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Health Care Marketing

Health Care Marketing. H Edu 4310. Cultural Traditions. Thanksgiving Typical family foods Typical family trips Dental practices Cures for colds, flu. What is marketing ?. Exchange. Constituency Two or more parties have unsatisfied needs Value. Successful situations.

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Health Care Marketing

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  1. Health Care Marketing H Edu 4310

  2. Cultural Traditions • Thanksgiving • Typical family foods • Typical family trips • Dental practices • Cures for colds, flu

  3. What is marketing?

  4. Exchange • Constituency • Two or more parties have unsatisfied needs • Value

  5. Successful situations • Health programs are responsive to the needs of the population. • The relationship serves the interests of all. • Health care programs are developed to attract specific segments

  6. Successful situations • Health care programs are not designed for prestige or because of the latest technology. • The marketing concept permeates the organization. • Health care programs evaluate all aspects of its services in evaluating old and designing new programs.

  7. Successful situations • Health care programs recognize the impact of price, everything the potential user must go through to avail himself of the service, promotion, communication, education, and motivation • This is called the marketing mix or the 4 Ps of marketing: • Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

  8. Evolution of marketing • Product emphasis • Sales approach • Marketing or client approach

  9. Person or group of people who have resources they want to exchange or might want to exchange for a benefit. Health care market Publics Stakeholders Market

  10. Negative No demand Latent Falling Irregular Full Overfull Unwholesome Demand

  11. Marketing Meeting needs and wants

  12. Marketing • Understand the customer • Understand the competition • Coordinate company resources • Long-term focus • Profitability

  13. Corporate needs • 1. Growth versus consolidation

  14. Growth... Products Existing New new existing new Market Penetration Product Development Markets Diversification or Total innovation Market Development New existing

  15. Consolidation • Divestment • Pruning • Retrenchment • Harvesting

  16. Corporate needs • 2. Determining strategy • Market growth rate • Relative market share

  17. An example…. Business Strength High Med Low Premium Selective Protect refocus High Market Attractiveness Restruc- ture Challenge Prime Med Opportun- istic Opportun- istic Harvest or Divest Low

  18. An example…. Business Strength High Med Low High Market Attractiveness Med Low

  19. Corporate needs • 3. Analyze the competition • Existing competitors • New entrants • Threat of substitution

  20. Strategy and planning • Corporate goals • Identify a target market • Develop a marketing plan

  21. Marketing plan • Executive summary • Situation analysis • Objectives and goals • Action plans • Budget • Evaluation

  22. Some examples... • Coca-cola • Star Wars • International Bloopers

  23. Situation Analysis: Internal • Marketing specific issues • Marketing resources • Financial resources • Human resources • Senior management support • Political factors

  24. SWOT Analysis • S = strengths • W = weaknesses • O = opportunities • T = threats

  25. Questions to ask • What changes and trends are taking place? • How will these affect us? • What opportunities do they bring? • What are the barriers to entry?

  26. Other ideas… • Product-based • Market-based • Cost-based

  27. Practice SWOT analysis

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