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Height Weight Chart

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Height Weight Chart
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Height Weight Chart

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  1. Height Weight Chart Is BMI Reliable as a measure of Obesity By Michael Goodman - http://www.theliquiddietplan.com

  2. Height Weight Chart - Features • The Height Weight Chart is a term that many people search for online. • Most who search for the Height Weight Chart are interested to find out if they are in a healthy weight range in terms of their Body Mass Index or BMI.

  3. The Height Weight Chart

  4. Current thinking about Height Weight Chart • As we have seen in the previous slide the Height Weight Chart is a simple tool that looks at a broad set of parameters relating to high and weight. • BMI however is a measure that factors in human body size and shape calculated by mass and height

  5. Is BMI Healthy • The BMI measure is not without is’t critics, in several cases subjects who have gone on to develop fatty liver disease had a BMI within an acceptable range and were NOT considered to be obese. • In our study group these individuals we tall men who had a waist circumference near 40 inches

  6. Current trends in weight management

  7. Has the height weight chart let us down? • Historically tools like BMI and the height weight chart, were sufficient to determine likelihood of people developing serious diseased relating to obesity. • A number of factors over the course of the last 4 decades have meant that men and women in the western world tend to carry much more FAT around their abdominal region.

  8. Healthy weight chart • In order to address the confusion of BMI accuracy and the obvious anomalies. Many practitioners have now decided to look at a much broader set of physical parameters and in particular ‘abdominal fat stores’. • The ‘healthy weight chart’ is a guideline system that aims to gear the measure of obesity towards total body fat percentage.

  9. Healthy weight range • For the benefit of the patient’s own health, it is being advised that we make individuals aware that carrying excess fat around the abdomen is dangerous for long term health. • We can issue better guidance using the healthy weight range methods described in the website at http://www.theliquiddietplan.com/healthy-weight-chart/

  10. Obesity and healthy weight • Individuals that do carry excess fat deposits in this critical area of the body tend to have health markers relating to several key disease risk indicators. • High Cholesterol • Increased Blood Pressure • diminished liver function

  11. Height weight chart roadmap • By using the more favoured method of calculating body fat %, we can help make patients aware of the potential problems they may can avoid if they are able to shed fat. • Use the tools and this paper as a point of discussion within your own practices and I hope that this presentation has provided you with some useful research tools to use.

  12. Discussion & Conclusions • So am I Fat? • Is a fat abdomen dangerous to my health • How can I measure Body Fat • What are safe levels of body fat for men and women? • HOW CAN I LOSE BODY FAT??