awalan this is how i do things msh m3nah that n.
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Editing audio files PowerPoint Presentation
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Editing audio files

Editing audio files

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Editing audio files

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  1. Awalan, this is how I do things. Msh m3nah that you should do what I do bezzabtenta 7orr :P :P 2ndly, the (*) means I’m just showing you your options 3ashan el denya tb2a flexible shwaya. You should have by now el wavepad (mnayam el radio) w el mixpad (as a fbattachement). Both cracked w msh hay7tago installation. So start by creating a folder ellynawy t7ot feehkol 7aga (highly recommended….there may be a lot of files by the time you’re done) and extract both programs to that file. Elly hatshta3’al beeh will be 3’aleban mixpad bas. Basically, el wavepadbydeek options 3ashan t3’ayar f el tracks. Mixpadmafehoosh el options di. W bsara7a ana 3omry ma eshta3’alt f 7aga zaykeda without altering something in the audio so u might need el wavepadBEFORE mixing. Nxt slides will be explaining el wavepad options (kollohom optional and u can skip that part) w b3d keda el mixpad (slide 9) .

  2. 1)open your audio file. To start a new editing WINDOW. U can edit multiple files*. Mafeesh 7aga hatt2efel without a prompt to save.

  3. 2)Open your file(s)

  4. Your File(s) Should Look Like This For the next step, you should understand that any effect you add can be added to your “selection” from the track, or the whole track if you didn’t select anything in it particularly

  5. Now go to “effects” (msh hashra7hom kollohom. Ellyyhemakfeehom bas.) Amplify: works best lw 3ayz a specific selection of a file to be amplified. Laken if u want to amplify sot mo3ayan in several parts of the audio, try automatic gain control in the nxt slide. note: this effect always has a margin of noise and error. Special effects: if you are editing a ‘voice’… the outcomes can be hilarious :D its just for fun. If you’re doing something serious then skip them.Bsara7a msh h2dar ashra7hom. Try them out yourself xD Normalize: bardoleeha margin of error. Is the exact opposite of amplify. U most probably wont need it.

  6. Speed adjustment: di 99% hatsta3melha. Normally, if u want to speed up a track (shrink it to less time), the frequency (pitch) of the sound will increase. This can be super funny, bas unprofessional. Bardo el 3aks sa7ee7. if u want to slow down a track (stretch it to more time), the frequency wil decrease. Fade: by5ally el sound goes to nothing. Good effect lw el start aw el stop feeha sot 5abt aw mic clicking whatsoever (recording errors). Noise Reduction: an excellent feat to produce HQ audio files. For the best noise reduction, select an empty piece of the audio (hatla2y el waves bta3etha olayela. It only contains the noise) and then select “grab noise sample from selected area for spectral subtraction” (see nxt slide for details) . Keda u will cancel out the sound elly f awel el file (the noise) from the whole file. Btw, this can be used lw 3ayz only the sound of 1 person and not the other. U can select his voice and cancel it out. Y3ny whatever u select, will be cancelled from the whole file regardless dah noise bas walla 7aga tanya. Automatic Gain Control: adjusts the whole track to a certain standard. You’ll 99% use it on audio recordings.

  7. Select your noise sample (3ady el select zay in windows bezabt) Very low frequency f awel el file indicates an empty position (y3ny feeha el mic noise only). Btw, momken t5tar another empty position f nos el file. 3ady And Then,

  8. Don’t forget to save your file(s)!! Any format of those below, can be used by wavepad and mixpadtany

  9. mixpad Honestly, I dnt have much experience with this :D

  10. 1) Open your filesload your clips m3 b3d aw wara b3d. They wont overwrite each other.

  11. Remember u have individual volume control for each track and Right/Left adjustment unlocked. Reload from original file (discard changes) Lock If you want to keep a particular track unchanged. locked. Keda all tracks from start. Delayed track. (moved to cursor position) This is the cursor position. Click anywhere along the tracks with your mouse to change it. Default: at the start mark (mshbayen)

  12. Split Clip: You can split a clip either to control it better (if you want to add an effect to a specific area without having to re-select it, etc or to create gaps n.b: you can also merge clips. created time-gap

  13. 2)Record!! One way to save your files, you have to play them, and record them kolohom 3la b3d. Loop: You can loop a certain track or clip, so that it plays over and over and over until you finish recording. Another way to save your files, is to export the project as audio file. Done! Goodluck