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West Morris Mendham HS

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West Morris Mendham HS. 8 th Grade Scheduling Assembly. West Morris Mendham HS. Graduation Requirements. To earn a diploma, a student shall be required to: Complete 120 credits. Satisfactorily complete the following full-year required courses: English - 4 years

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West Morris Mendham HS

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    1. West Morris Mendham HS 8th Grade Scheduling Assembly

    2. West Morris Mendham HS Graduation Requirements To earn a diploma, a student shall be required to: • Complete 120 credits. • Satisfactorily complete the following full-year required courses: • English- 4 years • History - 3 years (US History I & II, World History) • Mathematics - 3 years • Modern Language - 2 years • Science - 3 years • Phys. Ed./Health – 4 years • Visual/Performing and 21st Century Life and Careers - 2 years (1 Yr Visual & Performing Art, 1 YrLife and Careers Required) • Financial Literacy – 1 semester (Entrepreneurship, Fin Lit, Economics)

    3. West Morris Mendham HS Visual/Performing Arts: • Art 1, Intro to Ceramics (S), Sculpture (S). • Band, Choir, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Introductory Piano (S), Piano Applications (S), Instrumental Music Lab (S). • Intro to Theatre Arts • (S) = Semester course

    4. West Morris Mendham HS 21st Century Life and Careers: • 3-D Modeling (S), Robotics (S), Digital Video 1 (S), Creative Design Technology (S) • Computer Applications (S), Publishing & Web Apps (S), Financial Literacy (S)*, Entrepreneurship (S)* • Culinary Arts (S), Creative Cooking and Baking (S)^, World Cuisine(S)^ • Intro to Coding(S) • (S) = Semester course • * = can be used for EITHER financial literacy requirement OR practical art requirement—not both! • ^ = requires completion of a prerequisite

    5. West Morris Mendham HS Sample Course Offerings Key: S = Semester Course Y = Year long course

    6. West Morris Mendham HS Art Photography Art 1 Academic Digital Photography I Academic Painting*** IB, ADV, AC Art 2 *** IB, ADV, AC Digital Art & Design*** Academic Digital Art & Design***/^ IB, ADV, AC Junior Art IB-HL Art & at least one of the above Art & at least two of the above Junior Art IB-HL Studio Art/Design AP/IB-SL, IB-HL Studio Art/Design AP/IB-SL, IB-HL Semester Courses Introduction to Ceramics (Academic) Sculpture (Academic) Introductory Drawing (Academic) Digital I Photography (Academic) ***Differentiated Proficiencies ^Drawing/Digital Photography I can also be pre-requisites Available to 9th graders

    7. Before and After ART ONE Sept. JUNE Before and After With study and practice, you will improve!

    8. Color wheel design MHS Lobby 2 point perspective

    9. Grid enlargement self-portraits, acrylic Glazed ceramic structure

    10. Ceramics

    11. Slab covered box

    12. Sculpture

    13. Foam-core geometric sculpture

    14. West Morris Mendham HS Business Semester Courses Computer Applications (Advanced, Academic, Grades 9 – 12) Publishing & Web Applications*** (Advanced/Academic, Grades 9 – 12) Marketing & Advertising*** (Advanced, Academic, Grades 10 – 12) Entrepreneurship*** (Advanced, Academic, Grades 9 – 12) Financial Literacy*** (Advanced/Academic, Grades 9 – 12) (Grades 9 – 12) Accounting (Advanced, Grades 11 -12)) International Business (Advanced, Grades 11 – 12) Principles of Business*** Advanced, Academic (Grades 10 – 12) Principles of Law Advanced (Grades 10 – 12) Business/Management IB-SL (Grades 11 – 12) ***Differentiated Proficiencies Available to 9th graders

    15. West Morris Mendham HS English Full Year Course Electives Creative Writing 1, 2, 3, (Adv) Intro to Theatre Arts*** (Adv/Ac) Western Theatre*** (Adv/Ac) Theatre Arts 1 & 2*** (IB/Adv) Journalism: Communications 1, 2, 3 (Adv) **Journalism: Yearbook 1, 2, 3, (Adv) Semester Course Electives Public Speaking (Adv) Theory of Knowledge (Adv) ***Differentiated Proficiencies Available to 9th graders

    16. Creative Cooking & Baking Academic West Morris Mendham HS Family & Consumer Science Semester Courses Culinary Arts Academic World Cuisine Academic

    17. West Morris Mendham HS History&SocialScience Class of 2018 World History AP European History AP European History/20th Century History IB Psychology IB-SL Research Methods in Psychology IB-HL Economics IB/Advanced US Gov’t & Politics AP/Advanced Western Civilization Advanced Human Behavior and Development Advanced American Legal System Advanced Anthropology Advanced Contemporary World Issues Advanced Sociology Advanced US Gov’t & Politics Academic Full Year Courses Semester Courses

    18. History & Social Sciences IB Electives (Honors) Psychology, Research Methods, Economics, History of Europe/20th Century History AP Electives (Honors) World History, European History, American Government & Politics Advanced Electives – Full Year Western Civilization, Human Behavior, Economics, American Government & Politics Advanced Semester Electives Anthropology, Sociology, American Legal Systems, Contemporary World Issues Academic Semester Elective American Government & Politics

    19. Analyzing Primary sources • All Levels: • What are the origins of this document? When was it written? What type of source is it? Who created it? • What is the purpose of this document? • What value does this document have for us as students of history? What are the limitations of this document?

    20. Analyzing Historical Documents

    21. Develop & defend a point of view. Develop a broad body of history knowledge. Do original research. Create effective arguments in debate & in writing. Consider multiple points of view. Seek relevant evidence in research. Understand & use the habits of mind in history. Appreciate the tentative nature of history. Develop an appreciation for differences. Understand that history is a “foreign place.” They did things differently there. Use visuals, projects, & technology to demonstrate learning. Analyze primary sources.

    22. West Morris Mendham Mathematics Where e and x become something more than mere letters and where pibecomes something more than a sweet treat.

    23. Full Year Elective Courses Further Mathematics IB-HL/Honors Statistics AP Probability & Statistics Advanced Semester Course Electives Intro to Coding & Computer Science Academic West Morris Mendham HS MathematicsSuggested Course Sequence Computer Science Electives Intro to Information Technology Advanced Computer Science IB-SL Honors ***Differentiated Proficiencies Available to 9th graders

    24. Math Department Objectives • To develop conceptual understanding of fundamental math topics • To develop procedural fluency in mathematical computations • To develop strategic competence in problem-solving strategies • To utilize adaptive reasoning techniques as a means of problem-solving • To maintain a productive disposition for positive classroom experiences

    25. Department Expectations Enhance Problem Solving Skills Promote Critical Thinking and Analysis Create awareness of mathematics and its purpose in everyday life Instill Confidence

    26. Four Levels of Mathematics • Honors Level • Advanced Level • Academic Level • Studies Level

    27. Honors Level Progression • Honors Geometry (Grade 9) • Honors Algebra II (Grade 10) • Honors Pre-Calculus (Grade 11) • Honors Calculus AP/IB (Grade 12) Students have a natural love and/or gift in the area of mathematics. Students are highly motivated, mature and thrive on problem-solving and critical analysis. Students are prepared for college level-classes involving and/or focusing on complex mathematical processes. Homework ≈ 45 - 60 minutes per class

    28. Advanced Level Progression (Sequence #1) • Advanced Geometry (Grade 9) • Advanced Algebra II (Grade 10) • Advanced Pre-Calculus (Grade 11) • Advanced Calculus or IB Math Studies (Grade 12) Students possess strong algebraic skills particularly in factoring and simplification. In this course sequence,students will develop strong analytic mathematical skills.Theywill become well-prepared for college level-classes involving advanced mathematical processes. Homework ≈ 45 minutes per class

    29. Summer Assignments Honors Algebra II Honors Geometry Advanced Geometry

    30. Advanced Level Progression (Sequence #2) • Advanced Algebra I (Grade 9) • Advanced Geometry (Grade 10) • Advanced Algebra II (Grade 11) • Advanced Pre-Calculus or IB Math Studies (Grade 12) Students are prepared to successfully perform on the SAT’s and the ACT. Students will be primed to take a math class at the collegiate level. Students will have developed solid mathematical and reasoning skills in this course sequence. Homework ≈ 30-45 minutes per class

    31. Academic Level Progression • Academic Algebra I (Grade 9) • Academic Geometry (Grade 10) • Academic Algebra II (Grade 11) • Academic Foundations of College Math (Grade 12) Students are prepared to adequately perform on SAT’s, the ACT, and college entrance exams. Students will be exposed to various topics to broaden their understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts. Homework ≈ 30 minutes per class

    32. Studies Level Progression • Studies Algebra I (Grade 9) • Studies Geometry (Grade 10) • Studies Algebra II (Grade 11) • Foundations of College Math (Grade 12) Students will be exposed to various topics to broaden their understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts. Students will develop firm problem-solving skills and will be able to successfully perform basic mathematical processes. Homework ≈ 30 minutes per class

    33. Course Progression Advanced Advanced

    34. Electives FULL YEAR OPTIONS IB Computer Science AP Statistics Further Math (IB) Intro to Information Technology HALF-YEAR OPTIONS Probability and Statistics Introduction to Coding and Computer Science

    35. Math Help • Lobby or library • Staffed with a MHS math teacher • Every Day – Every Period during the school day

    36. Contact Info Mrs. Barbara Pagnotta Email: bpagnotta@wmrhsd.org Phone: 908-879-6404 ext 1503

    37. World Languages West Morris Regional High School District 2014-2015

    38. Spanish 1 Adv/Acad Latin 1 Advanced French 1 Advanced Intro Spanish 1 Studies Intro Spanish 2 Studies Spanish 2 Honors/Advanced/ Academic French 2 Honors/ Advanced Latin 2 Advanced Latin 3-4 IB (2 years) Spanish 3 Honors/ Advanced/ Academic French 3 Honors/ Advanced Spanish 4 IB/Advanced French 4 IB/Advanced Spanish 5 IB-AP, IB SL French 5 IB-AP/ IB SL West Morris Mendham HS World LanguagesSuggested Course Sequences Chinese 1 Advanced Grade 9/10 Chinese 2 Honors/ Advanced Grade 9/10 Grade 10/11 Chinese 3 Honors/ Advanced Grade 11/12 Chinese 4 IB/ Advanced Grade 12

    39. WHY study languages? Languages connect us to other people Speaking another language helps us to understand other cultures Speaking another language helps with the college admission process Speaking another language helps us to be successful in the modern workforce

    40. World Language Program Goals: To gain proficiency in a spoken language To COMMUNICATE with others To gain an understanding of other cultures To gain an understanding of our own culture through comparisons

    41. TARGET LANGUAGE • How much of the target language will you hear? • About 90% of the class will be conducted in the target language at all levels, starting at level I • At the higher levels, you may hear 100% target language use • ALL STUDENTS will be required to speakin the target language

    42. How many languages can a student study? A student at WMRHSD must take two years of world language instruction in order to graduate A student can take more than one language at the same time (ex., Chinese I and French II) Studying more than one language is not confusing; it is actually easier.

    43. Which languages are offered? CHINESE SPANISH FRENCH LATIN (Mendham only)

    44. When is TOO late to change languages? It is never too late to change from one language to another It is never too late to ADD another language

    45. West Morris Mendham HS Music Suggested Course Sequence Semester Courses Introductory Piano (AC) Piano Applications (AC) Instrumental Music Lab (AC) Jazz Lab (AC) Fundamentals of Music Theory (AV/AC) Full Year Courses Music Theory (AP) ***Differentiated Proficiencies Available to 9th graders

    46. 8th Grade Curriculum Night JANUARY 2014 Mendham High School Science FRESHMANBIOLOGY

    47. West Morris Mendham HS ScienceSuggested Course Sequence