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Trend Micro xSP license model Security for Service Providers PowerPoint Presentation
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Trend Micro xSP license model Security for Service Providers

Trend Micro xSP license model Security for Service Providers

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Trend Micro xSP license model Security for Service Providers

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  1. Trend Micro xSP license model Security for Service Providers Vincent van den Heuvel Channel Account Manager Tel: +31-6 18111352

  2. Agenda How To Start Trend Micro Mission and Vision Smart Protection Network Trend Micro xSP license model Securing Your Virtualized Datacenter

  3. VISION A world safe for exchanging digital information FoundedUnited States in 1988 HeadquartersTokyo, Japan Employees4,350 MarketContent Security Locations Operations in 23 Countries MISSION Innovate to provide the best content security that fits into the IT infrastructure Trend MicroA global leader in Internet content security advancing threat management technology to secure data against a wide range of threats EVA CHENCEO and Co-Founder 1000+ Threat Experts

  4. Continuous Innovation Our #1 goal is to create value for our customers throughcontinuous innovation Integrated Gateway Content Security InterScan Messaging Security Suite Data Leak PreventionLeakProof™ Trend Micro Smart Protection Network Virtualization Deep Security Trend Microand Cisco Integrated Security in the Network Threat Lifecycle Management StrategyEnterprise Protection Strategy (EPS) Server-based Email Virus ProtectionScanMail™ LAN Server Virus ProtectionServerProtect™ Gateway Virus ProtectionInterScan™ Web Filtering InterScan WebManager 2-Hour Virus ResponseSLA Cloud Security ‘Cloud 9’ Email Reputation Services Web-based Centralized ManagementTrend Micro Control Manager Software asa ServiceSecureCloud™ Web Threat ProtectionWeb Reputation Network Access ControlNetwork VirusWall™

  5. Threat Environment • More profitable • $100 billion: Estimated profits from global cybercrime • -- Chicago Tribune, 2008 • More sophisticated, malicious & stealthy • “95% of 285 million records stolen in 2008, were the result of highly skillful attacks” • “Breaches go undiscovered and uncontained for • weeks or months in 75% of cases.” • -- Verizon Breach Report, 2009 • More frequent • "Harvard and Harvard Medical School are attacked • every 7 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” • -- John Halamka, CIO • More targeted • “27% of respondents had reported targeted attacks”. • -- 2008 CSI Computer Crime & Security Survey

  6. WEBREPU0ATION Threats FILEREPUTATION EMAILREPUTATION Threat Collection Management SaaS/Managed Cloud Partners • ISPs • Routers • Etc. Gateway Endpoint Off Network Messaging Smart Protection Network 6

  7. Memory impact is significantly reduced • Almost no growth compared with traditional virus scanning solutions.

  8. Classification Smart Scan and Conventional Scan comparisons

  9. Classification WEBREPUTATION FILEREPUTATION EMAILREPUTATION TROJ_CHOST.E A lot can happen in a minute Correlation - Smart Protection Network Fake news by email. One click in a link. A compromised web site A fake video

  10. NSS Labs Corporate Report Results WEBREPUTATION FILEREPUTATION Source: NSS Labs Corporate Report,

  11. Trend Micro xSP License model

  12. Classification What is a Service Provider? Definition: Organizations that provide services (like security solutions) to other businesses and end users “A Service Provider (SP) is an entity that provides services to other entities. Usually this refers to a business that provides subscription or a Web service to other businesses or individuals.” – Wikipedia

  13. xSP Pricing and Licenses model PRICING Pricing structure for SP is designed for maximum flexibility to match the various requirements of SPs. “year over year pricing” License Ownership SPs own the license, not their customer. They can lease the license to their customers, adding to the range of options/services they give their customers. BulkPurchase Since SP owns the license, they can purchase an upfront volume of licenses at a discounted price and have total freedom of leasing the license out to their customers on their own price and time conditions. This allows them to maximize the margins they can generate from providing such services. For more information regarding pricing, you can get in touch with Insight your Trend Micro xSP Partner. • If user-based pricing is not applicable, other models can be used: • CPU-based • Bandwidth-based • Link speed-based • Volume-based

  14. Service Provider Partner Benefits • Revenue • Flexibility • Retention • Aggregation • Pay-as-you-grow • Diversify your revenue stream by adding sustainable security service revenue with minimum financial risk • Offer your customers a flexible security service that will adapt to current and future needs • With 93% retention observed from current Trend Micro customers, your recurring revenue is optimized • As a Service Provider, bulk licensing purchase ensures you maximum margins • Whether your customer base grows or declines monthly, you’ll only pay the licenses you service

  15. Reporting Tool

  16. Some References

  17. Securing Your Virtualized DatacenterVirtualization Creates, Security Challenges

  18. Challenge 1: Dormant VMs are unprotected • Dormant VMs includes VM templates and backups: • Cannot run scan agents yet still can get infected • Stale AV signatures Dormant VMs Active VMs App App App App App OS OS OS OS OS ESX Server AV AV AV AV AV App App App App App

  19. Challenge 2:Full System Scans • Resource Contention with Full System Scans • Existing AV solutions are not VM aware • Simultaneous full AV scans on same host causes severe performance degradation 3:00am Scan AV App Typical AV Console OS ESX Server

  20. Challenge 3:VM Sprawl • Managing VM Sprawl • Security weaknesses replicate quickly • Security provisioning creates bottlenecks • Lack of visibility into, or integration with, virtualization console increases management complexity Dormant Active New ESX Server

  21. Challenge 4:Inter-VM Traffic • Inter-VM traffic • NIDS / NIPS blind to intra-VM traffic • First-generation security VMs require intrusive vSwitch changes Dormant Active AV App OS OS OS OS Network IDS / IPS vSwitch vSwitch AV AV AV App App App

  22. Challenge 5:VM Mobility Active • vMotion & vCloud: • Reconfiguration required: cumbersome • VMs of different sensitivities on same server • VMs in public clouds (IaaS) are unprotected Dormant AV App OS OS OS Network IDS / IPS vSwitch vSwitch AV AV App App

  23. Security Considerations for Virtualization Because of the rush to adopt virtualization for server consolidation efforts, many of the issues are overlooked, best practices aren‘t applied or, in some cases, the tools and technologies for addressing the security issues with virtualization are immature or nonexistent. As a result, through 2009, 60% of production VMs will be less secure than their physical counterparts. 60% of production VM’s will be less secure then their physical counterparts

  24. Trend Micro VMsafe integration • Protect the VM by inspection of virtual components • Unprecedented security for the app & data inside the VM • Complete integration with, and awareness of, • vMotion, Storage VMotion, HA, etc. • Trend Micro offers: • Anti Malware • Firewall • IDS/IPS inspection & Virtual Patching • Monitoring of log and system files VM3 VM5 VM1 VM2 VM4 VM6 VA App6 App2 App1 App3 App5 App4 VA OS1 OS5 OS2 OS3 OS6 OS4 Hypervisor with Vmsafe API

  25. Trend Micro Deep SecurityServer & Application Protection VIRTUAL CLOUD PHYSICAL Deep Packet Inspection Anti Malware Firewall Integrity Monitoring Log Inspection IDS / IPS Web App. Protection Application Control

  26. Deep Security Product Components VIRTUAL CLOUD PHYSICAL Deep Security Agent Deep Security Virtual Appliances Security Profiles • IT Infrastructure • Integration • vCenter • SIEM • Active Directory • Log correlation • Web services Alerts Deep Security Manager Security Center Security Updates Reports 26

  27. Trend Micro VMsafe Anti-malware scanning • Core Protection Scanning Virtual Machine • Anti-malware scanning for target VMs from outside • Integrates VMsafe VDDK APIs to mount VM disk files • Full scans of dormant & active VMs from scanning VM • Automatically updates realtime agent in dormant VM

  28. Deep Security Virtual appliance VMware vSphere 4 • Deep Security VA provides • Firewall • IDS/IPS • Virtual Patching • Application Control • Web Application protection • (Q3 Anti-Malware) • Uses VMware’s VMsafe-NET API • to intercept network traffic at • the hypervisor. Virtual Appliance

  29. How To Start - 6 Step Approach Step 1 Bezoek de Workshops. Step 2 Kom naar de Stand op de InfoMarkt en krijg een VoiceRecorder Step 3 Bepaal de beste oplossing voor u! Step 4Vraag bij Insight een offerte aan. Step 5 Teken het Trend Micro xSP contract. Step 6Start Selling Trend Micro Security for Service Providers!

  30. ? Bezoek onze stand op de InfoMarkt