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B2B Marketing Trends in 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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B2B Marketing Trends in 2013

B2B Marketing Trends in 2013

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B2B Marketing Trends in 2013

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  1. B2B Marketing: A Flash Back to Understand the Trending Trends An Insightful Prediction for 2013

  2. B2B Marketing: A Short Power Nap As the process by which businesses employ a multi-layered strategy consisting of web communications, email, media campaigns and relationship management for the purpose of converting targeted business prospects into customers.

  3. Are you on the right track? • Do you really care of your customers? • Find a way that makes your Customers smile 

  4. Maximize the value of the relationship • Multi-step buying process, longer sales cycle • Brand identity created on personal relationship • Educational and awareness building activities

  5. Coming to the 2013: The change has to flip!

  6. What Marketing Does?

  7. Fall of Outbound Marketing With steady decay of push marketing and increasing focus on customer centricity, marketing trends in 2013 will see Inbound marketing rule.

  8. Rise of Inbound Marketing • Let the customers find you, as the pull strategy suggests the same for better targeting through SEO, email marketing and analytics.

  9. An era of Marketing Automation • Will equip you with better options for functionality and upgraded methodologies. • It’s a process of people finding your company even before they have planned to purchase and turning that early awareness into an opportunity for generating brand awareness is appealing marketers like never before.

  10. Trending Marketing Innovation, 2013: Definitely to Watch Out !

  11. Digital Marketing : An important tool for demand generation, Digital marketing with its divine forms like Geo-Targeting, Social Ad Targeting, Retargeting and others is expected to rage the market.

  12. Integrated Marketing : In the age of mixes , this unmatchable combination of Content and Social media marketing is going to rule the 2013 B2B marketing kingdom.

  13. Mobile Marketing : Mobile marketing would be the new upcoming show stopper as most B2B marketers are leveraging its benefits to gain competitive advantage over others. More than half the million of US are Smartphone users, suggesting a more focused and faster way to reach target market.

  14. Mobile Marketing : The new favorite for B2B marketers

  15. Content Is King : It Was and It Will • 9 out of 10 marketers are using content marketing to fastrack their sales efforts. • It pioneers in supporting SEO, Pay-per-click, landing pages and conversion rate optimisation, social media marketing. • Write content related to your business and promote it through blogs, e-books, articles, press releases and micro-blogs to draw maximum traffic to your website.

  16. Why we say Content still rules ! • Around 33% of marketing budget is spent on content marketing, which is an increase from 26% in 2012. • 87% of B2B marketers use social media for distributing content in 2013 as compared to 74% in last year. • 91% of B2B Marketers use content marketing as compared to 89% in 2012.

  17. Setting up the strategies: A New Year is no very easy! • Be a part of Pull Marketing Strategy. • Device a service level agreement between sales and marketing team. • Differentiate your company by implementing a multi-level achievable goal strategy. • Get deep into your sales lead requirements. • Fine Tune or Replace your Sales Model .

  18. Mark You Goal, and shoot it! • Identifying Target markets. • Initial Market Assessment. • Explaining current business problems. • Plan out client solutions. • Create customer centric communication • messages.

  19. Understanding the Budget : Is the marketing really moving • B2B marketing budgets as a percentage of total gross revenues remain steady at 2% . • 32% of marketing program budgets are allocated to awareness, lead generation and nurturing. • 20% of marketing budgets are allocated to marketing operations. • More than 30% of tactical budgets are spent on digital channels.

  20. Tug Of War: B2B v/s B2C In a close conflict of B2B with B2C, B2B stands out for its strict nature of service has a complex sales cycle that requires a comparative logical approach and thus assured higher return than B2C. Therefore no doubt 2013 would witness a major leap in B2B marketing acceptance and popularity.

  21. B2B Marketing: The undefeated champion • Limitless opportunities have opened up for B2B marketers with the rise of new technologies and re-integration of marketing channels. B2B marketing with its unique features will continue to remain as the personal favorite of marketers and the undefeated champion.

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