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Together Forever!<3

Marcos and I together.

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Together Forever!<3

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  1. Falling harder and harder everyday, every month, every fight, every kiss, every hug, every touch and smile. Laughing loud over nothing. Getting lost in each others eyes. Pouting for little things. Loving like crazy. Those are the moments that keep us together. <3


  3. Turn into Silly faces.;D

  4. “Every time I think of himit lights my face…His eyes, his smile..this love I wont forget.” …You…complete me… “The Past is our HistoryTomorrow is our MysteryToday is our GiftThat’s why it is called our PresentThank you for my PresentYour Love!”

  5. T I M E T O G E T H E R !!

  6. Never letting go !!

  7. “My best friend, baby, girlfriend, Korky, Korkyboo, love, honey, sweetness, booboo, babe, baype, baypy, babygirl, Juliette, punkin’, beautiful girl, future wife, light of my life, one and only, rabbit, but most of all MY EVERYTHING.” “My best friend, lover, boyfriend, babe, prince, honey, future husband, the rocking chair next to mine, # 1, one and only, superman, punkin´butt, Romeo, handsome hubbie, studmuffin, monkey, but most of all MY WORLD ! <3 ”

  8. It’ll be Perez for life !<3

  9. So this is my corny way of throwin’ you love. Just wanted to let you know that that I’ll always be yours, and you’ll always be mine. Times get hard and stressful but the four letter word keeps us going strong and happy. We always find ways to pull through and appreciate each other more and more each day. One question … Mines till the end ? <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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