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Chapter 20

Chapter 20. Hotel Shop Service. Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading. Dialogue 1 selling Chinese tea 销售中国茶叶.

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Chapter 20

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  1. Chapter 20 Hotel Shop Service

  2. Part I Dialogues • Part II Vocabulary Study • Part III Listening and Speaking • Part IV Practical Writing • Part V Feature Reading

  3. Dialogue 1selling Chinese tea 销售中国茶叶 Context: A guest is looking for some local specialities as a gift to his parents who are fond of Chinese culture. Pre-listening questions: 1) What kind of tea does the salesgirl recommend first? 2) Why are more and more foreign ladies interested in Chinese woolong tea? Staff: Good afternoon. Can I help you? Guest: Yes, I’m looking for some local specialities for my parents. They are fond of Chinese culture. Guest: Well, I’d like some of both .What are the price?

  4. Staff: Then I would suggest some Chinese tea. Guest: What kind of tea do you have? Staff: We have black tea, green tea, Long Jing tea, Woolong tea and so on. Guest: What would you recommend me? Staff: What about some green tea, sir. And Long Jing tea is believed to be a world famous brand. Guest: What else have you mentioned? Black tea?

  5. Staff: They each cost RMB 260 per kilo. Guest: One kilo of Long Jing and one kilo of Woolong. Staff: The total comes to RMB 520 ,sir. Guest: Here is RMB 600. Staff: Thank you .Here is your change and the receipt, sir. Have a good day! Staff: Yes. For black tea, the distinguish brand is Woolong tea. More and more foreign visitors, especially ladies, come to buy Woolong tea to keep fit.

  6. Dialogue 2 selling a Chinese porcelain vase Context: Mr. Schaw wants to buy some souvenirs, so he comes to the arts and crafts counter. Pre-listening questions: 1) What kind of vase would the customer like to buy? 2) How much dose the customer pay for the vase and the service? Staff: Good morning. Can I help you? Guest: I wish to buy a porcelain vase made from Jingde Zhen,Jiangxi Province. Staff: Please come this way. We have a large collection of vases here. What color and size would you prefer?

  7. Guest: A medium-sized vase with traditional Chinese painting would be fine. Staff: How about this one? The pale blue background with traditional Chinese designs of flowers and birds. Guest: It does look exquisite. I like it. What’s the price? Staff: RMB 600. Guest: Can you give me some discount on the price? Staff: I’m afraid not. Our prices are fixed. Guest: Could you pack the vase and mail it to London for me?

  8. Staff: Yes, we can. But we charge extra postage. Guest: How much will that be? Staff: Something of RMB 60. the packing will cost an extra of 20 for the special wooden box. Guest: That is understood. I will take it. Here is the money. Please send it to this address. Staff: Certainly. Thank you. Here is your change and the receipt. Please have a check.

  9. Dialogue 3 selling silk fabrics • Context: A shop assistant at the silk fabrics • counter is receiving a foreign guest. • Pre-listening questions: • Does the lady guest like the Qipao with long sleeves? • What is her size? • What is the salesgirl’s advice for the customer? • Staff: Good morning, sir and madam. Welcome • to our silk fabrics counter! • Guest: Good morning. I like Chinese Qipao • very much. So I’d like to buy some • beautiful silk fabrics to make one.

  10. Staff: China is called the kingdom of silk. Guest: I couldn’t stop my wife wanting to get herself dressed in silk. And I have seen many Chinese women wearing it. It’s fantastic. Guest: I’m dazed at so many kinds of silk fabrics. It’s difficult for me to choose one. Staff: What about this one? Its touch is soft and it’s 100% pure silk. Guest: Superb! Look, the wonderful peony with purple background color. Could you tell me how many meters I need for my Qipao?

  11. Staff: Would you like long or short sleeves, or the sleeves? And what is your size? Guest: I think I like sleeveless. And I am of the medium size. Staff: Eh,… you need three meters. That is enough. Guest: OK. How much is that? Staff: RMB 120 per meter, and the total comes to RMB 360. Guest: Here is the RMB400.

  12. Staff: Thank you. Here’s the receipt. Oh, one piece of advise: Wash it in lukewarm water and don’t rub or wring it. Guest: Thank you for your advice. You are most helpful. Goodbye. Staff: Goodbye. Have a good day.

  13. Dialogue 4selling Chinese herbs Context: A guest is interested in Chinese herbs and wants to buy some for his parents. A salesgirl is receiving him. Pre-listening questions: 1. Why is the guest interested in Chinese herbs? 2. What does the salesgirl say about Chinese ginseng? Staff: Welcome to our shop! How may I help you? Guest: I’ve heard a lot about the magic power of Chinese herbs on people’s health. I’d like to get some ginseng for parents. Staff: How much ginseng do you want?

  14. Guest: I have no idea about it. It’s my first time to be in china . Please tell me something about it? Staff: Sure, I will be glad to. Gingseng grows in remote mountain areas in the northern part of china. It can help people greatly who have something wrong with their health, especially for people that have anemia and often sweat at night. Guest: Well, that’s amazing. Would you give me one kilo of ginseng? Staff: OK. Let me get it for you…here you are, sir. Please remember to tell your parents not to take too much of it each time, or it will not work.

  15. Guest: Thanks. You also have some magic bags to keep health good, don’t you? Staff: Yes, we have. They are called Cure and Longevity bags. They are good for old people’s health. Do you want one? Guest: Yes, sure. How much do I have to pay for the ginseng and the bag? Staff: That will be RMB1,900, sir. Guest: Here you are. Thank you very much. Staff: You’re welcome.

  16. Vocabulary Study 特产 土特产 喜爱…… 红茶 绿茶 著名的 适合的,健康的 公斤,千克 零头,零钱 纪念品 Speciality n. Local specialities Be fond of … Black tea Green tea Distinguished adj. Fit adj. Kilo n. Change n. Souvenir n.

  17. 柜台 典型地 收集 中等的,适中的 传统的 牡丹 紫色的 背景 淡色的,苍白的 款式 Counter n. Typically adv. Collection n. Medium adj. Traditional adj. Peony n. Purple adj. Background n. Pale adj. Design n.

  18. Exquisite adj. Pack v. Postage n. Come to Including prep. Fabric n. Chinese-style Kingdom n. Fantastic adj. Touch n. 优美的,精致的 包扎,捆扎 邮资,邮费 总计,合计 包括 织品 中式的 王国 幻想的,奇特的 触摸

  19. Sleeve n. Lukewarm adj. Wring v. Herb n. Magic power Ginseng n. Remote adj. Anemia n. Cure and Longevity bag 袖子 不冷不热的 扭,拧 草药 魔力 人参 遥远的 贫血 神功元气袋

  20. Exercise 1: Match the expressions on the left with the best meaning on the right. 1.-----speciality a. very finely made or done; extremely beautiful or skillful 2. -----souvenir b. enamel in which the colors of the design are kept apart by thin metal strips date, time etc, is now definite 3. -----caution c. something given or kept in memory of a person. event, place, etc. 4. -----exquisite d. warning words 5. -----cloisonné e. a particularly fine or best product

  21. Exercise 2: Complete the following with words or expressions from the dialogues. • Tourists’ experiences consist of five essentials—traveling, sightseeing and entertaining, lodging, eating and drinking, and s_______. • Tourists will spend money in hotels for rooms, food, and things to take home. They buy s_____ for themselves and g___ for their families and friends. • The s____ should not only be familiar with goods, the prices and the customers, and not only have a

  22. clean and pleasant appearance and a good command of j____, but also have a correct attitude towards serving the guests wholeheartedly. 4. Some says that a h___ is somewhat like a mini-fair of consumer goods, ranging from jewelry, handcrafts, antiques, C____ and calligraphy to garments, food, Chinese patent medicines and tonics, to name just a few.

  23. 1. Functional Sentences 接待顾客 Good morning, madam. ________ Welcome to our shopping center! Can I be of and assistance to you? What can I do for you? Are you being helped? Are you being attended to ?

  24. 介绍商场 You may look around here. You have a jewelry counter, and toys and handcrafts counter 介绍商品 We have a variety of Chinese tea here, black tea, green tea, Long Jing tea, Woolong tea and so on. You may try some green tea. Green tea contains more vitamin C. and Long Jing tea is believed to be world famous.

  25. 推荐商品 How about this one? Would you have a look at the pearl necklace, madam? It’s nice for a lady. What do you think of it? It will do much good to your health. How about the teddy panda? It’s typically Chinese This is entirely hand-made with fine workmanship.

  26. 介绍商品质量、款式、色彩等 It feels soft and it is of 100% pure silk. It’s a Chinese-traditional style. It’s the latest color and fashion this year. It sells well. We have a variety of over thirty colors and styles. 询问尺寸大小 What size do you take/wear?

  27. What size, please? Will you tell me the size, please? You can try this jacket on for size. 给客人提供优惠报价 I can give you a 20% discount. That’s the best I can offer. We can give you a discount if you really want to buy. It’s on sale this week. Sorry, but this is the cheapest we have in stock.

  28. 赞美顾客 You’ve made a good choice, madam. This china tea set is unusual. It was made in Jinde Zhen. You really have good taste of Chinese culture. 付款、包装等 We can pack it for you for free. Here’s your tea and receipt.

  29. 提醒顾客使用注意 Please remember to wash it in lukewarm water and don’t rub it. Please tell your parents not to take too much per time; otherwise it will have side-effects.

  30. 2. Answer the following questions • What would you say when receiving and greeting a guest? • What would you say when introducing your products to a guest? • How would you recommend a customer your products?

  31. d. How would you get information from a customer about size, color, style and so on ? e. What would you say when explaining the quality of a product to a customer? f. What would you say when offering cautions to a guest? g. What would you say when giving a guest his change? h. What would you say when a guest offers to pack and send a product ?

  32. Exercise 1: Listen to the short dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then practice with your partner. Dialogue 1 Guest: Good afternoon, my wife is interested in Chinese silk dress, can you recommend me a fashionable one? Staff: Certainly , sir. Chinese silk is world known._____________________? Guest: Size 38. Staff: How about this one? It feels _________,double sided Suzhou embroidery. The designs on both sides are exactly the same.

  33. Dialogue 2 Guest: I’m just thinking of buying a Chinese tea set. Staff: _________________ ? This china tea set is unusual . It was in Jingde Zhen. There are few others like it. Guest: It’s extremely beautiful. This is the ________. Please put it in a gift box for me. Staff:___________________________.

  34. Dialogue 3 Guest: Are these materials made of pure cotton ot genuine silk? Staff: Yes, all of them are made of _____________cotton or silk. They don’t shrink even if you_____________. Guest: All right. I’d like to take the suit. Please wrap it up. Staff: OK. _________. That will be RMB 389.

  35. Dialogue 4 Guest: I was told that there is______that is something between green tea and black tea. And it has reducing effect. Is that so? Staff: Ah, that’s Woolong tea. It’s very refreshing and helps you to ____tiredness. In order to keep_____, more and more foreign visitors, especially ladies ,come to buy Woolong tea. Guest: Thank you for your explanation. I will take_____. By the way, can I use my traveler's check here? Staff: Yes, madam. Would you please _____ the cashier’s desk ? She will cash the traveler’s checks for you.

  36. Dialogue 5 Guest: How much do I owe you? Staff:_______________. Guest: May I pay with my visa card? Staff: Sure, of course. Let me ______of your card. Please sign your name here. And here is your receipt. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

  37. Dialogue 6 Guest: I want to buy a raincoat. Could you please show me one? Staff: With pleasure_________ do you like best? Guest: Yellow , please. Staff: Yellow __________ . What size, please?

  38. Exercise 2: Listen and fill in the missing information. The first article to be bought:________________ Size:_____________ price:________________ Name of the second article:_____________________ Price: _______________ Postage:___________________ Packing charge:__________________ Address to be sent:_______________

  39. Exercise 3:Listen and fill in the blanks. Staff: Good afternoon. Sir._____________________? Guest: Yes, my wife is interested in your Chinese silk. Can you ___________a fashionable silk dress? Staff: Certainly, sir.____________? Guest: Size 40. Staff:___________? This is her size. Guest: I like the style but not the color. Staff: How about this one? Guest: It looks nice. How much is it? Staff:____________________________. Guest: OK. I’ll ____________. Please wrap it up as a gift.

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