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Call Center Outsourcing

Sutherland Global Services is a leading IT enabled and outsourcing partner for over forty Fortune 500 companies and other promising business establishments.

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Call Center Outsourcing

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  1. BPO Myths Vs Reality

  2. As the world has witnessed a boom in the business process outsourcing sector, there are many misconceptions hovering around the business process outsourcing industry and it has become virtually impossible to isolate myths from reality. This article busts the BPO myths and reveals the rality.

  3. Myth #1: Outsourcing is a short lived fad. Reality: For pessimists, tomorrow might be the end of the world. But the reality is that life goes on undeterred and unperturbed. Business process outsourcing is a well established industry with multi-million dollar investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides employment opportunities to thousands of people. Career in a BPO is a promising one where an employee is exposed to different aspects of knowledge. BPO is here to stay.

  4. Myth #2: Scope of jobs in a BPO is restricted to taking calls and there are no prospects of growth. Reality: The BPO sector caters to a wide segment of industries undertaking responsibility of executing multitude business processes. The BPO is now a full fledged industry and provides a wide range of job roles in different processes like quality assurance, human resource, finance, IT, project management, training, facilities management, etc. Jobs in the BPO sector are not just confined to the work stations but go a long way in inculcating leadership qualities and expert domain knowledge.

  5. Myth #3: Long working hours in a BPO can wreak havoc on your health. Reality: Even non BPO jobs entail working on computers or talking for long hours on the phone. But unlike other industries which overlook the importance of ergonomics, BPOs are extra cautious about proper seating arrangements, lighting facilities, floor space and offer a healthy work environment. Employees are allowed to take short breaks in between to help them concentrate and perform better. Events are regularly organized that do away with work stress and anxieties. Moreover, periodic recognition and bonuses provide the boost and motivation to deliver the best.

  6. Myth #4: Further scope of career growth or education is hampered in the process. Reality: The management provides ample opportunities to each and every employee. The welfare of the employees is well looked after by the BPOs. Many employees pursue their studies while working for a BPO. Both, professional and personal growth are given equal weight age by the management and they offer prospects for higher education, training and development to the employees. Some BPOs also offer higher education sponsorship programs. The rigorous training that the employees have to undergo enables them to deliver services proficiently and infuses a spark of confidence in them.

  7. Myth #5: A company should abstain from outsourcing its business processes to a BPO. Reality: Contrary to the prevalent belief, more and more companies are outsourcing their complex business functions to cost effective third-party BPO centers. The prospect of cutting on costs and reduction in the expenditure all the while maximizing the profits allure the companies to outsource their business operations. Whilst they occupy themselves with the core competencies of their business, outsourcing gives their business a competitive edge over others.

  8. Sutherland Global Services is a leading IT enabled and outsourcing partner for over forty Fortune 500 companies and other promising business establishments. Accredited with numerous certifications, Sutherland Global stands tallest in the BPO sector with strategic locations across United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Philippines and India. For more information, browse http://www.suth.com


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