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sunshine angels

It is a project about helping children.

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sunshine angels

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  1. Sunshine Angels • 阳光天使 • Gloria Pan 潘有凤 • Gloria110322@gmail.com • 13663836536

  2. Members Gloria, Carina, Helen, Jane, Abigail, Melissa

  3. Members Melissa, Carina, Cindy, Jane, June, Lynn, Vanessa, Jeff

  4. We are devoted to MDGs!我们致力于联合国千禧年计划! • Goal 4: Child Health • 目标4:儿童健康 • Project: Sunshine Angels • 项目:阳光天使

  5. Why do we care children? • Children are lovely and innocent. They deserve a healthy and wonderful life. 孩子们天真纯朴,应有一个健康美丽的生活。 • Because of diseases and disability, their life is extremely different.因为疾病和残疾, 他们的生活与我们截然不同。 • However, they are just like us. They need to love and be loved.然而, 他们就像我们一样,需要爱与被爱。

  6. Children: the Hope of Future儿童是未来的希望

  7. What is Sunshine Angels? • A project aiming at promoting underprivileged children’s mental health and raising their awareness of possibilities in life 一个旨在促进窘困儿童的精神发展,帮助他们发现到生活的可能性的项目 • A group of people focusing on increasing more connections between those special children and the society 一群致力于增进特殊儿童与社会联系的人

  8. Our vision我们的憧憬 • Step 1: building up their faith in themselves and the society by weekly visit, one-to-one connection, integration with normal kids in Reading Program • Step 2: promoting physical health by providing medical care • Step 3: getting professions to help them gain living skills

  9. What have we done?我们已经做了什么? • Weekly visit to the special education school 每周去特殊教育学校拜访 • Henan Library河南图书馆之行 • Pursuing partnership on line and in reality 在网上和现实中寻求合作

  10. Weekly visit to the special education school 每周去特殊教育学校拜访

  11. Special Education School

  12. Special Education School

  13. Special Education School 特殊教育学校 Our fine time: 我们的美好时光: Enjoying their performances享受他们的表演 Showing our performances 为他们表演 Sending gifts 赠送礼物 Playing games together 一起游戏 Learning sign language from them向他们学习手语 Keeping one-to-one communication by texting or QQ chatting通过短信或QQ保持一对一的沟通

  14. Henan Library 河南图书馆之行

  15. Henan Library 河南图书馆之行

  16. Henan Library 河南图书馆之行 Our fine time: 美好时光: Telling English stories 讲述英语故事 Promoting their mental development提升他们的智力发展 Encouraging them to be positive and open-minded鼓励他们积极、开放

  17. Pursuing partnership on line and in reality 在网上和现实中寻求合作

  18. Breakout section in Women’s Symposium 女性论坛中分论坛

  19. Stand up, take action, make noise! 站起来,行动起来,让世界倾听我们的声音!

  20. Pursuing partnership on line and in reality 在网上和现实中寻求合作 • Our fine time: 美好时光: • Realizing that we are not alone意识到我们并不是孤军奋战 • Sharing insightswith global people和世界公民们分享了不同见解 • Arousing awareness of caring underprivileged children激发人们关注问题儿童的意识

  21. With little help from you and me, every child can soar. 只要你我的一点点帮助,孩子们就飞翔! • Gloria Pan 潘有凤 • Gloria110322@gmail.com • 13663836536 Thank you for your attention!

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