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Quickwrite :.

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  • "Imagine a job you'd like to have--jet pilot, teacher, writer, plumber, diver, actor, homemaker, DJ. Anything you want. Then, list all the words you can think of that are associated with that job. If you choose musician, you might start with symphony, notes, strings, keys, chorus."

Kidnap poem nikki giovanni
“Kidnap Poem” Nikki Giovanni

ever been kidnappedby a poetif i were a poeti'd kidnap youput you in my phrases and meteryou to jones beachor maybe coney islandor maybe just to my houselyric you in lilacsdash you in the rainblend into the beachto complement my seeplay the lyre for youode you with my love songanything to win youwrap you in the red Black greenshow you off to mamayeah if i were a poet i'd kidnap you

Your own kidnap poem
Your Own Kidnap Poem

  • Continue your POETRY PORTFOLIO with your own kidnap poem:

  • "Refer to the notes you took for the Quickwrite for "Kidnap Poem" and, using the words and phrases associated with your job, write a kidnap poem to someone you like. Use some of the nouns as verbs, if you're inspired."