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Batman Popculture slide show


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Batman Popculture slide show

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  1. The pop culture evolution of…

  2. First Appearance First appearing in 1939 Batman (created by Bob Kane) was an instant star to Be featured in Detective comics And daily newsprint comics First Batmobile Early Batman costume Trends: Starting the use of “powerless” super heroes

  3. 1940’s Brought the start of a very important character in Batman’s story, Dick Grayson aka Robin. The 40’s saw the rise of and intro- duction of the Batman film serials. It also saw the rise of the daily comics. Shots from the early serials Trends: Credited with the use of super hero sidekicks

  4. 1950’s Trends: The “Blue cowl” 2. The inclusion of Batman in the Justice League A slow decade for the bat however it saw 3 changes 1. A dramatic redesign and recolor of the cowl, foreshadowing the soon to come Batman tv series 3. Death story lines. This issue teases the death of Robin, something that would never truly come until years later.

  5. 1960’s This was a landmark in Batman history, in 1966 the world saw Batman in a whole new light, as played by Adam West. As such comic sales declined Trends: Introduced super hero toys. Started the use of Batman in motion pictures The 60’s also saw the creation of Batgirl, a character that remains a fan favourite.

  6. 1970’s With the cancelation Of the TV series the Interest in comics erupted as fans wanted more Batman. To please its fans and to draw a family audience ABC released the “Super Friends” a cartoon based loosely on The Justice League. Trends: Reinforced the “Dark” Batman, to be seen in future work In contrast, artist Denny O’neil brought the Dark Knight back to his dark roots when he started work on Batman 224 Denny O’neil

  7. 1980’s The 80’s were huge for Batman as the trends and events seen here would shape the Batman Universe for years to come. Alan Moore releases The Killing Joke. The most controversial Batman tale ever told. Includes the crippling of Batgirl, Tim Burton releases his first Batman film in 1989. He creates a film rendition more loyal to the comic Frank Miller releases his now famous work, The Dark Knight returns. Introduces Carey Kelly, the first of 2 female robins. Trends: Joker becomes Batman’s most known and most featured villain.

  8. 1990’s As the movies became more light hearted, Knightfall continued the dark tale of Batman. The basis for the blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Known by fans as the most confusing era of Batman, the 90’s saw Batman at the highest and lowest point in popularity. Though occurring in the late 80’s the aftermath of “Death in the family,” in which Robin is killed, carries over into all Batman stories There were 3 motion pictures released during the 90’s, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, debatably the film that ruined Batman in the media

  9. 1990’s continued… Undoubtedly the best “page to screen” version of Batman is released, in the form of Batman The Animated Series Trends: Created Harley Quinn. Set up Kevin and Mark as the premier Batman and Joker Featuring the voices of Mark Hamill as the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman, Batman TAS is the masterpiece in which all comic shows are compared too

  10. 2000’s Batman Arkham Asylum is released to rave reviews. The best Batman game seen at the time Known mostly for the Chris Nolan Batman series. Dark Knight becomes the highest grossing superhero movie of its time. Trends: Christian Bale and Heath Ledger become the iconic Batman and Joker live action stars. Introduces the “Batman voice”

  11. 2010’s Although early into the decade there have been great changes in the Batman Universe Batman Arkham City is released, the sequel to Arkham Asylum. The final instalment of the Dark Knight trilogy is released with the Dark Knight Rises The DC new 52 reboots Batman and all franchises and starts from scratch Death of Alfred

  12. Icons Voice Actors Actors Comics

  13. Icons Batmobile Robin’s Batcowl Batarang

  14. The Influence of Batman Batman inspires the creation of many powerless hero’s driven to their hero decision by tragedy and loss, such as the Punisher Batman makes a crossover in MK vs DC Night owl of the Watchmen is a homage to the original Kane Batman Batman becomes the main character of countless fan films such as the famous Batman Alien and Predator crossover: Dead End

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