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ERIC Slide Show

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  1. ERIC Slide Show A Tour of the Educational Resources Information Center

  2. National Library of Education What Is ERIC? • ERIC is the Educational Resources Information Center— a federally funded, nationwide information network designed to provide you with ready access to education literature. • ERIC is a program of the U.S. Department of Education and is administered by the National Library of Education.

  3. Adult, career, and vocational education Assessment and evaluation Community colleges Counseling and student services Disabilities and gifted education Educational management Elementary and early childhood education Higher education Information & technology Languages and linguistics Reading, English, and communication Rural education and small schools Science, mathematics, and environmental education Social studies/social science education Teaching and teacher education Urban education The ERIC System ERIC consists of a network of 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, plus adjunct clearinghouses, and support components. The clearinghouses cover these areas:

  4. U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences National Library of Education

  5. What Can You Get From ERIC? • The ERIC Database • Abstracts of more than 1 million journal articles, research reports, books, teaching guides, and other types of education literature. ERIC can also provide you with copies of many documents abstracted in the database. • ERIC Digests • Two-page summaries of more than 2,400 education topics. • AskERIC • An e-mail question-answering service with response in two business days. • National Parent Information Network • A Web site with thousands of resources for parents and caregivers.

  6. What Else Can You Get From ERIC? • Help from subject experts • Information Specialists in 16 subject-specific clearinghouses are available via toll-free phone, e-mail, mail, or fax. • ERIC-produced publications • More than 1,400 books, monographs, journals, and other publications. • Content-rich Web sites • Clearinghouse Web sites linked together by the main ERIC site. • Plus: • Lesson plans, a conference calendar, and much more.

  7. What Would You Like To Know About ERIC? Start Here • The ERIC Database • What’s in the ERIC Database? • Where Can You Search the ERIC Database? • Tips on Searching ERIC • How To Get Copies of ERIC Database Materials • How To Contribute Your Work to ERIC • ERIC Products and Services • ERIC Digests • AskERIC • National Parent Information Network • Help From Subject Experts • ERIC-Produced Publications • Content-Rich Web Sites Start Here

  8. The ERIC Database Products andServices

  9. What’s in the ERIC Database? • Journal Articles • 600,000+ abstracts of articles from more than 1,000 journals (EJs) • ERIC Documents • 440,000+ abstracts of research papers, books, conference presentations, curriculum guides, and much more (EDs) Products andServices

  10. Here’s a sample journal article abstract from the ERIC database: ERIC NO: EJ642302 TITLE: The Impact of Immigration Policy on Education Reform: Implications for the New Millennium. AUTHOR: Contreras, A. Reynaldo JOURNAL CITATION: Education and Urban Society; v34 n2 p134-55 Feb 2002 DESCRIPTORS: Diversity (Student); Immigrants; UrbanEducation IDENTIFIERS: Immigration and Nationality Act 1965; *Immigration Legislation ABSTRACT: Analyzes how immigration policy affects educators' efforts to teach in schools serving immigrant families… (Note: This is a partial abstract.) Products andServices

  11. Here’s a sample ERIC document abstract: ERIC NO: ED460788 TITLE: Highland Elementary School. Learning by Example Series. AUTHOR: Fager, Jennifer DESCRIPTORS: Change Strategies; Educational Practices; Educational Quality; Partnerships in Education; Reading Achievement IDENTIFIERS: Salem Public Schools OR ABSTRACT: As part of a series of stories about real-world schools that have achieved substantial success in school improvement over multiple-year periods, this report provides an in-depth look at one school's efforts to improve student learning… PUBLICATION DATE: 2002 (Note: This is a partial abstract.) Products andServices

  12. Where Can You Search the ERIC Database? • On any computer with an Internet connection • Go to and click on “ERIC Database Search.” • At many university and public libraries • Call 1–800–LET–ERIC for the location nearest you. • Search the Directory of ERIC Resource Collections You can also subscribe to the database on CD-ROM and have your own copy. • Call 1–800–799–ERIC for price and ordering information. Products andServices

  13. Tips on Searching the ERIC Database • The ERIC database has more than 1 million abstracts on education, so there’s probably information in ERIC on your topic. • You’ll find the abstracts most relevant to your topic if you learn and use these tips on searching ERIC. . . Products andServices

  14. To get the best search results: TIP 1: Find and use ERIC descriptors. TIP 2: Use several search terms. TIP 3: Use the descriptors from the most relevant abstracts to find more abstracts. TIP 4: Use AND and OR search commands. Products andServices

  15. TIP 1: Find and use ERIC descriptors Every abstract in ERIC is indexed with subject terms called descriptors. Title: Profiles of Native Language Education Programs. A Source Book for Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Descriptors: *American Indian Education; *American Indian Languages; Community Education; Elementary Secondary Education; Higher Education; *Language Maintenance; *Native Language Instruction; Preschool Education; Profiles; Program Descriptions; *Second Language Instruction; Teacher Education; Tribes (Notice that the title refers to native language education programs. The ERIC descriptor for this concept is native language instruction. ERIC descriptors under discussion are shown in red in this slide show). Products andServices

  16. Examples of ERIC Descriptors • For the concept “social skills,” the ERIC descriptor is interpersonal competence. • For the concept “ungraded classes,” the ERIC descriptor is nongraded instructional grouping. Products andServices

  17. How do you find ERIC descriptors? ERIC descriptors are listed in The Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors. • Use the Thesaurus on-line at or at libraries that offer ERIC. • Use search engines that include the Thesaurus. • Call an ERIC Clearinghouse toll-free for descriptors and help with your search strategy. Products andServices

  18. TIP 2: Use several search terms • For example, to find material about “college transfer,” use all three of these ERIC descriptors: • college transfer students • transfer policy • transfer programs Products andServices

  19. TIP 3: Use the descriptors from the most relevant abstracts to find additional abstracts. • Example: You could search for abstracts on retaining young children in the same grade using the term “retention” and find: Title:Retention and Its Effect on Low Level Readers.Descriptors:*Grade Repetition; * Low Achievement; Primary Education; Program Effectiveness; * Reading Achievement; Reading Research; * Student Promotion; Urban Education • Now use the descriptor grade repetition to run another search. Products andServices

  20. Searching the descriptor grade repetition, will find additional related abstracts, such as these titles: Title: Differences in Social Adjustment and Classroom Behavior between Children Retained in Kindergarten and Groups of Age and Grade Matched Peers. Descriptors:* Grade Repetition; * Kindergarten Children; * Social Adjustment; * Student Adjustment; * Student Behavior;. . . Title: Does an Extra Year (Junior First Grade) Enhance Academic Ability and Self-Concept of Academic Ability? Descriptors: Academic Ability; *Academic Achievement; Age Differences; *Elementary School Students; *Grade Repetition; Grade 1; Kindergarten; *Self Concept;. . . Products andServices

  21. TIP 4: Use AND and OR search commands • The AND command narrows your search, finding abstracts that contain all of your search terms. For example,searchinglearning disabilities AND higher educationfinds: Title:Accommodating College Students with Learning Disabilities: How Much Is Enough? Descriptors: College Administration; College Faculty; * College Instruction; * College Students; * Ethics; Federal Regulation; Higher Education; * Learning Disabilities; * Public Policy; Student Rights; * Teacher Role Products andServices

  22. Here’s an example of an effective use of the AND command: • Search topic: • Prevention of adolescent suicide • Search strategy: • prevention AND adolescents ANDsuicide Products andServices

  23. The OR command broadens your search, finding abstracts that contain at least one of your search terms. For example,searching learning disabilities OR higher educationfinds: Title: Word Boxes Help Children with Learning Disabilities Identify and Spell Words. Descriptors: *Beginning Reading; Elementary Education; *Learning Disabilities; ... Title: American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Social, Political and Economic Challenges. Descriptors: *College Role; *Educational Policy; *Educational Trends: *Futures (of Society); *Higher Education;… Products andServices

  24. Here’s an example of an effective use of the OR command: • Search topic: • Ungraded classes • Search strategy: • nongraded instructional groupingOR mixed age groupingORmultigraded classes Products andServices

  25. Advanced Search Tip! You can use both AND and OR commands in your search. • Search topic: • Benefits of vocational education • Search strategy: vocational educationprogram effectiveness OROR technical educationANDeducational benefits OR trade and industrial education Products andServices

  26. More Advanced Search Tips • Limiting by date—for example, material produced in the last 5 years. • Limiting by publication type—for example, program descriptions, research, or teaching guides. There are several other ways to refine your search, including the following: Products andServices

  27. A word about search engines . . . You can search the ERIC database on CD-ROM, through online vendors, and on several free Web sites. Search engines associated with each of these methods can vary. When you select a search site or CD-ROM, take a moment to review the tips on how to use the search engine. Products andServices

  28. Sample ERIC Search Engine Products andServices

  29. How To Get Copies of ERIC Database Materials ERIC Documents (EDs) • Copies of most ERIC Documents are available on microfiche at university and public libraries. For a fee, you can also order paper, microfiche, or electronic copies from: ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) 1–800–443–ERIC • Find out whether your favorite library offers E*Subscribe, which provides patrons with electronic copies of ERIC documents. Products andServices

  30. ERIC Journal Articles (EJs) • Copies of journal articles abstracted in ERIC can be found in library periodical collections or purchased from the following article reprint services: • Ingenta • 1–800–296–2221 • • Institute for Scientific Information • 1–800–336–4474 • • You can also write to the journal publishers for copies. Addresses of publishers are available on the Facility’s Web site at: Products andServices

  31. How To Contribute Your Work to ERIC • ERIC collects a variety of materials on a wide range of topics. Examples of materials in the database include: books lesson plans research reports bibliographies manuals/handbooks tests speeches/conference papers program descriptions • To have your material considered for inclusion in the ERIC database, send one legible copy along with a Reproduction Release Form ( to: • an ERIC Clearinghouse that covers your topic, or • the ERIC Processing and Reference Facility • For more information on submitting your work, call the Facility at: 1–800–799–ERIC Products andServices

  32. ERIC Products and Services The ERICDatabase

  33. ERIC Digests • The ERIC Clearinghouses have produced more than 2,400 ERIC Digests. These two-page, research-synthesis papers provide brief overviews of current education issues. They are frequently in question-and-answer format and always include a list of additional resources. • ERIC Digests can be found via The ERICDatabase

  34. AskERIC • AskERIC is a personalized, Internet-based service that will answer your education-related questions—usually in two working days. AskERIC responses include: • a list of ERIC database abstracts on your topic • relevant full-text materials, such as ERIC Digests (if available) • referrals to related organizations • suggested Web sites on your topic • Send your questions to The ERICDatabase

  35. Assessment and Testing Child Care (all ages) Children and the Media Children with Special Needs Children's Health and Nutrition Early Childhood—Learning Families, Technology, and Education Helping Children Learn at Home Parents and Schools as Partners Teens (14–20) National Parent Information Network (NPIN) NPIN provides parents and those who work with parents with a variety of resources, including Parent News, a bimonthly online magazine for parents; Parents AskERIC, an e-mail question-answering service; and lots of useful information grouped into categories such as: Try NPIN at The ERICDatabase

  36. Help From Subject Experts • ERIC Information Specialists are available to help you locate the information you need. These subject experts can: • Give you tips on searching the ERIC database on your topic. • Send you free and low-cost ERIC publications. • Suggest Web sites and other resources on your topic. • To reach ERIC Information Specialists: • Contact ACCESS ERIC • 1–800–LET–ERIC • • • ACCESS ERIC will refer you to the ERIC Clearinghouse that covers your area of interest. The ERICDatabase

  37. ERIC-Produced Publications • ERIC Clearinghouses and components offer an array of books, monographs, journals, and other publications. • To find out what’s available, contact ACCESS ERIC or the clearinghouses. The ERICDatabase

  38. Content-Rich Web Sites All ERIC components have Web sites. These sites provide you with copies of ERIC Digests, information on other ERIC-produced publications, virtual libraries of full-text material from other sources, electronic journals, and links to related Web sites. The next two slides show the home pages of two ERIC Clearinghouse Web sites. The ERICDatabase

  39. The ERICDatabase

  40. The ERICDatabase

  41. All ERIC Web sites are linked together by the main ERIC site: The ERICDatabase

  42. ERIC also features: • Lesson plans—contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States and the world: • A Conference Calendar—a searchable database of more than 600 education-related conferences: The ERICDatabase

  43. For more information on ERIC, contact: ACCESS ERIC 1–800–LET–ERIC (538–3742)