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Various Types of Divorce Grounds of Divorce in Texas

Here we provides all the types of divorce grounds in Texas

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Various Types of Divorce Grounds of Divorce in Texas

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  1. Various Types of Divorce Grounds in Texas http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

  2. Grounds for Divorce • Divorce is nothing but an end of your legal marriage. • Ground for divorce is vary from state-to-state. • There are many reason for the divorce in Texas. http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

  3. Types • In Texas there are two kind of ground for divorce is allowed. 1) Fault Ground 2)No-Fault Ground • While filing for divorce you must specifies the reason or grounds for breaking the knot of marriage. http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

  4. No-Fault Ground • In no-fault divorce there is no any kind of blame on both the parties. • No-fault Ground is depending upon the mutual agreement of both the spouses. http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

  5. Fault Ground • In fault ground for divorce one of the spouse prove or blame that other one is cheating with him/her. • There are following reasons for fault ground 1)Adultery http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

  6. Fault Ground 2)Inhuman treatment 3)Living separated 4)Abandonment 5) Excessive consumption of alcohol or addiction to drugs 6)Cruel behavior 7)Incompatibility http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

  7. For more information you can visit us at: • http://www.edivorceintexas.com/ • http://edivorceintexas.blogspot.com/ http://www.edivorceintexas.com/

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