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Digital Commerce

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Digital Commerce
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Digital Commerce

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  1. Digital Commerce

  2. buying and selling products online

  3. Two Top Sites

  4. Most important makes life easier for millions of people You don't have to go to the store late at night Some websites are secured Postive Things about Digital Commerce

  5. Websites can scam you Some websites allow others to view your information. Negative things about digital commerce

  6. Timeline for Digital Commerce 1990- Tim Bemers-Lee makes World Wide Web the first Web browser 1994- The internet became more popular and more things begin to be sold online 1995- Jeff Bezos launches eBay is founded by computer programmer Pierre Omioyar 1998- Postal stamps can be brought for printing from the web 2002- eBay acquires PayPal for 1.5 billion 2003- posts first yearly profit 2007- acquired by R.H Donnelley for $345 million 2008- U.S. e-commerce and reached $204 billion an increase of 17% over 2007

  7. Pictures of Digital Commerce delivery and payment methods

  8. Guidelines And Rules 8. Use servicessuch as PayPal to provide a protection against theft. 9. Do not click on ads that pop-up. 10. If your buying from a person, check their ratings and satisfaction of other people who bought from theperson. 11. Be sure you know how to order things online before go buying things. 12. When internet goes in a middle of the transaction donot refresh page or click the buy button again. 13. Make sure of theguarantees in case you item does not arrive. 14. Match the description of the product with another description from a different site. 15. Weigh the shipping and postage costs to the costs of petrol so you can maybe go to a shop instead. 16. Ask for warranty 1. Only buy from websites that are popular and that youare 100% sure are reliable. 2. Look for the https in front of the URL to see if it is secure. If there is not an 's' then do not use it to avoid any problems. 3. Not to believe everything that the seller says. He is only trying to advertise to get you to buy. Be 100% positive that the product or software or anything you wish to buy you can buy safely. 4. Once you begin to suspect that you have been tricked,then cancel your credit card number as soon as possible. -Layanne QA 5. Use adequate security for your home network against hackers. 6. Keep up to date on the latest scams. 7. Buy or acquire an email with a spam filter.(Some of the biggest Identity Thefts online occur through spam)