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Multi-Site Strategies for Intranets & Extranets PowerPoint Presentation
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Multi-Site Strategies for Intranets & Extranets

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Multi-Site Strategies for Intranets & Extranets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multi-Site Strategies for Intranets & Extranets
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  1. Multi-Site Strategies forIntranets & Extranets byMark Heindselman Emerson Process Management Fisher Valve Division KMWorld 2005 Session: E105 November 15, 2005

  2. Agenda • Who is Emerson Process Management, Fisher Controls, Stellent Inc. & Transcend Software? • What is eDocs • Who is Micro Motion and What is SAMI • Multi – Site Strategy for Micro Motion – SAMI 2 • Benefits of a Multi-Site Strategy for Micro Motion • Wrap & Questions

  3. Who isEmerson Process Management • Is one of the 8 major brands within Emerson Electric - EMR • 12 major divisions • Major product lines serving the process industries: Analytical & Measurement Instrumentation, Control Valves, Process Control & Management Systems, and Maintenance & Optimization Software • Global sales of $4.2B

  4. Who is Fisher Controls • The leading control valve company in the world • Over $790M in sales • 4700 employees and 250 sales offices • 12 manufacturing plants • Products: control valves, actuators, and digital valve controllers to the power, oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, pulp & paper, food and pharmaceutical industries. • Acquired by Emerson in 1992

  5. Stellent Inc.Our Content Management Software Supplier • $120M Minnesota based firm • Started in the mid 1990’s • In the leader section of the Gartner magic quadrant and Forrester wave reports on content management • Universal Content Server is it’s primary product to manage documents, content and other objects

  6. Transcend Software Inc.Our content management implementation partner • Transcend Software, Inc. - the technology division of Midland Information Resources • A Stellent VAR & Systems Integrator • Have been with Stellent 6+ years • Helped Stellent establish theirchannel partner program • 2002 Stellent Outstanding Leadership Award • Fisher’s Content Management Implementation Partner since 2001

  7. eDocs • Electronic DOCumentation System • eDocs is a Web-based application used to manage, control, automatically publish, and provide retrieval and access to documentation, content, applications, and web sites in conjunction with Fisher’s internal web, FishWeb.

  8. eDocs • Multiple servers • Managing over 750,000 pieces of unique content • Over 150 applications • Managing web content – parts, pages & sites, reports, scanned images, digital media, documents from over 50 different formats

  9. Valve Div. Micro Motion Process Systems VAD Flow Computer Div. Emerson Process Group Rosemount Regulators I & V S Power & Water Solutions Asset Optimization Who Uses eDocs

  10. Engineering Manufacturing Quality Research Applications Engineering Sales Marketing Tech Pubs HR Finance Education Purchasing Traffic / Logistics Information Center IT and more Functional Areas Using eDocs

  11. How is eDocs Used • Document Management – word, .pdf, powerpoint, jpg, gif, excel, framemaker, html, audio, video, .exe • Report Management – reports generated from databases from mainframe or other systems • Scanned Content – fulltext or image only • Web Content – components of web pages, web pages and entire or partial web sites – intranets / extranets / public web sites

  12. Sales Literature Presentations Policies / Procedures Manuals Standards Drawings Pictures Training Materials Email Knowledge bases Forms – Static & Active Certifications Work Procedures Announcements Forms – Static & Active Approval Processes using workflow Complete applications using the entire set of features of the ECM And many many more How is eDocs Used - Kinds of Information

  13. SAMI 2 Sales and Marketing Intranetfor

  14. Who isMicro Motion • One of the divisions of Emerson Process Management based in Boulder, Colorado • The market leader in coriolis mass flowmeter technology

  15. Information Overload & Information Management Overload

  16. SAMI 2 Charter • Purpose Statement: • The goal of this team is “solve the SAMI problem.” This has many facets, but ultimately means determining the platform for shared intranet communications to global field sales as well as shared internal communications within marketing. It includes creating the site map/structure with a user-friendly interface and populating the new SAMI with “clean” data. • Replacement for a platform that was no longer going to be supported – Lotus Notes • Goal: One location to store and find documents needed by global sales, service and marketing teams • Success measured by improved customer (internal) satisfaction • ie. increased use of SAMI, reduction of shared drive files, reduced complaints

  17. SAMI2 Project Duration • Time Frame: • Start Point: Mar. 26, team formation, weekly meetings • June 1: • Platform chosen • Aug. 30: • Information transferred to SAMI2 • Front-end design complete for SAMI 2 • Sept. 2-18: Initial Training/Testing • End Point: Sept. 30: Launch & Training

  18. SAMI 2 Current Knowledge • Feedback from customers: • SAMI is absolutely necessary to share information between marketing and sales • Too many sources of information (F drive, SAMI, Sales Intranet, Marketing Intranet, SAMI DMZ), making it hard to find anything or determine what is the latest/correct version • SAMI not organized well and not easy to use • Search tool on SAMI doesn’t work well • Must download huge files without a thumbnail or way to know if it’s what you need first • Based on LOTUS Notes so difficult to post docs and impossible to cross-link them • Not used internationally until DMZ launched a few months ago

  19. SAMI 2 Customer Needs • Customers: • Global sales and marketing teams • Needs: • One location to store and find documents needed by global sales and marketing teams; including an area password protected for marketing items that are not ready for public distribution by sales • Supports corp./dept. strategies: • Improves ability to share information between sales & marketing • Reduces wasted time searching for files • Ensures correct information is provided to customers

  20. SAMI Usage Survey Results If you could improve SAMI what would you change? • “Quicker connection” • “Easier to use” • “More organized” • “Categorize information better” • “Better search engine” • “Ability to preview documents without having to scroll to the bottom” • “Quality of scanned documents are very poor” • “Post product data sheets as soon as possible”

  21. SAMI Usage Survey Results Please rank in order of importance to your usage? 1 Application Information 2 Product Info 3 Competitive Data 4 Sales Tools Link 5 Certifications 6 News/Latest Info 7 Other

  22. SAMI 2 Scope • Included: • Includes creating 1 location for content currently on SAMI, Marketing Intranet, Sales Intranet and F drive • Includes platform, moving documentation, new posting procedures • Includes design of front-end user-friendly interface • Includes training users (sales & marketing) • Includes determining how to replicate on European servers • Process to add new users/passwords • Boundaries: • Does not include other intranet sites or departments • Only MMI, does not include Flow or other Emerson divisions • System will still require uploaders to properly tag files and maintain them in a current state

  23. Musts Ease-of-use interface (customizable dashboards preferred) Cross-linking Search by content & meta tags Easy to post Intl/outside LAN access Links to Opal, PlantWeb, PPT library, etc. Wants 1. Speed and thumbnails 2. Access privileges: restrictable & admin. Granted 3. Expiration reminder 4. Subscriptions/notification of updates 5. Draft vs. published areas & revision histories 6. Transportable to PartnerNet in future 7. iORA interfaces with it 8. PDA access SAMI 2 Requirements Weight 9 9 9 9 1 1 3 3

  24. SAMI 2 Design • Easy to use interface (Web-like); documents cross-linked to numerous categories • Meta tag and text searches • PDF thumbnails of documents • Subscription ability • Security levels • Consolidates shared drive, Sales Intranet, Marketing Intranet • System to archive documents and find the latest document • Correct info to customers (latest info, internal/external clearly marked) • One server instead of three for storing the same document • Share best-practices & wins globally (encourage Sales to post)

  25. SAMI 2 Platform Determination • LOTUS - Doesn’t meet our needs & being phased out • MMI Intranet structure - Doesn’t meet our needs • HTML - Doesn’t meet our needs • XML - Doesn’t meet our needs • eDocs • Pros: Meets our needs the best by far; off-the-shelf so minimal support needed; on European servers; becoming widely used in Emerson; can use Emerson license; being tested for MMI technical documentation • Cons: Dashboard tool must be purchased separately • SharePoint • Pros: Somewhat meets our needs; off-the-shelf so minimal support needed; on European servers; Dashboard tool • Cons: Not as robust as eDocs; works best on Windows2000 • Matrix One • Pros: Minimally meets our needs; being used in MMI manufacturing • Cons: Very hard fit into our requirements, anticipate big problems with this tool • EPM Best Practices: L.A. Intranet - No. All posting thru 1 person • PlantWeb “preview” -No. They create each of these manually • Custom - Too costly and undependable to roll out Intl and get tech support

  26. SAMI 2 Open Issues • Posting open to all users? • How to manage correct cataloging of content? Funnel through 1-2 people/world area? • Multi-lingual • Interface in multiple languages?

  27. Current SAMI Publishing Process • We use a Stellent based publishing technology called Content Publisher • Template based layout for site creation – allows us to identify what functions and content goes where on the site and can also have multiple layouts in the same site • Provides the ability to publish content on a scheduled basis and to multiple sites and servers • Provides fully integrated security based upon groups and matching rolls • Context sensitive content contribution • Fulltext and metadata based searching • Subscription notification • Can publish the Site to a CD as well

  28. Industry Level Page

  29. Internal SAMI2 Web Site - Asia Internal SAMI2 Web Site Internal SAMI2 Web Site - Europe Document is checkedinto Content Server Micro Motion Public Web Site External SAMI2 Web site – requires login authentication

  30. SAMI 2 Overview

  31. SAMI 2 Design (MOST REQUIREMENTS MET) • Easy to use interface (Web-like); documents cross-linked to numerous categories • Meta tag and text searches • PDF thumbnails of documents • Subscription ability • Security levels • Consolidates shared drive, Sales Intranet, Marketing Intranet • System to archive documents and find the latest document • Correct info to customers (latest info, internal/external clearly marked) • One server instead of three for storing the same document • Share best-practices & wins globally (encourage Sales to post)

  32. Benefits of the Multi – Site Strategy for Micro Motion SAMI • All content is managed and stored with one process. (HUGE) • No additional work is needed to publish or maintain other world areas and extranet sites. • Replaced technology that was not going to be supported and allowed the cost for this support to be dropped - $10K py • Significantly improved functionality of the site and find ability of the information • Extranet site is secure and contains the same information that the intranet site does • Provided some measure of integration between the Micro Motion PDM system and this process so uploads are smoother and less time consuming • Over 10000 documents managed in this process more than double of the old site – Annual cost savings of over $20K py just in managing websites • One headcount reduction $60K py • Large increase in use of content and literature by world area users and customers • Same content can be leveraged for public website use also • Provides integration to other applications

  33. BENEFITS Support for Notes 10K Less time to manage 20K web sites Less time to manage 10K content in PDM Head count 60K reduction TOTAL 100K 40% INCREASE IN PRODUCT LITERATURE FROM PUBLIC WEBSITE COSTS Development 40K Content Migration 5K PDM Modification 5K TOTAL 50K ROI For Multi – Site Management

  34. Recognition Within Micro Motion • The Application and It’s Owner, Karen Mackenzie, are up for the President's Award for Innovation - SAMI and STF ... "being able to do business tasks in new and better way"

  35. Wrap Up and Questions • Multi – Site Strategies do work • They take extra planning and work up front • They provide very real and tangible benefits • Content management can be a technology that can help you RUN the business while you CHANGE the business!

  36. Mark HeindselmanEmerson Process Managementmark.heindselman@emersonprocess.com641 754-3161