samuel pipim u s based ghanaian author inspirational speaker and advocate for youth empowerment n.
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Samuel Pipim

Samuel Pipim

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Samuel Pipim

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  1. Samuel Pipim U.S. Based Ghanaian Author, Inspirational Speaker and Advocate for Youth Empowerment To change the world, you must first be changed Hope Through the Dark & Africa Must Think Never underestimate the potential of one person--you!

  2. About Samuel Pipim • Samuel Koranteng Pipim was born in Ghana, West Africa on 10 December, 1957. • Samuel Pipim completed his engineering from the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. • Samuel Pipim also served as a research and teaching assistant subsequently in University of Science and Technology. • Due to his leadership work in non-denominational and chrismatic movement; Samuel Pipim became a seventh-day adventist. • Samuel Pipim later went to United States to pursue ministerial training at Andrews university from where he received PhD in systematic theology. • Samuel Pipim's theological ideas and philosophy has great significant effect on students, young adults, professionals etc.

  3. Samuel Pipim has travelled worldwide, speaking in Church gatherings, schools, events, religious programs, spiritual functions. Samuel Koranteng Pipim himself appeared on various Christian TV channels and talked about the African culture. Some of the named TV channels are: 3ABN, Hope Channel and Amazing Discoveries. Samuel Pipim spoken in many African universities about the religious study and personally attended many professionals, students, youths to sort out their queries. Samuel Pipim served as main director of Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students which is a division of Michigan Conference public campus ministries department located near the Ann Arbor (University of Michigan). Samuel Pipim's Work

  4. Samuel Pipim work as an active member in Church's young adule ministry and travelled worldwide to promote it on large scale. Samuel Pipim worked with ALIVE (African Living in View of Eternity) organization in Africa which is sponsored by the CAMPUS to encourage the young people to do ordinary things extraordinary well with full dedication and hard work. One of the retired communication director of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists attracted toward the Samuel Pipim's hard work and appointed him the lead person in shaping the direction of the youth movement. Samuel Pipim still is an active member of this community travelling worldwide to promote it and attended many youth programs time to time. Samuel Pipim and Generation of Youth for Christ

  5. Samuel Pipim spoken on many African TV channels, youth programs, attended professionals, Church programs to promote the African culture to much extent. Samuel Pipim has authored and co-authored around dozen of books. Each book provide unique knowledge and have some motivation meaning behind them. Samuel Pipim has written many thoughtful and meaningful nuggets on different topics which are read by the worldwide users. Samuel Pipim has put his voice behind many audio books which are easily available on website. Samuel Pipim has lectured on many places and we can easily get his lectures on main video sharing websites easily like You Tube. Samuel Pipim's Speaking and Writing

  6. Samuel Pipim has authored and co-authored number of books. Some of them are listed below: - Africa Must Think – Thought Nuggets on Africa Hope Through the Dark The Transformed Mind: Changing the World by being Changed Six More Chances Healed Wounds but Ugly Scars This is Love: Closer Relationships, Deeper Love & Higher Spirituality God is Faithful Here We Stand Must We be Silent Samuel Pipim's Books

  7. Samuel Pipim on Social Media Follow me On:

  8. Contact US • Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, PhD • Ypsilanti • Michigan • 48197 • USA Excellence is distinction. Mediocrity is extinction. We can choose to be DISTINCT or EXTINCT.