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what should NOT pack for Maldives

learn what you cannot import to Maldives and should not be packed in the luggages

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what should NOT pack for Maldives

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  1. What Should Not Pack For Maldives www.gustotravels.com


  3. Introduction I guess my previous article about “what to pack for Maldives” wouldn’t be complete unless I tell what should not pack for Maldives. Before I move any further let me share you an interesting story on how Maldives embraced Islam

  4. How Maldives embraced Islam According to history, Maldives embraced Islam in 1153 AD, since then Maldives is a 100% Sunni Muslim country There are different versions of folklores associated with this historical event and I will share you the most famous one. Sit back, Relax and enjoy this famous Rannamaari story of Maldives

  5. Rannamaari It was believed that Maldivians were haunted then by a fierce demon called “Rannamaari” Who comes out of the sea once a month and threatened the locals to destroy the island and its people unless they sacrificed a beautiful local girl This unfortunate girl was chosen by a lot and she has to stay in a temple near the beach to be raped and killed

  6. Rannamaari During these times a Moroccan traveler, an Islamic scholar, AbulBarakaathYoosuf Al Barbary visited the Maldives the daughter of the house where he was staying was selected to be the girl to present in the temple on that month The entire family along with the rest of the islanders were sad as usual, so he volunteered to save the girl

  7. Rannamaari dressed just like her and spent the night in the temple reciting Holy Quran In the morning as usual the islanders gathered to the temple to see the fate of the girl were amazed to see him live and continuously reciting Holy Quran

  8. END of Rannamaari The people along with the then king accepted then and there, the demon was defeated by the power of Holy Quran, therefore he embrace Islam and ordered all to follow the principles of Islam. Since then Maldives remains as a Muslim country where certain things are illegal or prohibited to import. In this article I will highlight the main items which you should not pack for Maldives

  9. LIQUOR AND ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTS Please do not purchase any liquor or alcoholic products on your flight or duty free shops while en route to the Maldives. Your items definitely will be confiscated upon arrival by custom staff. Though you can’t import it, you will get branded alcoholic beverages and international cocktails in your resorts.

  10. PORK Eating pork in Islam is forbidden and therefore pork too remains as an illegal product to import to Maldives. However just like liquor you will get pork and its by-products in your resorts as much as you want.

  11. FIREARMS/EXPLOSIVES/WEAPONS/AMMUNITION According to Maldivian laws the aforementioned can only be imported by the Maldives National Defense Force under a special license by the government. So please don’t attempt to import any of such things as it will be confiscated on arrival by the custom officials and you will end up in jail

  12. NARCOTICS OR PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES Importing of such for personal or any other purpose will end up in jail. As the penalty is life imprisonment

  13. PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIALS That includes sex toys, books, magazines, films, DVDs Please do no pack any of such even for personal use

  14. RELIGIOUS MATERIALS Please respect the culture and the religion of Maldives. Please refrain packing any religious books, magazines or software which promotes other religions than Islam

  15. IDOLS Idols for worshipping is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed in Maldives Promoting any other religion than Islam is prohibited in Maldives

  16. Useful Tip There are few things you are not allowed to do in Maldives. That includes collecting and fishing, Giant clams, Black corals, turtles, small lobsters, dolphins, whales, whale sharks, napoleon wrasses, and conches

  17. Conclusion As mentioned before Maldives is a Sunni Muslim country with a fragile environment and expects visitors to have due respect for their religion and environment.

  18. Wish you all a very happy New Year 2016 www.gustotravels.com

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