english language arts 9 n.
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English Language Arts 9 PowerPoint Presentation
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English Language Arts 9

English Language Arts 9

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English Language Arts 9

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  1. English Language Arts 9 LA9U1L3 + 4 b “The Writing Process”

  2. Agenda for the Day • Vocabulary and Usage….Group work  2. Questions about Expository, Descriptive and Narrative writing? Any Questions?

  3. Vocabulary Here is the process….In your groups you will meet in the break-out rooms that I assign to you. Once you are there, you will discuss the terms and come up with a group definition for the underlined words on the list. Only resort to a dictionary if your group can not discern the meaning from the context clue provided.

  4. Continue.. For the usage exercises, choose the correct word from within the brackets to complete the sentence correctly. When your group is finished and you feel comfortable with the work you have done… are free to go 

  5. Vocab List # 1 1. He felt a certain kinship to this woman, even though they had just met. 2. The bus arriving just as she stepped out on the curb was just another one of those coincidences that made her think her trip to see her brother was mean to be. 3. She searched the archives in the library for the obscure poem by Elliot to which the professor had casually referred. 4. The shark is not known to attack humans without provocation.

  6. Continue.. 5. The nymphs and fairies came out to dance in the crepuscular light just before nightfall. 6. To some, the surrender to the advancing army, despite their superior numbers and certain victory, was an act of cowardice by the ruling monarchy. 7. It was clear that the sister had been the aggressor in the argument. The brother, obviously, had not wanted the fight at all.

  7. Continue… 8. The fetid smell of yesterday's fish remains wafted up from the back alley. 9. Her arms began to flail around, trying to grab onto the handrail as she fell down the steep stairs. 10. A barrage of invective curses and angry expletives followed her out of her brother's room.

  8. Usage • She refused to (except/accept) his apology under those terms. • He was smarter (then/than) she had originally presumed. • It was clear, when they investigated where he had been earlier that night, that drinking had (preceded/proceeded) the accident. • No one had known she had been drinking as it doesn't seem to (affect/effect) her behavior significantly. 5. The penalty for making bad spaghetti is an evening (course/coarse) in cooking for the family.

  9. What’s Coming Up? Essay!! Any questions??