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Google Adwords - Enhanced Campaigns PowerPoint Presentation
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Google Adwords - Enhanced Campaigns

Google Adwords - Enhanced Campaigns

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Google Adwords - Enhanced Campaigns

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  1. Why Change Enhanced Campaigns? There has been continuous and rapid evolution within the mobile, tablet and laptop markets. Google has been forced to adapt to these new markets so that advertisers can take advantage of the new platforms. Issues that Google has had to address: • Low adoption rate of best practise mobile campaigns • Difficulty recognizing the difference between tablets and mobiles, and tablets and laptops • Low CPC’s for mobile campaigns – losing half it’s monetary value • Complicated multiple AdWord campaigns for different devices, when doing target searches

  2. Welcome Enhanced Campaigns Google announced, from June 2013, Google plans to upgrade all AdWords campaigns to this new form.

  3. Current Structure In the current structure, advertisers determine when and where consumers receive ads • They are able to select the device and budget level by creating a dedicated campaign • Messaging, keywords, and landing pages can all be customized • This means that marketers have a high level of control and can make it very specific for each device

  4. What is Changing: Device Targeting and Bidding Advertisers target users on mobiles, tablets, or laptops/desktops. They do this by setting up 3 separate campaigns. For each campaign they have to manage the keywords and manage the Ads based on ROI performance. • With Enhanced Campaigns each of these campaigns will be combined into one campaign targeting users across all devices Budgeting As a result of the changes it will no longer be possible to have a separate budget for each different campaign • Budgets for devices will have to managed carefully using bidding strategies and targeting options

  5. What is Changing • Device Targeting and Bidding • Campaign Level (Bid Adjustment) – the ability to manage bids across devices, locations, and time of day • They can either be a positive or negative • Stack Multiply Bids – For time, device, and location, depending on what they consider is most important • From now on Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops will be treated the same • You will not be able to opt out of targeting a certain device • Targeting by connection type (Wi-Fi/3G) and operating system(iOS/Android) is no longer available • Downloadable mobile campaigns are no longer available

  6. What is Changing

  7. What Is New Cross-Device Attribution and Offline Conversion Tracking New types of events that can be tracked: • Calls • It will start counting calls as conversions • Digital downloads • Will track app downloads as conversions • In-store purchases • Measure offline redemption of saved offers from ad extensions • Cross-Device Conversions • Measure conversions that starts on one device and finishes on another device • It will work by looking at data from searchers that are logged into Google+ and other Google products across devices

  8. What has been updated Sitelinks • Flexibility • Upgraded sitelinks can be added to a campaign or ad group • Giving you more control over the specific ads they show up alongside • More detailed reporting • Find out the number of clicks that take part on certain parts of your ad • You will be able to break down the statistic by campaign, ad group, and ad • Will also be able segment the data • Data retention • Edit you sitelink extensions without resetting its performance statistics • Customized sitelinks for mobiles • Assign sitelinks that you prefer to show on mobile devices • Scheduling with start and end dates • Assign dates, days of the week, time of day for your sitelinks to be shown

  9. What We Think • Search campaigns are going to start to be visible across all devices allowing advertisers the opportunity to capture higher share of voice. Search campaigns in the future will be conducted on desktops, laptops, mobile/smartphone devices, and tablets. • This is going to forever change the workload for advertisers and their agencies, especially in transferring current AdWords campaigns to the new structure. However, Google will attempt to assist by providing tools and additional support. • We expect the change to drive up the mobile CPCs, which are traditionally lower than desktop CPCs in some verticals. We also expect mobile ads auctions’ activity to increase as more advertisers enter the auction.

  10. What We Think • The removal of the ability to specifically target and report on tablet devices, we feel, will adversely affect the ROI performance of campaigns that currently focus on this device. • Another change for advertisers will be the fact they will not be able to exclude desktops when targeting and running a mobile only campaign. This could adversely affect advertisers that only target mobile searchers e.g. ring-tone providers. • Google are bringing out new tracking features, especially cross-device and offline conversion tracking, that will benefit advertisers and improve ROI / attribution in the future. • With this new change we believe that Google is going to be generating incremental revenue with this shift. Yes, the change will cause mobile revenues to skyrocket, but most likely it is going to have a negative affect on desktop spending. Google expects that in the near future, profits won’t be recognized with this move, but for a long term strategy, it will lead to a significant mobile search advertising adoption by major brands.

  11. Our Advice The first thing you should know is that you shouldn’t rush into changes: • Google has provided a long lead time for the Enhanced Campaigns project, so that everyone can get on board. • The appropriate parties (Google, Analytics, Clients, Bid Management Tools, etc.) will need to discuss the changes early on in the process. • The earlier all the parties get together and discuss the new approach and approve the changes to search, the more time advertisers have to prepare.

  12. Our Advice In the mean time you should start testing. • To limit the impact you should start by getting a better understanding of the data for all the different devices • Then come up with a test plan for deployment on a few campaigns, and execute. • After analysing the data from the test and learning from it, you can continue testing and learning from each test. • Start testing the data against mixtures of your clients goals at the same time. • If you had previously opted out of a mobile campaign you should now get together with a mobile team. This is so that you can get a better understanding of the mobile search mind-set, and how it differs from desktop searches. • The Google changes will not be limited to the search engine. Bid management tools, attribution models, and many others, will also need to be adjusted to take into account the new format. • You should get together with all of your effected partners, and get their thoughts on the best way to modify your current approach.

  13. How Can Digital Jungle Help You Digital Jungle has been working closely with Google ever since they released information about the new changes to enhanced campaigns. We have been doing this so that we can be in the best position possible for when Google releases the changes. This means we will be able to provide our clients with a seamless transfer of Adwordscampaigns. Digital Jungle can offer you: • We have extensive experience with developing and enhancing AdwordsCampaigns • We concentrate on developing long term strategies that are suited our clients goals • We always provide helpful and informative feedback to our clients so that they know exactly what is happened with their campaigns • We are always testing and developing are strategies with the latest features so that they are optimized for our clients

  14. Contact Us @digitaljunglecn