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What is income tax :-A pay expense is an assessment on distinct income (salary) that is paid to the national government. The term additionally applies to the same sort of duty paid to city, state or neighborhood governments, and is sometimes used as a part of reference to corporate benefits. Pay tariff might be accelerating, relative, or backward. The point when the duty is on the pay of organizations, it is regularly called a corporate assessment, corporate salary charge, or benefit charge. Different frameworks outline salary distinctively and regularly permit notional diminishes of earnings. Who pays income tax :-Under the Income Tax Act, pay charge is payable by each assessed at the rates settled by the Finance Act each year. An "Assessed" implies an individual by whom any assessment (i.e. punishment or investment) is payable under the Act. It incorporates :- 1. Each individual in appreciation of whom any progressing under this Act has been taken for the evaluation of his salary or of the wages of any viable individual in admiration of whom he is assessable, or of the misfortune maintained by him or by such other individual, or of the measure of discount because of him or to such other individual.2. Each individual who regarded an assessed under any procurement of this Act; 3. Each individual who regarded an assessed in default under any procurement of this Act. The expression "individual" under the Act incorporates:- An Individual A Hindu Undivided Family(huff) A Company A Firm An Association of Persons (AOP) or a Body of Individuals (BOI), if joined or not. A Local Authority Simulated juridical personsTypes of ngo :-The Ngo is grouped into different sorts on the groundwork of diverse variables like introduction or level of collaboration. NGO sort by introduction might be aggregated into charitable introduction; Service introduction; Participatory introduction; and Empowering introduction. Sorts of NGO by level of co-operation m

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