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Richland One Works (ROW)

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Richland One Works (ROW) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Richland One Works (ROW)
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  1. ROW Richland One Works (ROW) School/Community Based Enterprise System

  2. ROW Richland One Works ROW is a school-based enterprise system that seamlessly integrate academic and real world experiences. The systematic approach is designed to address transition issues regarding students with special needs.

  3. ROW ROW Addresses Strategic Plan Strategy 7: We will develop a system for setting personal, challenging goals for each student, which appropriately involves staff, family and community. Specific Result: To improve Special Education Transitions

  4. ROW Needs assessment • Audit of Transition Plans showed deficiencies • Current programs are fragmented • District wide equity in regard to program offerings is not adequate • Students with disabilities need more program options to meet their needs

  5. Heyward (1) Family & Consumer Sciences   (2) Horticulture/Small Engine Repair (3)Industrial Technology (4)Keyboarding 133 students Fairwold Victory Program 16 students Current Specially Designed Programs (currently serves 255 students) Centralized ROW Program can potentially serve 415 students Lower Richland Job Development Program 42 students C. A. Johnson Work Adjustment Program 64 students

  6. ROW ROW Benefits Expanded specially designed program opportunities Uniform curriculum for transition More effective transition services for students More students prepared for post-secondary opportunities

  7. ROW Components of the ROW Program • Assessment/Integration • In‑District Work Experience • Community Service Activity • Works Curriculum • Placement

  8. Brick Works In Brick Works students learn basic masonry skills by making mailboxes grills and other masonry structures.

  9. Café Works In Café Works students learn skills in culinary arts and catering.

  10. Ceramic Works In Ceramic Works students learn the skills necessary to make beautiful ceramic products.

  11. Concrete Works In Concrete Works students learn masonry skills while producing concrete picnic tables, bird baths etc..

  12. Copy Works In Copy Works students learn the skills necessary to produce printed materials.

  13. Detail Works In Detail Works students learn the skills necessary to clean and detail cars.

  14. Green Works In Green Works students learn landscape design/maintenance and horticulture skills.

  15. Office Works In Office Works students learn computer and general office skills by producing photo identification cards for staff and other office related products and services.

  16. Screen Works In Screen Works students learn the skills necessary to customize shirts, tote bags and much more.

  17. Stitch Works In Stitch Works students learn skills in sewing and custom embroidery.

  18. Wood Works In Wood Works students learn basic carpentry skills by making dog houses, picnic tables and storage buildings.

  19. Current Transition Staff ROW Staffing Requirements Teachers – 10 Instructional Assistants – 10 Therapeutic Assistant – 1 Transition Specialists – 2 Job Coach – 1 Job Trainer – 1 Special Needs Consultant – 1 26 Total *Dean of Students – 1 Teachers – 9 Instructional Assistants – 9 Transition Specialists – 3 Job Coach – 1 Job Trainer – 1 Special Needs Consultant – 1 25 Total Staffing Issues * Upgrade HCTC Dean to Assistant Principal

  20. Budget Summary

  21. ROW Full Speed Ahead!