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Trend Micro Web Security- Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Trend Micro Web Security- Overview

Trend Micro Web Security- Overview

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Trend Micro Web Security- Overview

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  1. Trend Micro Web Security-Overview

  2. The Threat Landscape • Defending against malware attacks is the No. 1 driver in the secure Web gateway (SWG) market, because the Internet has become the main delivery vehicle for malware. • Due to the anonymous nature of Web 2.0, where anyone can post content, many social media sites are hosting malware. • 3.5 new threats every second • 92% of threats come from the Internet The web is now where the majority of people become infected with malware and, given the extent to which the internet is such an integral part of all corporations’ business activities, the web is a potent threat vector.

  3. SWG Pain Points

  4. EMAIL THREATS Email Reputation WEBSITE THREATS Threat Correlation,Feedback Loops, Analysis Web Reputation File Reputation FILE THREATS Trend Micro Smart Protection Network The difference: • Intelligence from cross-correlation • Immediate access from the cloud • Integration throughout the portfolio Endpoint Security Testing. 5/11 “Vendors like Trend Micro that have invested in and provided solutions that block threats at multiple layers (Exposure, Infection & Dynamic) provide better overall security against the new threats propagating today.”

  5. Recent Positive Reviews WEST COAST LABS – Anti-malware Technology Report Feb 2011 Trend Micro's IWSVA solution offers the ease of virtualization and the flexibility to handle web traffic in a number of types of network. The technologies at work that contribute to the operation of this solution include anti-malware, and URL content filtering, and allow for very fine grained control. SC Magazine– Anti-malware Gateway Review April 2011 Verdict: All the tools and options you need. An enterprise-worthy solution that we make our Recommended product. .

  6. CONSOLIDATE WEB GATEWAY SECURITY • Secure the organization, data and users • Maintain employee productivity • Ensure appropriate use of the Internet Trend Micro Web Gateway Security Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network • Application Visibility: Identifies over 420 Internet application categories, many more than most web gateway solutions • URL Filtering and Reputation: Uses industry’s first, largest, most reliablecloud-based reputation and categorization service • Web Content filtering: Enables customers to control who sends what content through their browser • Antimalware: Leverages award-winning malware protection to stop viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots,malicious scripts • Caching: Increases performance and lowers latency • Advanced Reporting and Management: Provides real-time activity monitoring, highly customizable reporting and central management • Software Virtual Appliance: Supports bare-metal, VMware and Hyper-V

  7. Key New Features in IWSVA 5.5/ARM 1.5 • Application Control (Monitoring, Reporting and Policy Enforcement) • Support for over 420 Internet protocols including IM, P2P, social networking applications, and streaming media. • Bandwidth usage monitoring and Reporting integrated in the base IWSVA and ARM to show application usage by bandwidth and users • HTTP Inspection • A powerful policy definition feature that allows customers to better control the HTTP traffic their users send and receive. An example of this is the ability to restrict uploads to Social Networking sites such as Facebook while allowing read access. • URL Filtering - Time Quotas • Along with the Allow, Block, Monitor, and Warn actions available for URL Filtering policies, there is a new Time Limit action that sets a time quota for selected URL categories within the Work and Leisure time segments. • This feature also includes the ability for an administrator to extend a user’s time quota for certain sites on a day-by-day basis as work requirements demand • URL Filtering - Password Override • The ability to allow administrators to temporarily allow access to a URL from the end-user block screen.

  8. Application Control - Monitoring • Application bandwidth and connection monitoring to ensure users don’t experience excessive Internet latency and to understand the distribution of protocols across the bandwidth

  9. Application Control - Policy • Choose to block/allow among over 420 application families in 23 categories • Flexibility to block during work time, but allow during leisure time

  10. Application Control - Reporting • Application usage reports that let you drill down based on protocol, bandwidth, and specific users’ activity

  11. HTTP Inspection • The default filters enable enforcing browser type policies, blocking large file transfers, blocking Web file uploads and blocking Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) traffic. • These filters can be applied to users/group to enforce security policies like protecting company data from loss, blocking video uploads, and preventing message posting on social networking service sites.

  12. URL Filtering - Time Quotas • End-user access to URL categories or individual sites can be controlled by time quotas within the pre-defined work hours and/or leisure hours. • This addresses one of the remaining URL filtering policy features needed for customers to swap out their Websense deployments

  13. URL Filtering – Password Override • Sites that are blocked due to policy can be temporarily un-blocked when another authorized user enters a password on the end-user notification screen • This addresses a key usability requirement for education environments where teachers need to allow students to access improperly blocked sites. • This addresses another one of the remaining URL filtering policy features needed for customers to swap out their Websense deployments