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Sara Borresen

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Sara Borresen. Personal Info - From New Ulm, MN - Married last summer - I live in Blaine - No kids or pets… yet. Professional Goals - SPHR in May! - Leadership in Talent Management. Best way to Communicate with me - Email Words most people use to describe me… - Unflappable

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Sara Borresen

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sara borresen
Sara Borresen

Personal Info

- From New Ulm, MN - Married last summer

- I live in Blaine

- No kids or pets… yet

Professional Goals

- SPHR in May!

- Leadership in Talent Management

Best way to Communicate with me

- Email

Words most people use to describe me…

- Unflappable

- Task Master/Planner

- Listener/Coach


- Shopping 

- Baking (recipes from Pinterest)

- MN wineries

- Traveling and Food Tours

michele brynteson
Michele Brynteson

Personal Info:

Works at 3M – Functional Recruiting Lead

Married with 2 daughters – Haidyn 10 and Ava 3

Live in Savage, MN

Professional Goals:

Would like to move into a generalist or business partner role

Best way to Communicate with me: Cell phone or email –

Words most people use to describe me: results oriented, direct communicator, funny, life-long learner, passionate, compassionate, high level of knowledge, driven, leader and developer


My children – Haidyn’s activities, outside of that like following politics, working out, swimming spending time with extended family (sisters and their families)

rebecca reb gish
Rebecca “Reb” Gish

Personal Info:

Married for nearly 9 years to Ross Gish. Handsome little man, Nathan, will be 3 at the end of May. Two black labs: Truman and Shelby. If I could use one word to describe my childhood that shaped who I am today: independence.

Professional Goals


Learn my role and develop it into a world-class college recruitment marketing strategy team.


“…only as much as I dream, can I be.”

Best way to Communicate with me

I love to talk, but when time is a concern, e-mail is best. Text is great too!

Words most people use to describe me

Outgoing, High-Energy, Responsible

Hobbies A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Date Nights
  • Mommy & Nathan Time
  • Boating
  • Starbucks (ADDICT)
  • Mani’s & Pedi’s – Best with friends
  • Dance
  • Nap Time
  • Binge Reading
  • Walks
amanda greenberg
Amanda Greenberg

Personal Info

Born, raised, and still live in Edina. And, cake is actually my favorite food. 

Married to Craig, daughter Megan (18 months), black lab Morgan. Advice: never name your children and animals similar names!

Childhood goldfish, Goldy, lived for 7 years.

I’ve eaten the same lunch almost every day since elementary school.

Professional Goals

Continue in HR generalist/

management role for a large organization with a mission that provides me the opportunity to make a difference

Always keep learning and be challenged

Have fun

Best way to Communicate with me

Include a timeline when you need a response

Words most people use to describe me


Detail and action-oriented




  • Music – signing and playing piano
  • Traveling
  • Attempting to play golf
  • Reading
  • Watching any season of

CSI or whatever is on


alecia hanson
Alecia Hanson

Personal Info

I have a 6 year old, named Kole.

I live in Blaine.

I love basketball and football – my favorite thing to do is watch my son play sports.

Professional Goals

Finish my Masters Degree

Go to Law School

Best way to Communicate with me


Words most people use to describe me




What you see is what you get


  • Coaching my son’s sports teams,
  • Running
  • Studying
  • Socializing with friends
steve jewell
Steve Jewell

Personal Info

Lived in South Mpls since 1989

Have a 16-year-old cat named PT

I am a fitness/workout guy;

been teaching group fitness at Calhoun Beach Club since 2004.

I am a runner (17 marathons since 1986).

Still in pursuit of a Boston Marathon experience...2014? Need to run 8 minute miles for 26 qualify.

Professional Goals

Short term: consultative sales of HR services.

Next 5 years....self employment.

Best way to Communicate with me:






Words most people use to describe me:







  • Urban landscaping/gardening
  • HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership)
  • Running
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Live Music
tiffany kuehl
Tiffany Kuehl

Personal Info

Born and raised in Minnesota (Minneapolis area)

Have a brother who is 17 years younger

Went to school to be a teacher / Grad school for HR

Met my husband at work, married in Oct 1999, three years to the day of our 1st date

Mother of one: August Joseph Toussaint Kuehl

Favorite color is yellow!

Previous work experience:

Training and Development, HR stuff, Recruiting

Restaurant, Financial Services, Not-for Profit, Manufacturing

Professional Goals

Have fun at work


Leadership development and growth

Continue in HR/Recruiting – Leadership role(s)

Sr. Staffing Leader, Staffing Director, HR Manager, HR Director

Best way to Communicate with me

Face to face is preferred but next (in order of preference)




Words most people use to describe me…






  • Baseball – MN Twins, backyard/park
  • Massage Retreat & Spa membership! Ahhhhh…..
  • Photography
  • Camping / fishing
  • Movies
  • Spending time with family & friends
jason kujanen
Jason Kujanen

Personal Info

ESTP - Myers Brigs

Live in St. Louis Park

Grew up in Blaine, MN

Avid traveler

Played college soccer

Professional Goals

To become an entrepreneur and open my own business within the next 3-5 years

Best way to Communicate with me:

Text or phone call: 612-281-0136

Words most people use to describe me:

High energy





  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Running
  • Gardening
  • Softball
melanie olsen
Melanie Olsen

Personal Info: My boyfriend, John, and I have been together for 7 years now. We have a daughter, Luella, who is 5 years old as well as a son, Zach, who is 15. My big huge Finnish family is from the Range (Virginia/Mt. Iron, MN) so I consider that my hometown, but I graduated from Blaine High School where I still have a strong circle of friends. John’s mom is from Italy, so we have a strong Italian influence – my daughter speaks fluent Italian and I am trying to learn.

Professional Goals: I really love working at 3M and know I will have a lot of opportunity here. One of my goals is to work abroad for a period of time (3-5 years) and I really, truly would go anywhere to have that experience abroad (China? Sure! Turkey? Why not? Brazil? You betcha!). I’d like to start working towards my Master’s degree sometime in the near future as a personal goal that will fuel my professional goals. Overall I really want to experience and learn ( I love solving complex issues) vs have a clearly defined growth path so I just keep an open mind and stay flexible.

Best way to Communicate with me: Typically email,

but sometimes I get buried in it (as most people do).

Text messages are an amazing form of communication if the message is short and not complicated. I have a personal SLA of 24 hours (I try my hardest to meet) for returning people’s calls both at work and in life.

Words most people use to describe me: Outgoing, driven, direct, happy, generous, motivated, reliable, loving, funny (sometimes too sarcastic LOL).

Hobbies: Traveling is probably my #1 – I love seeing

the world, meeting new people and trying local

customs. I love getting together with friends and trying

new restaurants, spending time with my family, both

immediate and extended. Living and hanging out in

Stillwater is a daily activity (I love the town and

atmosphere) - we also spend a good portion of our

summer boating on the St. Croix. Then there’s music,

dancing and yoga….plus I love to entertain and like to

think I can throw a heck of a good party.

carrie patton
Carrie Patton

Personal Info

Live in Eagan with my hubby, 3 kids (Zoe 14, Steven 10, Stella 7), 2 dogs (Paris Hilton and Beckham David)

My one (and only) claim to fame is being the niece of Governor Pawlenty. It’s been an interesting 10 + years.

Professional Goals

I’m not a fan of “balance” since I don’t think it exists. But, my goal is always to try to balance my busy professional life, family and a little me time. My number one goal is to be a good role model for my kids to stay active both professionally and personally.

Best way to Communicate with me

Email, text, is best but I do take a phone call every once and a while.

Words most people use to describe me

Outgoing, driven and sometimes not political enough. Uncle Tim wants us to be like the Kennedy’s but it’s not going to happen.


As a family, the one thing we can all agree on is BASEBALL! We love the MN Twins and watching my son play in his little league.

I also work part-time at Weight Watchers to stay healthy, skinny and for extra baseball $.

beth petersen
Beth Petersen

Personal Info

Grew up in Thief River Falls, MN

Son – Noah (2 ½),

Husband – John

Live in Shoreview

Work at Thomson Reuters

Professional Goals

To learn how to Tweet from Tiffany

To continue to learn and grow in the HR profession and move toward a manager/director level role

Best way to Communicate with me

-email or phone is just fine!

Words most people use to describe me

-Practical, easygoing, hard working, honest


  • Golf & travel (when I can!)
  • Jogging/running/whatever you call it
  • Pinterest – (I’m addicted)
  • SIOUX hockey
  • Family time
sarah waite
Sarah Waite

Personal Info:

2 kiddos Ian (10) and Larissa (7)

One great husband Dave

Moved around a lot as a kid; went to high school in MN Went to college at BU for Broadcast Journalism

Moved to CT and had 3 jobs -one in HR/one in radio

Planned to get my PhD but didn’t get into the program

Moved back in 1999 – worked at Target 8 years, now at Medtronic almost 5

Random fact: won statewide piano contest in 1982ish

Love all things 80s!!

Professional Goals:

Current job is the perfect job design for me

0-1 yr plan – hit my 5 year tenure at Medtronic

2-8 year plan – we will see!

8-10 yr plan: Get 2nd Masters in OD

Best way to Communicate with me

Depends on the topic

Pet peeves: long emails and email trails with no action

Visual learner with low attention to detail


Words most people use to describe me








  • After my kiddos and hubby what I love most is:
    • Reading
    • Scrapbooking
    • Good food/good wine/good chocolate
    • Travel
    • Time with friends and family
    • Shoes
  • I signed up for a triathon this year to push my workout routine and face some of my fears.