadership

“Try not to make mistakes when you speak publicly.”

general george s patton patton on leadership
General George S. PattonPatton on Leadership
  • Qualities of a Great General
      • Tactically Aggressive (loves a fight)
      • Strength of Character
      • Steadiness of Purpose
      • Acceptance of Responsibility
      • Energy
      • Good Health
general george s patton patton on leadership1
General George S. PattonPatton on Leadership
  • Chief Qualities of Leadership
      • Perfection of detail
      • Personal supervision
      • Thorough and detailed knowledge of the business at hand
      • A strong physical leadership presence
      • The ability to set a personal example
      • The ability to communicate - explain orders
      • The commitment to ensure that orders are correctly executed
leadership skills traits
Leadership Skills/Traits
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Knowledge of Business
  • Communicator
  • Takes Responsibility
leadership skills traits1
Leadership Skills/Traits
  • Is a Servant
  • Has a Vision
  • Never Satisfied With Own Performance
  • Accepts Criticism and Learns
  • Fair
  • Does Not Dwell On Mistakes
leadership skills traits2
Leadership Skills/Traits
  • Fixes the Problem Not the Blame
  • Listens-Listens-Listens
  • Mentors
  • Not Easily Swayed by the “Crowd”
leadership skills traits3
Leadership Skills/Traits
  • Does Not Jump to Conclusions
  • Friendly but Not Familiar
  • Brings Out the Best In People
  • Knows When to Act
  • Does Not Get Shook Up
leadership skills traits4
Leadership Skills/Traits
  • Maintains Self Control
  • Leads by Example
  • Instills Confidence
  • Makes Decisions in a Timely Manner
  • Trusts His Employees
who does what
Who Does What?
  • Fundamental First Question
    • Avoid Confusion
  • Agreement on
    • Accountabilities
    • Responsibilities
    • Authority
director s self evaluation
Director’s Self Evaluation
  • Do I Understand My Agency?
  • Do I Read and Understand the Agenda Package?
  • Do I Do the Necessary Work to Come to the Meeting Prepared?
  • Do I Remain Open-Minded to All Positions Presented on Agency Matters?
director s self evaluation1
Director’s Self Evaluation
  • Am I Willing to Take Responsibility For My Decisions?
  • Am I Willing to Abide by the Decisions of the Board, Even If They Are Not What I Want?
  • Am I Willing to Accept and Live up to My Role As a Leader of My Agency?
director s self evaluation2
Director’s Self Evaluation
  • Do I Approach the Agency’s Problems as a Resourceful and Innovative Problem Solver?
  • Do I Respect and Invite Public Comment, Opinions, Ideas, and Criticisms?
  • Do I Respect My Fellow Board Members’ Opinions, Positions, Ideas, and Concerns?
  • Do I Respect the Competency and Importance of Management and Staff?
characteristics of proven leaders
Characteristics of Proven Leaders
  • Attention to Details
  • Visionary
  • Self Confident
  • Ability to Express Themselves
personal conduct
Personal Conduct
  • Never ABOVE the Law... Always Within It
  • Always Do the Right Thing
      • Go the Extra Mile
      • No Hint of Impropriety
      • An Example for Others
what is the role of the board
What is the Role of the Board?
  • Develop a Mission Statement
  • Develop a Strategic Plan
  • Staff Oversight
  • Policy Making
staff oversight
Staff Oversight
  • Rely on Their Expertise
  • Staff Must Execute the Plan
    • Must Be Developed with the GM
    • GM’s Input Vital to the Process
  • Plan Must Be Well Thought Out: Staff Cannot Execute a Bad Plan Well
policy making
Policy Making
  • Board Must Define Responsibilities
  • Board Must Give Appropriate Authority to Key Staff to Implement Policies
  • Board Must Monitor Progress
giving authority commensurate with responsibility
Giving Authority Commensurate With Responsibility
  • How Much to Give?
  • To Whom Do You Give It?
  • How Much Support?
policy vs management an exercise
Policy vs. Management - An Exercise


Decreasing Staff-Increasing Board Involvement





summary of duties of the board
Summary of Duties of the Board
  • Monitor Progress
  • Redirect, If Necessary
  • Provide Resources
  • Reflect Needs of the Community in All Decisions
  • Spend Money
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