The definition essay
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The Definition Essay. Now What Do You Mean By That?. The Qualities of Definition. The definition of “Definition” is “a statement expressing the essential nature of something” (Merriam – Webster Online).

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The definition essay

The Definition Essay

Now What Do You Mean By That?

The qualities of definition
The Qualities of Definition

  • The definition of “Definition” is “a statement expressing the essential nature of something” (Merriam – Webster Online).

    • Actually that is the second definition, the first being “an act of determining; specifically: the formal proclamation of a Roman Catholic dogma” (Merriam – Webster Online).

  • Thus the purpose of a Definition Theme is to establish a true understanding of a terms with which may contain “disputed abstractions” or more specific meaning to a smaller group (McQuen-Metherell and Winkler 370).

  • The act of stating a precise meaning or significance.

  • A close synonym for “description.”

  • The purpose of the Definition theme is clear, factual, understanding without the interprosition of the author’s feelings or prejudices.

  • The writer is free either to arrive at a universal consensus of the definition of a term or choose any number of special usages of a term by limited groups.

The process of definition
The Process of Definition

  • Think of some term the understanding of which you think is important but lacking.

  • Decide whether to establish a common or specific understanding of the word or phrase.

  • Move to the facts either through interviews or library research.

  • Begin the definition by saying what the term means.

    • This is best done by using a reference which can be trusted

    • Merriam Webster

    • O E D: Oxford English Dictionary

    • Gender Dictionary

  • The above will also help you expand your definition, if necessary, by etymological analysis of the term.

  • Expand your definition with examples

  • Attempt to differentiate the word from others like it, even synonyms

  • You may need to combine techniques.