senior re enrolment presentation 2nd august 2014 the best we can be n.
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Senior Re-enrolment Presentation 2nd August 2014 The Best We Can Be. Introductions. Principal Karyn Hart Deputy Principal Simon Campbell Yr 10 Coordinator Pat Petrie HOD Senior Schooling Katerina Santillan

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senior re enrolment presentation 2nd august 2014 the best we can be
Senior Re-enrolment


2nd August 2014 The Best We Can Be

  • Principal Karyn Hart
  • Deputy Principal Simon Campbell
  • Yr 10 Coordinator Pat Petrie
  • HOD Senior Schooling Katerina Santillan
  • Guidance Officer Peter Rose

Information Morning SETP 2014

  • LEARNING GOAL – To understand:
  • Senior Phase of Learning
  • Enrolment requirements for Senior
  • Pathways for Senior Students
  • Choosing Year 11 and 12 subjects
what is the senior phase of learning
What is the Senior Phase of Learning?
  • The Senior Phase of Learning refers to Years 11 and 12
  • Year 10 is a preparation year
  • The requirements are very different to Years 8, 9 and 10
senior education and training plan setp
Senior Education and Training Plan (SETP)
  • Sets out the plan for the senior schooling phase of learning in order to achieve students’ education, training and career goals.
  • All Year 10 students in QLD complete this plan.
  • Students choose subjects for years 11 & 12
  • All year 10 students and parents /guardians will be interviewed as part of the SETP process.
  • SETP completed on-line
setp 2014
SETP 2014

Senior Enrolment Interviews:

  • Year 10 student, parent/guardian and senior member of staff
  • Interview times - Wednesday 20th August Thursday 21st August

(Appointments will be made following the completion of the contact form, given out today )

setp 20141
SETP 2014

Expectations of Senior Students:

  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Work Ethic
  • Uniform & Presentation
  • School pride
senior enrolment interviews
Senior Enrolment Interviews
  • With a senior teaching staff member – 30 minutes
  • SETP on-line completed before attending the interview
  • Essential to secure a timetabled position in Year 11 at MacGregor High for 2015
  • To make the expectations clear for all stakeholders – “No surprises”.
role of parents caregivers
Role of Parents / Caregivers
  • Actively engage in the process and discuss options
  • Understand your student
    • Be clear about past achievements – there is no miracle from November 2014 and January 2015
    • However, Semester 2 Year 10 IS still an opportunity to update past achievements
    • Help discuss subject choices-

pre-requisites are there for a reason

    • Interact with the on-line One School tool
role of students
Role of students
  • Actively engage in process and participate in discussions with maturity.
  • Be honest about achievement, capacity, work commitment.
  • Accept that this is your process, not what others are doing for you.
  • Interact with the on-line One School tool.
role of setp teachers
Role of SETP Teachers
  • Will contact you to make the appointment.
  • Will prepare prior to the interview to understand each student thoroughly.
  • Will develop the SETP in partnership with the family.
  • Will help refer you to others if the need arises for further information.
  • Will meet with each student (where possible) at the start and end of Semester 1 2015 to see if further support is needed.
role of school
Role of School
  • Offer a structure with responsible and meaningful pathways.
  • Insist on meeting set expectations to enhance the learning environment of the school.
  • Insist on subject choices and course structures that are in the students’ best interests.
  • Support parents and children in achieving their goals for the Senior Phase of Learning.
senior milestones
Senior Milestones
  • School leadership – New model now embedded in practice
  • All senior students should have aspirations of earning a Senior Badge
  • School Activities – interschool sports, athletics, swimming, cross country, multi-cultural, ANZAC, competitions
  • Senior Badge, Jersey, Formal - Earned
senior milestones cont
Senior Milestones (cont)

Wednesday Afternoon – Early leave

  • A PRIVILEGE,NOT A RIGHT. The school has the power under enrolment requirements to expect attendance if required.
  • Sport is still important (leadership, fitness, school community)
  • Must be passing Maths and English and at least 5 of 6 subjects. First checkpoint is end of Term 1- CATCH UP
  • Must comply to values and beliefs of school (uniform, behaviour, attendance, punctuality, work ethic)
earning part time work
Earning – Part-time Work
  • Discuss level of part-time work your child and family can sustain
  • Research has shown that anything more than 10 hours per week is a negative influence on academic success
  • Weigh up the short term gain for cash against the long term goals of your SETP
planning family life
Planning Family Life
  • Routines – on time to school, in uniform with all resources needed
  • Homework/Assignments/Exams
  • Part-time work
  • Holidays – Long term breaks place potential achievement at risk
subject selection information
Subject Selection Information
  • There is an opportunity today to visit faculty displays and ask questions.
  • Support options will be available during SETP interviews such as Mr Rose (Guidance Officer) and Ms Santillan (Head of Senior Schooling)
  • Details about when subject selections will open will be distributed to all students
choosing year 11 12 subjects
Choosing Year 11 & 12 subjects

Generally, students will study six (6) subjects :

  • English or English for ESL Learners or English Communication
  • At least one (1) mathematics subject


Mathematics A, or

Mathematics B, or

Prevocational Maths

  • Four (4) other subjects
other choices in yrs 11 12
Other Choices in Yrs11 & 12

Students can complement their school subjects with a

  • TAFE course
  • University subject
  • School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • Part-time job
op overall position
OP – Overall Position
  • If university is a realistic option
  • OP 1 to OP 25
  • Minimum 5 Authority subjects
  • Sit QCS
qtac selection rank
QTAC Selection Rank
  • Rank 99 = OP 1
  • Rank 54 = OP 25
  • UNIVERSITIES will use a rank
  • Allocated by QTAC for OP ineligible students
  • Calculated on performance in school subjects and/or Completion of Certificate III = Rank 68 ~ OP 15
  • Requires 20 credits
  • 4 credits = C or better over 4 semesters
  • Must pass a semester of Maths and English
  • Cert II = 4 credits
  • Cert III = 8 credits
choosing year 11 12 subjects1
Choosing Year 11 & 12 subjects
  • Factors to Consider
    • Year 10 Prerequisites
    • Year 10 Results
    • Abilities
    • Interests
    • Bonus ranks (LOTE, MAC, EGT)
    • Skill Development and knowledge
    • OP eligibility
    • University prerequisites
    • Gaining a QCE
useful information
Useful information
  • Subject Selection Guide 2015
  • Job Guide Queensland 2014
  • Tertiary Prerequisites 2017
  • Open Days (Universities, TAFE, Private Providers)
  • CEP Activities
other options to consider
Other Options to Consider
  • Combined school and TAFE study
    • As of 1 July 2014 Government funding allows only ONE TAFE course per student to be studied
  • School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs)
  • Certificate 3 in Business or Fitness
  • Work Experience
to wrap up

Thank-you for your time

Ensure you hand in your updated contact details before you leave

Insist on looking at your child’s SETP plan online

Take the opportunity now to speak with staff and current senior students