foundations of research based reading epi 10010 n.
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Foundations of Research-Based Reading EPI 10010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Foundations of Research-Based Reading EPI 10010

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Foundations of Research-Based Reading EPI 10010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Foundations of Research-Based Reading EPI 10010. Instructor Shannon Ayrish or Course Times Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-9:30 May 13- June 19 Day 8. Anticipation Questions. Please answer the questions Don’t use your book

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foundations of research based reading epi 10010

Foundations of Research-Based Reading EPI 10010

Instructor Shannon Ayrish or

Course Times

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-9:30

May 13- June 19

Day 8

anticipation questions
Anticipation Questions
  • Please answer the questions
  • Don’t use your book
  • These answers should be what you anticipate now
  • We will revisit the questions at the end of class to clarify our understanding
  • We will turn these questions in at the end of class
things to remember
Things to Remember
  • Please sign-in
  • Put out your name tent
  • Turn in your Anticipation Questions/Guides
  • Article Summary due June 5 due today
  • Discussion board responses due June 10 along with the individual lesson plan
website of the day
Website of the Day

Busy Teacher’s Café

review comprehension
Review Comprehension
  • Graphic organizers
  • Comprehension monitoring and fix-ups
  • Answer Questions
  • Generate Questions
  • Story Structure or text features
  • Summary
  • Activating or connecting to prior knowledge (making connections)
  • Inferences (predictions)
  • Visual Imagery
  • Listening Actively
video on content area strategies
Video on Content Area Strategies
  • As you watch the video make a list of activities that employ the comprehension strategies we have discussed
  • Save this list and we will add to it after the video.
review comprehension1
Review Comprehension
  • With your partner use sticky notes to write what you think each of the comprehension strategies would look like (activities to employ the strategy)
  • Use your video list
  • Use the books that I have passed out
  • Place sticky notes on the poster that matches the ten main comprehension strategies that the NRP has discussed.
comprehension scrapblogs
Comprehension Scrapblogs
  • Go to
  • Create a user account
  • Make a scrapblog for the poster the group generated.
  • You can work with your partner
  • We will publish them on the wiki
  • Watch and I will show you how to do it
accessible texts
Accessible Texts
  • Refer to Chapter 4 Real Rigor
  • Use sticky notes to make Margin Magnets
  • Each sticky note should give the main idea of the chapter sub-headings
  • We will discuss our ideas as a group when we are done
accessible text
Accessible Text
  • Provide a choice of reading material
  • Demonstrate how your content connects to the real world
  • Give students the opportunity to read proactive text
  • Don’t expect the textbook to do your job
instruction purpose
Instruction Purpose
  • Decide what students should know after reading a text.
  • Focus on the essential information only
anticipate difficulty
Anticipate Difficulty


  • Are students lacking background knowledge?
  • Will difficult vocabulary interfere with meaning?
  • Will difficult concepts need to be explained further?
  • Is the text about challenging subject matter?
  • Is the text organized in a confusing manner?
model how you would do it
Model How You Would Do It
  • Try think out loud at one place where you think the students will have difficulty
  • Give them tips on how to negotiate that part.
  • Refer them to fix-up strategies
now what
Now What?
  • What do you want students to do with the information they have read?
  • How will they hold their thinking so they can return to it later?
  • Will you have them write a paper, have a discussion or create a project?
  • Show them how they should hold their thinking and provide tools
    • Graphic organizers
    • Sticky Note
    • Note taking devices
  • What are some other ideas for modeling?
setting purpose for reading
Setting Purpose for Reading
  • Be selective about what kids read
    • Only the best parts
  • Be specific about your instructional purpose
    • Give students a lens for reading
  • Decide how your students will use what they are reading
    • Explain how the information will be used
your turn
Your Turn
  • Using your individual lesson plan or one from your group unit…
  • Complete the Instructional Focus sheet
  • We will discuss them when we are finished
group projects
Group Projects
  • Work for 15 minutes in your final assignment groups
  • Make sure you have employed techniques that set instructional focus
  • Make revisions as necessary
a poem for the road
A Poem for the Road
  • Each night we will end with a poem at 9:15
  • Our poet tonight is ?
  • I will bring a collection of poetry anthologies for you to choose from
  • You can bring your own too
reflection questions
Reflection Questions
  • Each night we will stop at 9:20 to reflect on our anticipation questions
  • Look back at the anticipation questions
  • Reflect on your original answers
  • Compare your answers with someone you have not worked with tonight.
  • Make additions and changes as needed