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PMP Management Certification PowerPoint Presentation
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PMP Management Certification

PMP Management Certification

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PMP Management Certification

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  1. Organizations employ PMP Management Certification holders as project managers to improve the attainment rate of projects

  2. Project management is the discipline of planning, executing, and monitoring, and controlling a project to achieve specific goals. Project managers generally have the responsibility of planning, execution and closing of any project. The domain varies across a huge spectrum of industries, from manufacturing and engineering to Information Technology. The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is arguably the most recognized global certification in the Project Management discipline. Organizations employ PMP Management Certificationholders asproject managers to improve the attainment rate of projects in all areas of information, by applying a defined and progressing set of project management principles as contained in PMI's PMBOK Guide. Presently there is an excess of 393,413 active PMP members (July 2010 data). The PMP exam is offered as a computer based test through the global network of Prometric testing centers. For locations without prometric testing centers, there is also an examination paper-based option

  3. Employees are assured higher salaries, increments, and better career opportunities. Employers who use PMP are assured that they have hired Managers who holds a PMP Management Certificationand is fit for the pre-requisites of a Project Manager. Research has shown that projects manned by PMP Management Certificationholders have a 75% success rate compared to projects run by their non-certified peers, who have a 25% success rate. The PMI (Project Management Institute) has a global membership of more than 346,730 as at 31st Mar 2011. A project manager has to be many things from being a visionary, able leader and strong communicator apart from being able to both build and inspire the team. Importantly, a PM certified professional can effectively run the show. To maintain the PMP certification, the Project Manager has to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) over a three-year cycle, from activities such as investigating, presenting articles on project management-related topics, or working full time in project management roles. Around the world, project professionals’ salaries continue to climb, according to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey. The survey, which polled 30,000 project management practitioners in 29 countries, showed the median annualized salary in 2011 was USD 92,000.

  4. Project management affects and touches us aspects of the projects in various ways. It's solely about better organization and methods that achieving results effectively. Unlike predictable, ongoing operational work a project has a specific beginning and a defined end. The Project manager plays a central protagonist in determining the course of the project. Moreover, a certified one ensures that the project is accomplished with minimized cost and time. As a professional organization, the Project Management Institute (PMI) deals with the purpose of advancing project management as a skill. PMI offers a complete certification program for practitioners with different levels of education and experience. The certifications are established and sustained through a vigorous process. Project management covers all business aspects. Surveys show that IT professionals are still the heaviest users (about 80%), other key business functions are using it also. Launched in 1984, PMI's first certification was the PMP.

  5. Of those who have been holding PMP Management Certification, the large majority say that the importance of project management has increased substantially within their organizations over the last few years.