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Video P roduction Timeline PowerPoint Presentation
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Video P roduction Timeline

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Video P roduction Timeline
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Video P roduction Timeline

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  1. Video Production Timeline By: Madeline Parish

  2. 1862 • Abbe Giovanna Caselliinvents the Pantelegraphand becomes the first person ever to transmit a still image over wires.

  3. 1887 Hannibal W. Goodwin invented film after his second try he changed the chemicals.

  4. 1889 Thomas Edison brought up the Kinetograph which was the first real motion picture camera.

  5. 1894 Edison actually lets people see the Kinetoscope, which at the time only allowed one person at a time to view motion pictures.

  6. 1895 Louis and AugusteLumiere gave the very first showing of the Cinematographe. The Cinematographe is a device that shows motion pictures on a screen.

  7. 1903 First nickelodeon opens in Pittsburgh, PA. nickelodeon got its name because it was a nickel to get into the theater.

  8. 1917 Technicolor is introduced, but at the time only red and green was used. This caused viewers to have to strain their eyes more. Black and white film was expensive at the time but color film was 50 cents more.

  9. 1922 In this year the radio was invented and the majority of the people preferred this rather than silent films. On the downside the film industry began to decline.

  10. 1923 The German Shepherd ,Rin Tin Tin, becomes film's first canine star.

  11. 1927 Warner Brothers made full-length singing and talking film called The Jazz Singer with popular singer Al Jolson.

  12. 1928 • Walt Disney produces the first cartoon with sound. Which was called Galloping Gaucho and Steamboat Willie.

  13. 1930 Charles Jenkins makes the first television commercial.

  14. 1930-40 Motion pictures were very popular!

  15. 1935 Even though two-color process was first used in 1922, people weren't impressed by Technicolor until a three-color system was showed in Becky Sharp.

  16. 1937 Snow white and the dwarfs was Walt Disney’s first ever full length movie

  17. 1946 Motion pictures devoured by film studios.

  18. 1948 United States Supreme Court made a rule that studios could not have theaters because it gave the studios special charge over making and selling movies.

  19. 1950 Television over took the movies. As a result the movies became color to persuade people to go to the theaters; when that didn’t work they made three dimensional, AKA 3-D.

  20. 1960 The first split screen is shown on the Kennedy vs. Nixon debate.

  21. 1962 AT&T launches Telstar. Which was the first satellite to have TV shows

  22. 1967 Most TV shows are in color now.

  23. 1968 The motion picture rating system comes out with G, PG, R and X.

  24. 1997 Titanic goes to theaters as the most expensive movie. The cost to make the movie and put it out there was at least 300 million dollars