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Radiating Point

Radiating Point Short

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Radiating Point

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  1. Picasso’s C U TM Residing Inside Space B I M S Abstract of:: A complete curriculum designed around the Masters to reintroduce aesthetic beauty into our schools and communities. Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010 Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010

  2. Who is Involved ® Radiant Design Living Artists Rights Groups Corporate Sponsors Non-profit Partners Schools Museums

  3. What We Do • Spark a passion for the work of the Masters by revealing how the concepts of deconstruction and Cubism transform the fabric of our lives.

  4. Why We Do This • Education and Art • “It’s the single discipline that’s always on the chopping block, and the arts, like sports, get cast aside with budget cuts … “ Jessica Hoffman Davis, Ed.M. ’86, Ed. D. ‘91 Creator of AIE Program

  5. Fundamentals of the Curriculum Innovation • Picasso went to great lengths to convey different levels of messages in his work • His techniques transformed the entire art world • His techniques introduced a new paradigm of how we connect with objects lying within multidimensional space • Evoke new paradigm “Residing Inside Space” that transforms children being shaped socially and emotionally through Art • Picasso’s work not only stimulates you visually, it also speaks to your mind and spirit

  6. Fundamentals of the Curriculum Residing Inside Space • Realize your presence in dimensional space • Consider how you occur in your spiritual and physical reality • Experience how Picasso was able to connect to his own presence and create masterpieces • Picasso’s work not only stimulates you visually it also speaks to your mind and spirit • You experience the essence and clarity of how objects exist within space • You are drawn into a new world of what it means “residing inside space” through art

  7. Harlequin, 1909 This piece is a prefect example of cubism. Cubism breaks up objects into geometric forms and reassembles them in non-linear fashion. Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010

  8. Flowers in a Grey Jar, 1908 Cubism dictates that an object is fully realized when it is depicted from multiple points of view at the same time. Picasso held that the only way to experience beauty and friendship was to display each different perspective simultaneously through its distinct shape and color. Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010

  9. Landscape with Two Figures, 1908 Study the painting depicted here closely and think about your friends. What different perspectives do your friends hold in your bouquet of life? Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010

  10. Landscape with Two Figures, 1908 • Exercises • With a new found appreciation for detail you begin to discern the separate images within this painting. Within the lush landscape lie two distinct figures. • What conversations might they have with the landscape and each other?

  11. Three Musicians, 1921 This provocative painting delivers the illusion of rough geometric figures cut from fabric or paper assembled to create the bodies of the musicians and their dog. You begin to become aware of the different levels of meaning presented all at the same time; in the same space. Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010

  12. Three Musicians, 1921 • Exercises • Study the painting (don’t forget the dog!). • Look at the interwoven layers and try to find the three musicians. • How might this method of uncovering hidden forms lead to discovering the unseen magic and rhythm that exist within the fabric of your life?

  13. Harlequin, 1909 • Exercises Harlequins compensated for lack of social standing by wearing magnificent apparel. Picasso availed himself of their colorful costumes and graceful, decorative lines to design what can only be created by art: beauty. The cubist methodology was inspired by famous painters like Georges Seurat, Fauves, and Paul Cezanne along with African sculpture artisans who had a grace and style that was all their own. Each believed that by breaking up objects and analyzing them, you could reconstruct the pieces to create new forms.

  14. Exercises Imagine that you are Picasso. How would you go about deconstructing this specific environment and putting the components into a picture? Hint: remember the Restaurant picture!

  15. Exercises What might you learn in your own life through your capacity to deconstruct.

  16. Exercises Notice the way things are placed within this environment. How do you experience this space? (Example: Is there confusion?) Where in your personal life do you feel similar emotions?

  17. TM As you respond to this conscious feeling and living force and design your office or home at whole new levels of detail your space will expand. This empowers you in living a vibrant new life! Residing Inside Space Cubism: Residing Inside Space© by Radiant Design® 2010

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