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Prakrit Arts & Krisala Arts

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Prakrit Arts & Krisala Arts

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  1. Prakrit Arts & Krisala Arts Presents

  2. S S i z e ‘S’

  3. Size “S” -  a contemporary Indian Art show of the small format. • This format allows Prakrit Arts & Krisala Arts to bring to the art lovers of London a wide gamut and exclusive selection of Indian contemporary art from the 'Himalayas to the Cape Comorin'. • The eclectic range of approach, of the Indian artist, towards our past, present and future has been curated with “an eye” to the individual styles of each artist. • Further this allows for the viewer to absorb the diversity and the unity that is the basis of our Rich Heritage • London, a city that is a melting pot of cultures, colours, textures, landscapes and history is an apt point for Prakrit, meaning 'nature' and Krisala, 'the abode of Krishna' to make their Size “L” foray with a Size “S” show, for the international art connoisseur of London.

  4. Akkitham Narayanan Untitled 15 x 15 Inc Oil on Canvas AKKITHAM NARAYANAN – 1939 Akkitham Narayanan blends the ancient with the modern, European with the Indian to produce works of art of immense spiritual power and depth, laced with sensuality. His use of geometric patterns, colours, with stained glass effect and the mural and fresco techniques, betray the influence of his long stay in Paris; whereas the presence of Tantric (mystic) symbols such as the serpent and the triangle reveals his south Indian origins being a native of Kerala. A Diploma in painting from the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Madras, was followed by a stint of four years at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris on a Government scholarship. Narayanan's works have been exhibited in India and abroad. He is a three-time winner of the Tamil Nadu State Lalit Kala Akademi Award. He also received the IV International Festival of Painting Award, in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.

  5. Alphonso Arul Doss Couple with Parrot 30 x 20 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • ALPHONSO ARUL DOSS - 1939 • Alphonso Arul Doss graduated from Government College of Arts and Crafts, Madras. He was the former principal of GCAC. The artist believes it is only art that can enable the expression of the mind. His reaction to the society, to events, his personal ideas and his way of looking at life are reflected in his works He is the winner of many important awards including The National Award in 1988. He is the visiting professor to the Brigham Young University, USA and to many Art Colleges in India. He has also participated in many group shows and solo shows in India and abroad.

  6. Anil Gaikwad Shadow becomes reality 24 x 24 Inc Oil on Canvas Anil Gaikwad Shadow becomes reality 24 x 24 Inc Oil on Canvas • ANIL GAIKWAD – 1969 • Anil Gaikwad was born in Madhya Pradesh, and studied painting at The Indore Fine Arts College. Presently he is attached to Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. His paintings dwell on the meditative process of the mind, reflecting the landscape of the subconscious. The artist tries to use motifs out of the ordinary visual context, evoking fluid canvases that hide within their loneliness and journey, beyond the imagery. The rays of light and darkness are subtly depicted in his paintings. An extensively exhibited artist he has many group and solo shows to his credit. He is also the winner of several state awards. His collections are with many private and public buyers.

  7. Asma Menon In Anticipation 18 x 18 Inc Mixed Media on Paper • ASMA MENON – 1961 • Asma Menon was born in Chennai. She holds MA in Fine Arts from the Government College Arts & Crafts, Madras. Her art works are a reflection of her ceaseless passion for the subterrains of the psyche, brought forth as her journey of her creative expression. Asma has participated in many Bienniel & group shows in and outside the country. She has held over a dozen solo shows. She is a multi dimensional artist in the fields of painting, printmaking, drawings & murals. Her works have been auctioned by Christies in Mumbai . She has won awards as a printmaker and painter Her works are displayed in private collections, corporate houses and in public places globally.

  8. Anupam Sud Estrangement 20 x 20 Inc Oil on Canvas • ANUPAM SUD - 1944 • Anupam Sud is an artist who lives and works in Mandi, a small community on the outskirts of New Delhi. Anupam was the youngest member of “Group 8”, an association of artists at the college that was founded by Anupam’s teacher Jagmohan Chopra, that was dedicated to an awareness of printmaking in India. She studied printmaking at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London {1971-72}. Anupam explores the dialogue between both male and female sexuality .....verbal and non-verbal. Her figures are oft brooding. Symbolism relating to social relevant themes/the kinetics between the sexes ,pull the viewer into her world.

  9. Atin Basak Paper Boat 21 x 17 Inc Tempera on Board • ATIN BASAK • Atin Basak was born in Kolkata, and did his B.V.A. from Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata, and M.A. with first class from University of Baroda. His paintings are mainly in tempera and he is one of the leading print makers of the country. He is the recipient of the International Award VII Biennial, 1st International Gravura Exhibition, Amadira, Portugal in 2000. He has had numerous solos and group shows, and received several fellowships, prominent among them being the 1999 - 2000 Charles Wallace India Trust Arts Award and a scholarship from the French Government to work in France as a visiting artist. His works can be seen in Museums and in private collections, both in India and abroad. He is often invited as a lecturer abroad.

  10. Baala .R Orb Dia 16 Inc Etching Printed on Gold Foil Paper • BAALA .R – 1970 • Baala .R was born in Chennai, finished his M.F.A. from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Madras. He works mostly in relief where a composition contains within itself various 3 dimensional sculptural units. The artist's motivation lies in nature and his assemblage reflects this detail. These maximalistic works are many layered and exquisitely detailed. The artist has the rare distinction of being invited to several prestigious print making workshops and international exhibitions. He has participated in more than 100 Triennial and Biennials across the world. His works are found in several important collections including Thama Art University in Japan, Capping Group in Korea, Midgrafiks in Estonia and The National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi India.

  11. Babu Xavier Gifted Face 24 x 24 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • BABU XAVIER • Babu Xavier is an artist whose canvases come alive with vivid colours and fantastic creatures. These fantastic, confusing figures represent the powerful and lucid ideas Xavier has. As the artist himself admits there are lots of contradictions in his paintings. Born in Kerela, where he continues to live he is a self-taught artist who learned under the tutelage of Jayapal Panicker at Cholamandal Atist Village near Chennai. Soon he moved to Mumbai where his art was received with raving reviews and there has been no looking back since then. One of India’s leading contemporary artists he has innumerable solo shows to his credit in India as well as several shows abroad. 

  12. Badri Narayan The gift of a garment for the river - Goddess 16 x 12. Inc Water Colour on Paper Badri Narayan Sada Shiva with Parvathi & Chandrakala 14 x 10 Inc Water Colour on Paper • BADRI NARAYAN - 1929 • Badri Narayan Born in Secunderabad, is an eminent Indian artist, illustrator, author and story-teller. He started painting with no formal training, and his first public showing was in 1949, followed by a solo show in 1954. In the years since, he has had over 50 solo shows and his work is in several collections, including the National Gallery of Modern Art and theNational Museum (India) in New Delhi. Initially, he worked on tile and ceramic, and this informed some of his subsequent water-colors. His paintings are intimate and appealing, often with an element of fantasy, with simple outlines and accessible subject matter in two-dimensional stylized representations. He works primarily in ink or pastel and watercolor.He also illustrates children's books and writes short stories and verse. He has been the subject of a documentary by Mumbai All India Radio, and has received numerous awards, including the Padma Shri in 1987 and the Maharashtra Gourav Puruskar in 1990

  13. Balasubramanian .C Folk Woman 24 x 24 Inc Oil on Canvas • C. BALASUBRAMANIAN • C. Balasubramanian was born in Madurai in South India and acquired his Post Diploma in Fine Arts from the Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Madurai. His amazing oil canvases appear almost like watercolour showing his mastery of the technique. His serine compositions are contemplative and project the inner peace of the artist. He has exhibited extensively across India and his works are in the collections of important galleries and museums of the country. He is also the winner of several important awards.

  14. Belgoum Nagesh Goud PUPPET MAKER-19 24 x 24 MM on Canvas Bolgum Nagesh Goud Puppet Maker - 20 24 x 24 inc MM on Canvas • BOLGUM NAGESH GOUD – 1965 • Bolgum Nagesh Goud was born in Andhra Pradesh. He holds a B.F.A. with Gold Medal from the College of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad, and Grade 'A' Maharastra Art Certificate with distinction. As a painter he is versatile working in various forms and styles with immense creativity. His paintings are based on experimental studies of ancient stories and are created using different mediums such as acrylics, watercolours, pen and ink, metallic inks, oil pastels etc. His latest works use the Rajasthani hand puppet as a motif or attachment. He has received many awards and has participated in several exhibitions.

  15. Bose Krishnamachari Untitled 6.5 x 6.5. Inc MM on Paper Bose Krishnamachari Untitled 6.5 x 6.5. Inc MM on Paper • BOSE KRISHNAMACHARI – 1962 • Bose Krishnamachari was born in Kerala and studied at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Bose is a mover and shaker in the world of art. Images of burning books / libraries assembled with video installations are just the tip of the iceberg. A multi-disciplinary artist, he has held solo exhibitions at the British Council Division, Mumbai and at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai. He has also participated in many prestigious solo and group shows in India and abroad. He is winner of the 2000 Charles Wallace India Trust and 1996 Mid-America Arts Alliance Award for Travel and Residency in the U.S. His works are in many private and public collections including The Museum of Jakarta.

  16. Chandra Bhattacharjee Face 24 x 24 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • CHANDRA BHATTACHARJEE – 1962 • Chandra Bhattacharjee studied at the Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship, Kolkata and did his PG from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta where he earned a Gold Medal. Chandra Bhattacharjee's canvases are languid and far removed from the urban world. Dusky men and women exist in an ethereal realm untouched by the madness of everyday city life. Bhattacharjee's compositions are influenced by the 'Santhal' tribe of West Bengal; the textural quality of his paintings are strongly reminiscent of the traditional mud walls of these villages, smeared with cow-dung. The world of Bhattacharjee's creation is without boundaries; where humans, animals and surreal creatures coexist in harmony. He has held several group as well as solo exhibitions of his works in India and abroad.

  17. Devidas Dharmadhikari Don’t Stamp Me 24 x 36 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • DEVIDAS DHARMADHIKARI – 1972 • Devidas Dharmadhikari was born in Maharastra. He Graduated in Art (painting) from the Dalvi's Art Institute, Kolhapur. His bold canvases are predominantly in black but with sudden strong strokes of bright orange, red, blue and mustards. At the center is a strong human figure, fragmented and defensive. He has done many shows in India and abroad and his works are in private and public museums.

  18. Deepak Sonar Untitled 22 x 22 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • DEEPAK MADHUKAR SONAR – 1967 • Deepak Madhukar Sonar was born in Maharshtra and GD Art Pune, Dip-A-Ed Mumbai, His works are inspired by environmental subjects like Global Warming. The paintings project the land of serenity with vibrant colours. Deepak Sonar Works Are Sublime. The Use Of Abstract Spaces To Spell Landscapes/ Sea Scapes Are To Marvel. The Prism To Colours That Float One Into The Other, Have An Opacity To Lead One Into A Series Of Mirriors Juxtaposed In The Landscape. Visions Of The Science Fiction Book "the Dune" Reflect On Viewing His Desert Colour Abstract Scapes. All One Requires Is The "sand Worm" To Make An Appearence. The Global Village Is His Inspiration.

  19. Gurucharan Singh Head – I 20 x 14 Inc Acrylic on Paper • GURUCHARAN SINGH - 1949 • Gurcharan Singh was born in Patiala, Punjab and graduated in Applied Arts from Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chandigarh in 1973. He has participated in several group and solo shows in India and abroad. His inspirations are the people around him, their mood, problem, expression, and more, which he depicts, with his usual panache. He was the recipient of several honours and awards including the Lalit Kala Akademi award. His works are in various collections in India and abroad.

  20. Hebbar Untitled 20 x 12 Inc Water colour on paper • KATTINGERI KRISHNA HEBBAR  - 1911 • Krishna Hebbar was born Karnataka and received his diploma from the Sir J J School of Art in 1938. He went to Europe and decided to study art in Academy Julian in Paris. Among several important shows both in India and abroad, Hebbar had participated in international exhibitions like the Venice Biennale, the Sao Paulo Biennale and the Tokyo Biennale.  He was Chairman of the Lalit Kala Akademi in 1980 and President of the Bombay Art Society in 1990.  The Padamshri was awarded to the veteran artist in 1961 and the Padma Bhushan in 1989. He died at the age of 85 in 1996.   

  21. Ilango Krishna & Bull 30 x 24 Inc Acrylic on Paper • ILANGO A.V. – 1950 • Ilango A.V. is a self-taught artist with a Masters in Mathematics from Bangalore University. He conceives his human forms to arrive at harmonious compositions. His animal series are often very dramatic with swirls of colour and movement. His work has been exhibited extensively in India and abroad and he is the winner of several national and international awards. Illango is also known as a sculptor of considerable fortitude.

  22. Jai Zharotia Untitled 15 x 20 Inc Acrylic on Paper Jai Zharotia Untitled 15 x 20 Inc Acrylic on Paper • JAI ZHAROTIA • In Jai's paintings, we find icons that are drawn from the physical world but when interpreted by him, change into those that represent a world that exists in his imagination. His paper works are mixed media combining tempera and pencils with watercolours. His paintings and the play of light and shadow he uses in them is not confined . He paints his luminosity of tonal lights into magical hues.

  23. Kishen Khanna Untitled 20 x 14 Inc Water colour on Paper • KRISHEN KHANNA - 1925 • Kishen Khanna was born in Lahore, Khanna learnt the tools of his trade at the evening classes conducted at the Mayo School of Art, Lahore. In the wake of India's partition he moved to Simla and thereafter to Delhi where he currently lives and works. So far, he has had over forty one-man shows held at galleries in India and abroad. He has participated in the Tokyo Biennale, in 1957 and 1961, the Sao Paulo Biennale (1960) and in the Venice Biennale (1962). He won the National Award of the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi in 1965, the Gold Medal at the First Triennale of Contemporary World Art, New Delhi in 1968. He was a recipient of Padma Shree, awarded by the President of India, in 1990.

  24. Laxman Aelay Family 24 x 24 Inc Oil on Canvas • LAXMA AELAY - 1964 • Laxman Aelay was born in Kadirenigudem, Andhra Pradesh. He received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad. Laxman's paintings are nostalgic, depicting the poverty stricken rural people he grew up with. He has shown in major solo and group shows in India and abroad and his works are in various collections. He has won numerous awards for his paintings. He worked as a publicity designer for film director Ramgopal Varma. He is also a writer and an illustrator of children's books.

  25. Lalitha Lajmi A girl at the window 36 x 30 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • LALITHA LAJMI • The subjects in Lalitha Lajmi’s paintings suggest both intimacy and isolation. Her figures connect in highly personal ways, yet one also senses a distance separating each from the other. These are very psychologically charged works. Lajmi is self-taught and states that she did not find her true direction as an artist until the late 1970’s. Her strongest works are her watercolors. This luminous and transparent medium enhances her renderings, allowing for works to be both simultaneously vibrant and subtle, direct and nuanced.

  26. Lalu Prasad Shaw Fantasy - XIII 18 x 13 Inc Conte on Paper • LALU PRASAD SHAW • Lalu Prasad Shaw was born in Bengal and studied at the Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta An immensely gifted artist and printmaker; he has found the connection between the traditional and modern in contemporary art. In his prints he works in the mode of abstract expressionism and his paintings are mainly of gouache and tempera. He has exhibited both in India and abroad and his works are in several public and private collections

  27. Laxma Goud Lady with Goat 13.5 x 10 Inc Water Colour on Paper • LAXMA GOUD • A renowned artist of the contemporary India Arts movement. This works spring from the font of folk lore from Andhra Pradesh. He is greatly respected for his graphic works that run into the realm day to day to erotic. Currently Laxma has been prolific in the medium of sculpture. His works hang at many prestigious venues around the world.

  28. Manisha Raju Lady & Krishna 35 x 25 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • MANISHA RAJU - 1969 • Manisha Raju was born in Nagpur, Maharastra and acquired her Ph. D from Nagpur University. She is a self-taught artist who has been painting prolifically since 2003. Her works fall into distinctive figuration with minimalist simplified forms; women's life and sensibility are the core subjects of her work. She has many solos and group shows to her credit. She is a member of The Progressive Painters Association.

  29. Partho Bhattacharjee Tune of Life 24 x 24 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • PARTHO BHATTACHARJEE – 1961 • Partho Bhattacharjee was born in West Bengal. He completed his graduation in Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. The Artist uses the imagery of Lord Krishna in some of his paintings as a flute player, playing unheard music, casting a spell on his listeners. In his works he uses materials like stone, terra cotta and fabric alike, which endows his figures with different textures. The seams and fissures often redefine the body, which continues onto the outer frame. He has held several solo and group shows and his works can been seen in collections in India and abroad.

  30. Raju Durshettiwar Defining Space 22 x 22 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • RAJU DURSHETTIWAR – 1963 • Raju Durshettiwar is a Chennai based artist born in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. He has obtained his BFA (Applied Arts) from Chitrakala Mahavidhyalaya, Nagpur. He is a recipient of a Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture Government of India. His style is purely abstract. Raju has a passion for photography. His compositions bear a painting like patina of light and shade. His fascination with the architectural forms especially windows and light reflection on them appears as let-motif in his paintings. He has participated in many solo, and group shows in India. He is a member of Progressive Painters Association, Chennai.

  31. Ramlal Dhar Country Side 40 x 30 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • RAMLAL DHAR – 1953 • Ramlal Dhar graduated in 1977 from the Government College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata and later studied at the Atelier 17, Paris, France. Ramlal lived in France for many years. His paintings of very fine brush strokes depict village scenes vividly. His use of vivid colours makes his paintings very joyous. He has exhibited widely both within India as well as in France, the United States and Mexico. He has executed Murals and Frescoes in India and France. His works are in various collections all over the world.

  32. Rini Dhumal Untitle 36 x 36 Inc MM on Canvas • RINI DHUMAL - 1948 • Rini Dhumal was born in 1948 in Rongpur in Bangladesh .She is both, a printmaker and a painter. She has held a number of solo and group exhibitions in India and overseas. She has a distinct style , that evolved from her printmaking to transcended to her paintings. Her use of colours and outlines give a strength of line reminiscent of the etching process.Her dialogues with human relations show a concern for the world she lives in.Rini has been felicitated on many occasions on account of her prolific artistic career.

  33. Rabindranath Mondal Deity 20 x 16 Inc Acrylic, Ink, Pen on Board • ROBINDRANATH MONDAL - 1932 • Rabin Mondal was born in Kolkata, His works exploit the grotesque to express inner turmoil and human struggles. As a young painter, Rabin Mondal was influenced by Jamini Roy's style and Rabindranath Tagore's brooding works. His works are mainly figurative. He paints in bold strokes . The faces of his figures stare at you ,as though they are looking into your soul. Or just living the daily grit of everyday life ,with all its violence and yet the spirit is not broken. His use of colour is thick with reds and blacks predominately.

  34. Sachin Jaltra Untitled 18 x 18 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • SACHIN JALTARE • Sachin graduated in Fine Arts from Nagpur in 1991. He has participated in various exhibitions and shows including the Annual Exhibitions at Kala andir in Hyderabad. Sachin has an educational foundation typical to the conservative J J School circle. The older strand of academic realism is married there to the Abstract Expressionist lineage. As a result, Jaltare’s oils on canvas have intimate portraits of beautiful, delicately sensuous girls rendered in a mixture of conventional, almost curriculum-resembling poses and a faint note of intimacy. Naturalness vies with artificially exaggerated dainty poses. The illustrative merges with the abstract which is expected to generate atmosphere. The end is professional but sentimental.

  35. Sanju Jain Untitled 23 x 23 Inc Mixed Media on Canvas • SANJU JAIN - 1967 • Sanju Jain born in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, Sanju Jain has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Indore College of Art. The artist has exhibited extensively across India in innumerable group and solo shows. She is also the winner of several Madhya Pradesh State Govt Award and National Awards including The All India Raza Foundation Award from Madhya Pradesh and AIFACS State Award. Her works are in the collection of several public bodies across India and private buyers in India and abroad

  36. Seema Kohli The Golden Womb Mixed on Canvas 24 x 24 Inc • SEEMA KOHLI – 1960 • Seema Kohli has a B.A. (HON.) Philosophy, from Miranda House, Delhi University & Diploma in Applied arts (ITI), South Delhi, Polytechnic, New Delhi. She works in all mediums, Oil on Canvas, Inks,. Mixed mediums, Ceramics, Bronze. Her works are done in layers whether they are on paper, acrylic sheet or canvas and they therefore reveal themselves differently to different moods and times. Her work on Fresco's about 12ft / 4ft and 12ft /8ft can be seen in New Delhi. Though she has worked in different mediums over the past twenty five years, the subject continues to be - the quest for the truth / self, creation and dissolution. To express this she had initially used different mythological figures that had always fascinated her, from Shiva and Kali, the destroyers, to Krishna the dark skinned eternal lover. She is a recipient of many awards. To her credit are many solo shows as well as group shows. Her works can be seen in India and Abroad

  37. Shyamal Dutta ray Girl Water Colour 17 x 10 Inc • SHYAMAL DUTTA RAY – 1934 - 2005 • Shyamal Dutta Ray  born in Ranchi, Bihar. He is Diploma in Painting, Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata,His works have been exhibited in Mumbai, Delhi,Calcutta and Bangalore. He has participated in international shows such as the Third World Biennale of Graphics, London, and the Havana Biennale, Cuba, to mention a few. His works are in the collections of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Glenbarra Museum, Japan .His melancholic and pensive works reflect the contradictions of life around him.

  38. Shipra Bhattacharya Desire 25 x 25 inc Oil Acrylic on Canvas Shipra Bhattacharya Desire 20 x 24 inc Acrylic on Canvas • SHIPRA BHATTACHARYA – 1954 • Born in Kolkota, Shipra Bhattacharya is a graduate in Fine Arts from the Govt. College of Arts & Craft, Kolkota. The theme of women's desire has been a recurring theme in her paintings over the years, with the images acquiring different identities in different phases. As an artist she is thorough and impeccable in her imagery, with controlled use of colour and detailed ornamentation. Her works have been showcased across India and abroad through innumerable group and solo shows. She also has to her credit worthwhile publications. Her works are in the collection of museums and galleries across the globe and in the home of private and public buyers.

  39. Shuvaprasanna Owl 25 x 25 Inc Acrylic & Charcoal on Canvas Shuvaprasanna Wings 25 x 25 Inc Acrylic on Canvas • SHUVAPRASANNA BHATTACHARYA - 1947 • Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya was born in Kolkota and is a graduate of the Indian college of Art, R.B. University, Kolkata. The artist, with delicacy and a perfect balance of imagery, recreates the magic of the 'rasa leela' in his larger than life canvases. A mysterious primordial light pervades his paintings, many of them highlighted with intense blue and touches of gold. His works have been extensively exhibited in India and abroad and are in many private and public collections across the globe including the NGMA, New Delhi and WHO, Geneva. To his credit are numerous publications on art and art- related subjects.

  40. Solanki .V Man & Woman 26 x 20 Inc Oil on Canvas • VRINDAVAN SOLANKI • Vrindavan Solanki obtained his Diploma in Painting and Post Diploma in Graphics from the M.S. University, Baroda. His art is totally original and not derivative of the styles associated with particular regions or institutions of learning. Solanki's paintings depict men and women of Rajasthan in easy flowing lines. As a child the Rabari tribe fascinated him and he drew them in black and white capturing their innate beauty and the timelessness of their lifestyle. He focussed more on their attire, keeping the faces mostly blank with a play of light and shadow that gave a photographic quality to his work. Solanki has many awards to his credit. His works are displayed in galleries all around the world.

  41. Suhas Roy Radha 24 x 36 inc Acrylic on Canvas • SUHAS ROY • Suhas Roy was born in Tejgan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied at the Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship, Kolkata. He later went for higher studies in Graphic Art under SW Hayter, Atelier 17, Paris and Murals at L’ Ecole Superior Des Beaux Arts, Paris. He was the principal of the Indian College of Art & Craftsmanship, Kolkata and has also worked as a professor in painting at Kala Bhavan, Vishva Bharati, Shantiniketan. His works are in the collection of various prestigious institutions in India. His work ‘Jesus’ in mixed media is in the collection of the Vatican Embassy.

  42. Thejomaye Menon Mother and Child 22 x 24 inc Acrylic on Canvas • THEJOMAYE MENON – 1961 • Chennai based artist Thejomaye Menon did her Masters and M.Phil in Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai. Her works are figurative and reflect the inter relation between humans in simple and strong lines. Her textured back grounds of floating foliage lift the works from there rootedness and arrest the attention on the central figures. She has exhibited in numerous shows in India and abroad and is the winner of International award from Societe' Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts In March 2006.Lyon France. Presently she is a Senior Lecturer in Art at the JBAS College for Women in Chennai.

  43. T. Vaikuntam Flute couple 10 x 12 inc MM on Canvas • THOTA VAIKUNTAM • Thota Vaikuntam hails from Andhra Pradesh. He completed his Diploma in painting from the College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad and went on to study painting and printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. Men and women of his native village Boorugupalli in the Telengana district are often the central characters of his work. Vaikuntam’s art has a sense of strength to it, a power that emanates from the paint or charcoal that he applies to the surface, from his controlled lines, and from the fine strokes that he executes. He generally uses only primary colours. An extensively exhibited artist across India he is the winner of several national award.