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My Tree

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My Tree. By: Elise Toombs. My Tree and I . Tree Name. Black Oak Scientific Name: Quercus Velutina Lam . Bark. Leaves. Nut. Organisms using my tree. Pictures. Poem. Home Tall, Small Living, giving, taking Protection, Shade, Oxygen, Blanket Staying, Swaying, Leaving

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my tree

My Tree

By: Elise Toombs

tree name
Tree Name
  • Black Oak
    • Scientific Name: QuercusVelutina Lam
  • Home
  • Tall, Small
  • Living, giving, taking
  • Protection, Shade, Oxygen, Blanket
  • Staying, Swaying, Leaving
  • Innocent, Hospitable
  • Forest
five interesting facts
Five interesting facts
  • Has orange/yellow bark on the inside
  • Tree was used as a source of Tannin to tan animal skins
  • Black oak hybridizes with other species of oaks usually the white oak
  • Bark has a bitter flavor
  • Commonly used for lumber, and sold to make furniture, railroads ties, etc.
description and uses of wood
Description and Uses of Wood


  • Mostly rough bark but smooth in a few places
  • Wood is a yellowish color and is considered to be a hard wood
  • Uses

Used to make furniture, railroad ties, fuel, flooring, and other home building materials.

looking back
Looking back..
  • I enjoyed watching the tree grow throughout the spring. It was really interesting to watch how much the tree changed in such a short period of time.