root word cede ceed cess go yield n.
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Root Word: cede, ceed , cess = go; yield PowerPoint Presentation
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Root Word: cede, ceed , cess = go; yield

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Root Word: cede, ceed , cess = go; yield - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Root Word: cede, ceed , cess = go; yield. accessible ( adj ) accessory (n) concede (v) exceed (v) intercede (v) precede(v) proceed(v) recede (v) recess(n) successor (n). able to go in to, enter, or approach an article or item worn with an outfit that “ goes

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root word cede ceed cess go yield
Root Word: cede, ceed, cess= go; yield
  • accessible (adj)
  • accessory (n)
  • concede (v)
  • exceed (v)
  • intercede (v)
  • precede(v)
  • proceed(v)
  • recede (v)
  • recess(n)
  • successor (n)

able to go in to, enter, or approach

an article or item worn with an outfit that “goes

with” or matches the outfit

to yield to an opponent that one has lost; to give in; to admit that something is true and valid

to go or be beyond the limit or expectations

to mediate; to go between people to help them reach an agreement

to go before something else in time, order, place, or rank

to keep on going; to go ahead with something; to move along

to go or move back

the time during which people go out to take a break

a person who goes after someone else (usually

related to a person taking over a job that is of higher rank)

root word vers vert turn
Root Word: vers, vert= turn
  • anniversary (n)
  • conversation (n)
  • convert (v)
  • diversify (v)
  • diversion(n)
  • extrovert(n)
  • introvert (n)
  • invert (v)
  • revert (v)
  • subvert (v)

date on which an event occurs every year; every year an event turns a year older

discussion that switches from one person to another; a discussion that “turns back and forth”

to turn or change your beliefs or way of thinking

to divide up money into different investments so that if

one area turns for the worse then you will be protected

something that turns your attention off of what you are thinking about

a person who turns his/ her attention outward toward other people

a person who turns his/ her attention inward toward himself/ herself; a shy person

to turn or flip in the opposite direction

to turn back to a previous action or thought; to go back in thought or speech; to give back

to corrupt or undermine; to turn against established authority

root word tract pull
Root Word: tract = pull
  • abstract (adj)
  • attract (v)
  • contract (v)
  • distract(v)
  • extract (v)
  • protract(v)
  • retraction(n)
  • subtract(v)
  • traction (n)
  • tractor (n)

pulled away from direct relation to anything; impersonal as in attitude or views

to pull into something; to pull into oneself

to pull together to make smaller in size or bulk; to pull inward; opposite of “expand”

to pull a person’s attention in another direction

to pull out by force

to pull out; to make it take longer; to prolong

a statement or promise that is pulled back or taken back

to pull some out, therefore having less left over

a pull to the arm or leg muscles to bring a bone

back into place when it is dislocated or fractured

a powerful vehicle that pulls farm machines and hauls heavy loads

root word struct build
Root Word: struct = build
  • construction (n)
  • destruction (n)
  • infrastructure (n)
  • instruct (n)
  • instructor (n)
  • misconstrue (v)
  • obstruction (n)
  • reconstruct (v)
  • substructure (n)
  • superstructure(n)

what is built; buildings that are created or produced

the act of taking down something that was built

the parts of a city on which the rest of the city was built around: roads, communication, transportation, and schools

to build knowledge

a person who helps someone build knowledge

to build the wrong meaning; to misunderstand; to interpret the wrong way

something that blocks the way of things being created or built; something in the way

to build again

the base, support, or foundation of a building

something built on top of something else; the part of the building that was built on top of the foundation or base

root word therm heat temperature
Root Word: Therm=heat, temperature

1. Endothermic (adj)

2. Exothermic (adj)

3. Therm (n)

4. Thermal (adj)

5. Thermodynamic (adj)

6. Thermograph (n)

7. Thermometer (n)

8. Thermophile (n)

9. Thermos (n)

10. Thermostat (n)

Heated from within the body

Requires heat to be absorbed from outside of the body

A unit of heat equal to 1,000 calories

Related to heat or temperature

Caused or operated by heat that has changed into different forms of energy

A device that automatically writes down (records) changes in temperature

An instrument that measures temperature or heat

An organism that has adapted to living in very high temperatures (heat), such as bacteria or algae

A container that is used to keep things warm, such as your soup; a double-walled container that keeps things warm

A device used to control the temperature

11 15 12 3 root word socio companion friend
11/15-12/3Root Word: socio = companion, friend

1. Antisocial (adj)

2. Associate (n)

3. Association (n)

4. Disassociate (v)

5. Social (adj)

6. Socialite (n)

7. Sociogram (n)

8. Sociology (n)

9. Sociopath (n)

10. Unsocial (adj)

Against the basic rules of a group; harmful to the people in a group

A fellow worker or friend (usually related to an office)

A group of people who have gathered based on similar goals or beliefs

To break ties with a group; to end a friendship; to sever a relationship

Friendly; a person who enjoys companions

A person who is important or of high rank within a specific, usually fashionable group

A diagram that represents each person’s friends in a classroom

The study of how people get along

A person who suffers from an antisocial mental disorder

Not social; having or showing a dislike for others in a group

root words phon phono phone sound voice
Root Words: phon, phono, phone = sound, voice
  • cacophony (n)
  • dysphonia (n)
  • euphonic (adj)
  • gramophone (n)
  • homophone (n)
  • megaphone (n)
  • microphone (n)
  • phonics (n)

9. phonology (n)

10. saxophone (n)

Harsh sounds; bad noise

Difficulty producing speech sounds, usually due to hoarseness

Having a nice sound; pleasant combinations of sounds in words

A device used to play the sounds of music as written on records

A word that has the same sound but a different meaning as another word

A large funnel-shaped device used to make the voice sound louder by directing the sound waves straight out to listeners (most often used by cheer teams)

A device used to makes small voices sound larger, especially in a big room.

The sounds that letters make and the letters that are used to represent sounds

The study of speech sounds in language

A woodwind instrument that sends out sounds through its curved, metal body

root word strain strict string bind tie or draw tight
Root Word: strain, strict, string = bind, tie, or draw tight
  • astringent (n)

2. boa constrictor (n)

3. constrict (v)

  • district (n)

5. restrain (v)

6. restricted (adj)

  • strain (v)
  • strainer (n)
  • string (n)

10. stringent (adj)

a substance used on skin to make the skin tight

a snake that kills its prey by squeezing it tightly

to hold in; to make smaller; to squeeze or bind to make smaller

a region or area that is bound together by specific rules, laws, resources and/or money

to hold back; to keep under control; to limit; to draw tight by force

bound by limits; kept within certain rules

to draw or stretch tight beyond the normal limits

a device used for letting water leave the food so the food is drawn together

a thin piece of twisted fiber than can be used to tie things together

demanding strict attention to rules; rigid; having a tight set of rules

root word terr terra geo land earth
Root Word: terr, terra, geo = land; earth
  • extraterrestrial (adj)
  • geode (n)

3. geographer (n)

  • geography (n)

5. geology (n)

6. mediterranean (adj)

  • subterranean (adj)
  • terra cotta (n)
  • terrace (n)

10. territory (n)

out of this world; above and beyond what is found on earth

a hollow stone found on the earth that is lined on the inside with crystals

a person who studies the regions of the earth, including the climates and natural resources

the science of the earth that deals with the regions or places on the planet’s surface

the study of the earth, specifically rocks and the planet’s crust

almost or completely surrounded by land

under the surface of the earth; underground

baked earth; hard, brownish-red pottery

a raised, flat mound of earth (dirt) that looks like a platform with sloping sides

an area, region, or piece of land

root word naut naus nav relating to the sea ships or travelers
Root Word: naut, naus, nav = relating to the sea, ships, or travelers
  • Argonaut (n)
  • astronaut (n)

3. circumnavigate (v)

  • cosmonaut (n)

5. nauseous (adj)

6. nautical (adj)

  • navigable (adj)
  • navigate (v)
  • navigator (n)

10. navy (n)

A person who took part in the California Gold Rush by traveling west in search of gold from 1848-1849

A person who is trained to travel to outer space

To travel around the earth on water or in the air

A Soviet who is trained to travel into outer space

Affected with a feeling of sickness in the stomach that feels like sea sickness

Related to sailing, sailors, or ships

Wide or deep enough for ships to be able to pass through.

To steer or direct ships or airplanes

A person who is trained to plan the course of and drive a ship.

A fleet of ships; all the warships of a nation.

root word mob mot mov move
Root Word: mob, mot, mov = move
  • automobile (n)

2. demote (v)

  • locomotion (n)
  • mobile (adj)

5. mobility (n)

6. mobilize (v)

  • motion (n)
  • motivate (v)
  • promote (v)

10. removal (n)

a self-propelled passenger that moves

to move down in grade, rank, or status

the ability to move from place to place

capable of moving or being moved

the quality or state of being able to move about freely

to coordinate; to move people or things around for a purpose

the act or process of changing place or position; the ability or power to move

to do something that makes a person move into action

to raise or move to a higher grade, rank , or job; to advocate

the act of moving something away

root word grad gress step
Root Word: grad, gress = step
  • aggressive (adj)

2. centigrade (adj)

  • degrade (v)

4. digress (v)

5. gradual (adj)

6. graduate (v)

7. progress (v)

8. progression (n)

9. regress (v)

10. upgrade (v)

hostile; pushy; stepping into someone’s space with forceful energy

Celsius; temperature rating on the thermometer made up of 100 degree intervals or steps between the freezing and boiling points of water

to reduce someone’s worth or value; to make someone step down to a lower position or rank; to move down a step in social status

to stray away from the main topic; to step away from the topic and lose clarity; to wander in thoughts or ideas

a slow change; a step-by-step change

to move up a step in education (usually out of a school)

to move a step in a positive direction; to improve; to move a step closer to a goal

a step-by-step sequence within a continuous series

to go back; to move backward; to move a step back

to move up a step or level; to improve in quality

root word pos to place put
Root Word: pos = to place, put

1. apposition (n)

2. compose (v)

3. depose (v)

4. deposit (v)

5. expose (v)

6. imposition (n)

7. juxtapose (v)

8. post (v)

9. proposal (n)

10. transpose (v)

A word or phrase placed next to another word in order to define or identify it

To put ideas into writing; to write a musical piece; to create or produce

to remove from office or power; take out of place; put down

To put money into an account

To put something out for others to see

Something that is a burden to someone else; to put your needs above someone else’s to the point that it’s a burden for others

To place side-by-side for the purpose of comparing and contrasting

To put something up on a board for everyone to see; to display

A plan or offer that is usually put down in writing

To put into a different order or place; to reverse or transfer the order

root word sed sid sess to sit settle
Root Word: sed, sid, sess = to sit, settle

1. assessor (n)

2. president (n)

3. reside (v)

4. residence (n)

5. sedan (n)

6. sedate (v)

7. sedative (n)

8. sedentary (adj)

9. sediment (n)

10. session (n)

An official who evaluates and settles on a value of property for tax purposes

An executive officer who sits in charge of a firm or organization

To settle into a place to live; to exist

A home; a place where a person settles to live

A closed automobile that has enough room for four people to sit comfortably

to help someone calm down; to help someone settle down

medicine used to help a person settle into a state of calmness

fixed to one spot; marked by a great deal of sitting and very little exercise or travel

the solid material that settles to the bottom of a liquid

a meeting, class, or assembly where a group sits together